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What is Vexanium?

Vexanium is the latest generation of public blockchain designed for decentralized applications, Vexanium blockchain makes blockchain can be implemented to enhance various types of industries.

Vexanium focuses on resolving problems and critical points of blockchain technology such as speed, scalability, usability, and flexibility. Vexanium's parallel processing technology and asynchronous communication methodology allow Dapps (decentralize applications) or Decentralized Finance Applications to operate and transact by processing simultaneously without having to add to the burden on the network.

Transaction fees on the Vexanium blockchain are free. The Vexanium ownership structure allows free use by users and eliminates transaction fees/gas fees like previous generation public blockchain. Developers or developers of the Blockchain project are permitted to use resources proportionally to their own ownership (resource/resource model fee).

The Vexanium blockchain architecture has the potential for scalability to millions of transactions per second, which currently has a minimum of 2000 transactions per second and has the ability to scalability in the future. Using Vexanium technology, the spread of blockchain projects will be faster, easier and more affordable.

Vexanium blockchain has a Coin / Token called VEX, where VEX is used in the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem as a resource, memory, etc.
Hai Vex Partners!

Anda dapat menanyakan segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan blockchain Vexanium di platform ini dan pengguna lain akan menjawab pertanyaan Anda. Platform ini berfungsi seperti forum, jadi bukan hanya saya atau admin lain yang akan menjawab pertanyaan anda.

Silahkan mendiskusikan blockchain Vexanium dengan platform ini! : D
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Hi Vex Partners!

You can ask everything related to Vexanium blockchain in this platform and other users will answer your questions. This platform works like a forum, so it's not always going to be me or other admin who will respond or answer your questions.

Feel free to discuss Vexanium blockchain with this platform, cheers! :D
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