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China Premium Green Tea factory Products Detail Tea Name Biluochun green tea Tea TypeGreen Tea Tea Leaves ShapeThe dried tea sticks are tightly tied, the Pekoe is revealed, the green color is attractive, and it is curled into a snail Tea Leaves Colourthe color is silver green SoupRelatively clear and soft, green and bright TasteIt has a special strong aroma, that is, it has the aroma of flowers and fruits. After soaking, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the aftertaste is sweet and thick. OriginChina SampleProviding/Free of Charge ServiceOEM&ODM is available Biluochun is a traditional Chinese famous tea and one of the top ten famous teas in China. It belongs to the green tea category and has a history of more than 1,000 years. Biluochun is produced in the East Dongting Mountain and West Dongting Mountain (now Wuzhong District, Suzhou) in Taihu Lake, Wu County, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, so it is also called "Dongting Biluochun". Legend has it that a nun went up the mountain for a spring tour, picked a few pieces of tea, and after brewing the tea, the fragrance was fragrant, and she blurted out "the fragrance is frightening", so the locals called this tea "frightening fragrance". During the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi tasted this famous tea with a green color and a curl like a snail when he inspected it. Regarding the origin of this tea name, in addition to the personal gift of Emperor Kangxi when he visited Taihu Lake, there is also a legend that Biluochun had a tea name in the Ming Dynasty. There is also an ingenious explanation. Collected from these characteristics of Biluofeng, it was named Biluochun. This tea has a long history, and it has become a tribute tea every year during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. Biluochun tea strips are tightly knotted, curled like a snail, the pekoe are exposed, silvery green is hidden green, the leaf buds are tender, the tea leaves stretch slowly after brewing, fly up and down, the tea is silvery and green, with a fragrant fragrance, cool and sweet taste, fresh and refreshing . Biluochun, named as its tea, is green in color and looks like a spiral, produced in early spring. The shape is slender, the hairs are all over, and the pekoe is hidden green; after being brewed into tea, the color is bright green and bright, the taste is strong and fragrant, and it has a sweet feeling after drinking. People praised: "copper wire, spiral, full of hair, floral and fruity, fresh and refreshing." The unique fragrance of flowers and fruits of Dongting Biluo is mainly because it grows in orchards and is nourished by the unique water and soil of Dongting. Other Biluochun has no fragrance and fruity aroma, only fertile soil and green leaves. Brewing method The brewing method of Biluochun has different brewing methods according to different tea qualities: Tea with a tight and heavy appearance 1. After the cup is scalded, first pour the water of the appropriate temperature into the cup, then take the tea and put it in without the lid. 2. After a period of time, the tea soup is cool enough to taste, and then you can enjoy the tea. This is a bubble. In the tea evaluation, the temperature for drinking and smelling the tea soup is 45-55 鈩? If it is higher than 60 鈩? the mouth will be hot and the nose will be hot; if it is lower than 40 鈩? the aroma will be lower and the taste will be more astringent. This time is not easy to grasp. If you use a glass cup, generally hold the cup with your hand and feel that the temperature is suitable for drinking immediately; if you use a cover bowl, pour a little tea soup to the back of your hand to check its temperature. 3. If there is still one third of the first tea soup, you can refill the water. This is the second bubble. If the tea leaves are thin and weak, the second tea soup is strong, the tongue will be sweet after drinking, the teeth and cheeks will be fragrant, and the aftertaste will be immeasurable. After drinking for three brews, the general tea flavor has faded. Tea from Tiao Suosong Exhibition 1. After the cup is hot, take the tea into the cup. At this time, the higher cup temperature has faintly baked the tea fragrance. 2. Pour in water at a suitable temperature to one-third of the cup capacity (it can also be less, but it needs to cover the tea leaves). This kind of tea itself is more stretchy, and it does not need to use the impulse of water, but it is easy to scald the young leaves. The method adopted is to pour water along the edge of the cup, such as a glass cup, and to cover the bowl, put the lid on the side of the teacup in reverse, and pour the water into the lid so that it goes down along the edge of the cup. Then gently shake the teacup to fully soak the tea leaves. 3. Stop for about two minutes, wait for the dry tea to absorb water and stretch, and then flush until full. Flush as before. At this time, the tea leaves are wandering and dancing, or wandering between the ups and downs, which has a unique tea interest. Customer Feedback Customer Mr. Criyohaan R from Niger. 鈥淏iluochun tea leaves are full of particles, fresh tea leaves, pure color after brewing, clear and translucent, and very fresh when brewed. I like the floral and fruity fragrance of Biluochun very much, the taste is strong and mellow, and the aroma is very good in the mouth. The appearance and packaging of the tea are also very high-grade. After drinking the tea, you can keep the tea cans to decorate other things. Personally, I feel very good. The price is also very favorable, the express delivery from GMTI is also very powerful, the tea is clean, fresh, and the color of the soaked water is green, it is worth recommending. The most satisfying shopping from GMTI., it is really good and cheap. will continue to pay attention!.鈥?/p> Gmti Reply Simple days are like a cup of aromatic tea, the more you taste, the more delicious it will be; high-quality tea will prove its unique value under the test of time. I believe our good tea will always satisfy you. We will also give you satisfactory service when you need us. I wish you a happy life and look forward to seeing you again.China Premium Green Tea factory website:

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