8 Best SSH Client and Connection Managers
8 Best SSH Client and Connection Managers

Hey readers! Today's blog is on 8 Best SSH Client & Connection Managers We’ll look at what is SSH, its functionality, and its benefits.

An SSH client is a program that allows you to connect to SSH servers in a secure and authenticated manner.

SSH client software is available for most enterprise operating systems, including Unix variants, Microsoft Windows, and IBM z/OS.

There are several other clients are available. PuTTY software is a free client for the SSH and which I mentioned below.

What is SSH?

SSH is referred to as Secure Shell. A secure connection between a local and a remote computer is established using a set of standards and an accompanying network protocol.

End-to-end encryption authentication codes are used to use public-key crypto to authenticate the remote computer, ensuring the secrecy and integrity of data transferred between two computer networks.



For TCP/IP applications, Secure Shell client/server systems include command shell, file transfer, and data tunneling services. SSH connections also offer extremely secure data integrity, authentication, and encryption to thwart password theft and other security risks.

A secure shell is capable of providing three main functionalities, which include:

  • Secure file transfer
  • Port forwarding
  • Secure command shell

It provides four essential security benefits:

  • Data encryption
  • Data Integrity
  • User authentication
  • Host authentication

Here is our list of the best SSH Client and Connection Managers:

One of the well-known open-source and free-source programs, PuTTY, is excellent for SFTP, Telnet, and logging in. It also performs fairly well as an SSH client.

The most popular and widely used program in businesses for connecting any server or device in your network is Solar PuTTY, which is free, open-source, and effective.

For its straightforward user interface and useful features for remote computing, MobaXterm is well known.

mRemoteNG A simple but dependable remote SSH connection manager for Windows that is open-source.

A product with several cutting-edge capabilities for usage on Windows, Linux, and Mac is called SecureCRT.

KiTTY is designed for Windows operating systems written in C language. It is open-source software.  

The Windows operating system's SSH client manager Bitvise is another popular option.

You may browse the registered files in the current directory and navigate the files easily with SmarTTY.

The Best SSH Client Managers

1. PuTTY

PuTTY is a well-known open-source and free-source software. It functions admirably as an SSH client and is ideal for SFTP, Telnet, and relogin. The majority of people use this software to connect a Windows PC to a LINUX operating system server. As a result, PuTTY is a Windows-friendly and simple-to-install software for the Linux operating system. PuTTY uses the SSH protocol for authentication and file transfer.

The following features of using PuTTY:

  • Supports Telnet and SFTP
  • Supports SSH1 and SSH2 protocols
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Works well on 32-bit as well as 64-bit clients
  • Has option to save session configurations
  • Provides screen customizations to suit your preferences

2. Solar PuTTY

Solar PuTTY from SolarWinds is a free, open-source, and widely used software in organizations for connecting any server or device in your network. A more advanced improved version of PuTTY has a multi-tab interface that allows you to manage multiple sessions from a single console.

Solar PuTTY has the following features:

  • Integrates with Windows search
  • The browser-like UI is simple to use
  • Customizable to meet your preferences
  • Provides quick access to recent sessions
  • Helps to organize sessions and groups
  • Provides quick access to recent sessions
  • Manage multiple sessions from one console with a tabbed interface
  • Allows you to save your credentials, besides configuration

It includes extras like saved credentials and support for multiple sessions. Store your most frequently used credentials in the credentials tab; when you create a new session, refer to that stored credential rather than typing it out again. Then, by updating the stored credential, update all session credentials.

3. MobaXterm

MobaXterm is well-known for its simple interface and excellent remote computing capabilities. It is free software, but it also has a paid premium version. It's an excellent tool for gaining access to various servers via the console. MobaXterm is a portable exe file that brings all of the important remote network tools (SSH, X11, RDP, MOSH, FTP, VNC) and many Unix commands (cat, sed, grep, bash...) to the Windows desktop.

