A Short History of Vexanium

We need to underline that the previous founders of Vexanium were professionals who built the largest Vouchers and Coupons platform in Indonesia. They think there are still many limitations and challenges that have not been overcome in the current promotion industry. So, Vexanium was created because of the awareness of the founders of the potential use of blockchain technology to overcome the voucher industry and promotion in the future. The founders believe that the Vexanium platform is able to introduce the blockhain era to sellers and buyers with its decentralized nature and liquidity. So that the problems and limitations of this industry can be overcome by the presence of the Vexanium Platform that carries blockhain technology.

A Vexanium Brief Explanation

In short, Vexanium is a decentralized marketing ecosystem. Vexanium is here to revolutionize the promotional industry both vouchers and coupons by utilizing blockhain technology that is truly decentralized. By building a decentralized online market, Vexanium enables merchants to promote their products efficiently and will overcome the limitations of a promo marketing such as expensive fees, disappointing redeem or liquidity problems.

The solution offered by Vexanium

Vexanium provides solutions to overcome the problems of the promotional industry with Decentralized Marketing & Airdrop Platform, Blockchain Technique, and Tokenisation.

Decentralized Marketing & Airdrop Platform

We need to know about the traditional platform promotion system that currently makes a company as its central control. Both in terms of storing data and providing services. The question is, is there a possibility to be corrupted or manipulated if the system is still maintained? The answer is 99% possible!

But it's different if the platform is decentralized. Without centralized control, without central authority, sellers can communicate without fear of manipulation and high costs. Isn't something like this what today's Promotional Industry needs?

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology, have you ever heard of it? Before the next discussion, let us refer to a brief explanation of the Blockchain. Blockchain Tecnhnology is a decentralized ledger technology that is capable of storing data in the form of transactions, communications etc. Once the data is stored on the blockchain, you cannot change it or it is permanent. In the absence of centralized control automatic data can be accessed by anyone but cannot be manipulated, edited, or deleted because of its decentralized nature.

So, what to do with the solutions offered by Vexanium? With blockchain technology, users can ensure or convince that the Voucher or Coupon information is really real without any modification or fraud in order to increase trust in the marketing system. Obviously this is really needed in the present!


What is a token? A token is an encrypted pass that provides liquidity access to services in a blockchain system. The presence of this tokenisasi will bring transparency in the current promotion industry and make every transaction guaranteed, verified and limited token inventory. So that token users will no longer fear the occurrence of things in the form of fraud when redeeming tokens to exchange them for goods or services in the ecosystem. Yes, it's time for Vexanium to Revolution!
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