In South Africa +②⓻⓺⓹⓹⓻⓺⓻②⓺⓵▓▓▓▓ Hager Werken Embalming Compound Powder From German (Hot Pink & White Powder) in Johannesburg??

+27655767261 We begin our list with Hager Weaken Embalming Powder, a Powder which was first discovered in 1967. As you may have guessed from its Embalming, Embalming Powder is made in Germany; Embalming Compound Powder became popular after early 1900. Began using the Pink Embalming Powder in their Mortuaries. This Embalming White Powder features a deep uranium content that is distinct from one of the Mercury. While $1,200 may not seem like such a high Price (especially compared to the other Embalming powder types on this list), the market expects it to skyrocket in the next 20-25 years. That’s mostly caused by the high demand of Hager weaken embalming powder [+27655767261]
What is Hager weaken embalming powder most valuable?
Here is the Top 10 list of most expensive of Embalming Powder in the world:
Embalming Pink Powder —$600 per Kg
Embalming White Powder —$550 per Kg
Embalming Powder Afro ash—$500 per Kg
Embalming Liquid and Fluid —$490 per Litter +27655767261
Embalming Hot Radioactive —$700 per Kg
Embalming powder White 98% —$650 per Kg
Embalming powder Pink 100% —$700 Per Kg
Hager weaken embalming powder —$750 Per kg
Embalming compound powder P90 +27655767261
Embalming compound powder $ 700
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