Li Shengmei is not as close to Dong Meihua as Zheng Xianghong is to Xia Xiao, even on the surface, but Dong Meihua can look at He Xuebing nearby, talk to He Xuebing, and be satisfied with everything. Here Xia Xiao also tried to dig ditches, she felt that her strength was used, the soil was hard and dry, at this time Xia Xiao would like to rain to moisten the land, otherwise the hoe would collapse. Xia Xiao wielded a few hoes in a row, but he didn't dig the ground. He was a little discouraged. He was really a coolie. It was too exhausting. You don't eat, so little strength. Gao Jiaxing said, waving his hoe, he hoed down the place where Xia Xiaogang had dug, and with a bang, he dug it up. Thank you, brother Gao. Xia Xiao smiled. "Go and dig over there," said Gao Jiaxing. "The soil there will be softer." Said Gao Jiaxing also no matter Xia Xiao will go, wields the hoe to dig up by oneself. Xia Xiao also had to go to Gao Jiaxing's location to dig a hole, which was indeed softer than the place she had just dug, but it was also a hard place that was dug by Gao Jiaxing. After a day's labor, Xia Xiao is tired into a dog, but also has the nourishment of space spring water, otherwise Xia Xiao does not know whether she can move or not. And this labor, three days in a row, is also fortunate to have Gao Jiaxing to help,aluminum tile trim, and Xia Xiao is also very hard, very hard, otherwise the drag is obvious. Yang Xuehua, Sun Yuhua, and even Wang Aihua all cried out when they returned to the dormitory, which showed that they were tired and sore all over. Feng Ying and Dong Meihua were also tired. They thought they could relax with Li Shengmei, but this was not the case. Li Shengmei did not like delicate girls, and Dong Meihua wanted He Xuebing to help at the beginning, but she did not do so. Li Shengmei said that she also tried to perform in front of He Xuebing,stainless steel tile edge trim, but it did not work. Looking at Xia Xiao lying in bed reading, Dong Meihua was jealous and said, "Xia Xiao, aren't you tired?" Xia Xiao lifted his eyelids and looked at Dong Meihua and said, "I'm tired. Didn't you see me still?" Not at all. Dong Meihua saw that Xia Xiao was not as tired as they were. She couldn't help saying, "I really envy you. With the help of Gao Jiaxing and He Xuebing." "You didn't have the help of He Xuebing?" Xia Xiao said unexpectedly, "I thought you had such a good relationship with Director Li that she would ask He Xuebing to help you." Chapter 136 people from above. With Xia Xiao a contrast, Dong Meihua can not help bitterness, and thought of He Xuebing to help Xia Xiao, Dong Meihua heart is jealous. Xia Xiao did not look at Dong Meihua, turned his back to Dong Meihua and read again, obviously did not want to talk to Dong Meihua. Dong Meihua looked at Xia Xiao's back and stared at him. Yang Xuehua, Sun Yuhua and Wang Aihua were all lying in bed, not wanting to talk or move. Xia Xiao, help me press it. It hurts so much. Yang Xuehua said, "I'll press it for you later." "Yes." Xia Xiao put down the book and sat up, went to Yang Xuehua's bedside, aluminium edge trim ,stainless steel edging strip, and gave Yang Xuehua a massage. Yang Xuehua is comfortable, Sun Yuhua also opened his mouth, "Wang Aihua, you help me press, I will help you press later." "Good," Wang Aihua readily agreed. Dong Meihua said to Feng Ying, "Sister Feng Ying, would you like me to press it for you?" "Good," Feng Ying agreed with a sleepy face. Then, the person of the dormitory helps each other massage each other to alleviate fatigue, because often such, so everybody practices a craft to come unconsciously. Yang Xuehua was sleepy, but soon he woke up. "Xia Xiao, lie down and I'll press it for you." "Good" someone to help massage, Xia Xiao is very happy, immediately lying down to help Yang Xuehua press. Sun Yuhua was about to wake up here, heard Yang Xuehua's words and exchanged with Wang Aihua, and here Feng Ying did not know if she had heard, or had gone to sleep, anyway, Dong Meihua was ready to open her mouth but heard Feng Ying's slight snoring. Dong Meihua shook Feng Ying twice and called softly. Feng Ying did not respond. Dong Meihua was immediately depressed. Sister Feng Ying, Sister Feng Ying. Dong Meihua called twice again, this time Feng Ying's snoring was louder, Dong Meihua was so angry that she could only go back to her bed to sleep, complaining about Feng Ying in her heart, and even let her lose face in front of Xia Xiao, thinking that Xia Xiao might be laughing at her. Xia Xiao can not know Dong Meihua's psychology, this will also be sleepy, sleepy, waving to Yang Xuehua, "Xuehua sister, OK, I went back to bed." "All right." Yang Xuehua answered, and everyone slept in their own beds. After they went to sleep, they did half a day's farm work the next morning. The captain announced that they would rest for half a day and get up early to work tomorrow. Xia Xiao also breathed a sigh of relief. It was good to have half a day's rest. Captain, there's someone coming from above. The secretary asked me to inform you and let everyone go there. A man's way. As soon as this word came out, everyone went to the team headquarters with bees and pupae. At this time, the office of the production team was called the team headquarters. When everyone arrived at the team headquarters, they saw Li Zhenchuan and two people talking. Xia Xiao recognized that one was the conductor Fangyuan, who could remember the name mainly because the name of the conductor was so special. This is Secretary Cheng of our commune, and this is Comrade Fangyuan of the Ministry of Railways. Li Zhenchuan introduced to Gao Guoqiang. Gao Guoqiang shook hands with Secretary Cheng and Fangyuan one by one. For a moment, he did not know what these people were doing. Commune officers often went to the production team to inspect, but Secretary Cheng and Gao Guoqiang were strangers. They heard Li Zhenchuan say, "Secretary Cheng will be responsible for inspecting our production work in the future." Gao Guoqiang then nodded, and it was another understanding. Fangyuan looked at Xia Xiao in the crowd. His eyes lit up and he said, "Xia Zhiqing, you are here. We are looking for you." "Hello, Comrade Fangyuan." Xia Xiao smiled and nodded. Secretary Cheng looked at Xia Xiao and said, "Are you a Xia educated youth from S City?" "Hello, Secretary Cheng, I am Xia Xiao, an educated youth from S City." Xia Xiao hurried. Secretary Cheng said unexpectedly, "You can't judge a person by his appearance. Xia Zhiqing is good. This time you acted bravely on the train, protected the property of women and children,stainless steel tile edging, and helped the conductor catch the thief. It's commendable." Embarrassed, Xia Xiao saw Secretary Cheng again and asked, "I heard that there was a Comrade from the army who went home to visit relatives with the educated youth of Xia at the beginning. Where is he?" 。