The emotional support animals are a new way towards advancement. They are taking humans towards a new way of healing that is through animals; instead of using heavy dose medicines. In this article, we will see when and why we need an ESA dog as a partner at home. The following answer of when and why will be from an expert’s point of view.

"realesaletter understands that there are times when individuals need an ESA dog as a partner to help them cope with life's challenges. We believe that emotional support animals can provide comfort, companionship, and a sense of security to individuals struggling with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Our licensed mental health professionals can evaluate your condition and determine whether or not you qualify for an ESA dog. If you do, we can help you obtain an ESA letter, allowing you to travel and live with your emotional support animal.

Our mission is to make it easy for individuals to access the emotional support they need to live a happier and healthier life. Whether you're struggling with daily stressors or dealing with a significant life change, an ESA dog can be a valuable partner in helping you manage your emotions. Let real esa letter be your partner on this journey towards emotional well-being."

There are many times when we need a dog as a companion or partner. These times are the striving times when we are usually struggling with some ailment. The following is a list of disorders that calls for a dog as your personal counselor. These dogs are trained accordingly to calm your nerves and make you feel at ease.

  1. If you suffer from mental instability due to insomnia, then you need a dog. This dog will help you stay happy by playing with you. The dog will smile at you and keep you busy all day long. The dog will ask you for a walk and play with it when you are home. So, this will keep your mood good and will definitely adjust your sleep cycle.
  2. If a person is a depression and anxiety patient, then the dog will help to treat that along with supplements. Depression will be treated by managing the emotional cycle of patients. The dog will balance the hormonal level by releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that makes a person happy. Thus, a dog induces happiness in people such that they no longer remain anxious.
  3. If a person is traumatized or has a phobia related to anything. These phobias include aerophobia, hydrophobia, and height phobia. A dog accompanying you makes you feel secure and protected. You will not feel the pressure as long as that dog is with you. Even if a person is on the plane and is aerophobic, all that person needs is a dog that keeps the company and calms the nerves.
  4. There are other cases as well when a person needs a dog. They can be any medical condition depending on the intensity. Even autist patients get to be stable near an ESA. These patients are super hyper and cannot be controlled when they have a fit. While with a dog, they feel comfortable, and even during a fit, they only get calmed by that dog.
  5. One cannot restrict psychological conditions for a person who needs ESA. There are physical medical conditions as well that can be catered to by an ESA. If a person is injured or physically weak and needs a wheelchair or aid to walk. Then such patients can be assisted by a dog that can push their wheelchair in need or motivate them to move.

The above are a few instances that require the need for an emotional support dog. Now let us answer the why of this prompt.

         The answer to this is quite simple. It is because these animals, especially dogs, help heal psychological issues without any side effects. Doctors are very hopeful and happy about the results of emotional support animals. The doctor's contentment and opinion are proven from the use of these animals by many patients. Now when a doctor notices that a patient is suffering from depression and loneliness. They do not write a long prescription containing medicines. They advise them to look for a pet or such activity that can keep them busy.

         The doctors are sure that this technique is more effective and natural than any other medicine. Doctors are hopeful that one day, they will be able to use animals efficiently for the better health of human beings. For this reason, many doctors use this technique to treat their patients. They want to affirm this idea that a trained animal can help a psychologically ill patient.

         Thus, if any person is interested in getting an animal to treat their illness or become socially amicable. Then that person should have a meeting with their doctor and suggest this option. If a doctor feels that the patient really needs an animal for treatment. Then they will prescribe them a suitable animal or a dog that can keep a check on the patient. They will refer them to an agency that provides these animals along with a certification called ESA letter. This letter will be an affirmation for the agency that the patient is authorized to keep a dog with them.

Moreover, if the patient is interested to keep that dog with them 24/7 at home. Then they need to get an ESA Letter for housing that authorizes them to keep that dog at home. This letter assures that even if a person is living at a rental place. They are still authorized to keep a dog thereby showing the letter to the landlord.

By getting these two documents, it is easy to keep the dog at home. As there are many times when a dog needs, and there is enough evidence to answer the why of this requirement. Thus, if you suffer from any of the above-mentioned issues; then consult your doctor and get your ESA dog today with all the legal requirements. Make sure that you get these documents. Or else you may face difficulty in keeping and tagging that animal with you. 

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