 The features of MobaXterm:

  • It can highlight syntax or use multiple colors for different keywords
  • Its text editor gives a ton of options for customization and makes it easy to use
  • Embedded TFTP, FTP, HTTP, SSH, SFTP, Telnet, NFS, VNC, and Cron servers
  • Password secured a credential manager
  • Macro support
  • Comes with SSH gateways and SSH tunnels for port forwarding
  • Supports SSH, telnet, rlogin, RDP, VNC, FTP, and SFTP
  • Includes x server, plugin support, and macro support
  • It’s one of the best options to opt for if one is looking for an all-in-one multifunctional SSH client
  • Versatile session manager, portable and light application

4. mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is a simple but reliable open-source remote SSH connection manager for Windows. Because of its simplicity, free version, and multi-protocol sessions, most professionals prefer this software.

The following features of mRemoteNG include:

  • Supports RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Comes with a tabbed interface
  • Power shell remoting
  • Supports VNC (virtual network computing), Telnet (TELcommunication NETwork), and HTTP/HTTPS protocol
  • Allows you to view all your remote connections
  • Who can use mRemoteNG?
  • An open-source, tabbed, and multi-protocol remote connection manager is an excellent choice for users seeking a simple-to-use yet powerful tabbed interface.

5. SecureCRT

SecureCRT is a product with numerous advanced features that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. This software has made accessing much easier by offering quick-connect options that allow you to connect without configuration and a Windows-style interface to assist every user. It includes a 30-day free trial as well as a paid version with more extensive access.

Some features of SecureCRT are given below:

  • Tabbed interface
  • Color customization
  • Stores sessions and credentials
  • Supports Telnet, Rlogin, TAPI, Serial, RAW
  • Supports SSH1, and SSH2 protocols
  • Supports SFTP, including a built-in TFTP server
  • Line rewrapping, encryption enhancements, and session management are some of its advanced features
  • Terminal emulation includes VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, TN3270, Wyse 50/60, Xterm, and Linux console
  • Comes with quick-connect options, ideal when you don’t want to manage a session
  • Allows you to access the recent session list drag and drop of multiple sessions

SecureCRT enables you to easily transfer files. You can even secure your access by using two-factor authentication and smart cards for added security. Furthermore, the software includes keyword shortcuts to make your session easier, and its advanced session manager boosts productivity and saves time.

6. KiTTY

The name may alert you to the fact that the software is a twin sister to PuTTY, but it also has several advanced features. KiTTY is free and open-source software written in C for the Windows operating system. Even if you are a new computer scientist venturing into the SSH manager realms, the user-friendly interface will come in handy.

Some of the features of this KiTTY software are as follows:

  • Helps establish an automatic connection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Able to execute a locally saved script
  • Transparency and font management
  • Can store the passphrases without security issues
  • Enables you to use separate icons for separate sessions

7. Bitvise

Bitvise is another popular SSH client manager for the Windows operating system. It is a safe and free remote access software. It enables users to connect to an infinite number of SSH servers. The software has excellent features, such as the ability to run commands through the terminal console.

Bitivise has the following features:

  • Highly Customizable.
  • Excellent port forwarding.
  • Single click remote forwarding.
  • Supports all versions of Windows, i.e., 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • One of the most advanced graphical SFTP clients.

8. SmarTTY

This multi-tabbed, user-friendly Windows software provides a simplified yet effective outlook for advanced GUIs (Graphical User Interface). It enables you to open multiple tabs within a single SSH sub-session and copy files using SCP protocols.

SmarTTY's intelligent terminal mode allows you to quickly navigate the files and view the registered files in the current directory. You can now configure public-key authentication without having to type a password every now and then.

This software frees you from having to re-log connectivity and worries about lag caused by multiple windows.

This software is frequently updated; the most recent version is 3.0.

Some of the other features of SmarTTY provides as follows:

  • Quick transfer of files
  • User-friendly multi-tabbed program
  • Edit files in the app
  • Supports SCP file transfer
  • Support for public-key authentication
  • Allows you to access the graphical application easily
  • Built-in terminal for COM ports
  • Provides a package management GUI
  • The intelligent terminal feature enables searching commands in one go


To summarise, any encryption that does not use SSH can allow files to be read by listening to system traffic, including username/password pairs that give control to exposed accounts. SSH is a highly adaptable protocol that allows you to securely connect to remote computers. Knowing the benefits of SSH, all of the listed SSH client managers are the best options to choose from based on your preferences and needs.  

While many of them are free, some, particularly those with advanced features, are not. In conclusion, PuTTY has to be one of the best free SSH client manager options to choose from in terms of features.