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VEXANIUM - Revolutionary Decentralized Marketing Ecosystem

The well-known postulate "advertising is the engine of trade" is more relevant today than ever. With the constant addition of new brands and services to the market, it is advertising that notifies potential customers of their appearance and the benefits... (More)

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Vexanium Vexanium effectively released its mainnet that allows blockchain designers to create wise agreements as well as Dapps while using Vexanium blockchain. Vexanium utilizes probably the most sophisticated blockchain systems these days. Using the Delegated Evidence of Risk general opinion... (More)

Vexanium — The Solution For Today’s Promotion Industry

Assalamualaikum, Happy Thursday guys keep your spirits up and get used to smiling in welcoming this beautiful day :) Wow, it’s not like it’s been two weeks Riyadi doesn’t discuss new projects and to spoil you here, Riyadi comes with... (More)


Vexanium - a decentralized marketing ecosystem for trade

The advertising and marketing segment is developing rapidly, there is a need to introduce revolutionary technologies to achieve incredible results. The VEXANIUM decentralized marketing ecosystem is the perfect solution to all existing problems. Inside the platform, there will be certain... (More)