The well-known postulate "advertising is the engine of trade" is more relevant today than ever. With the constant addition of new brands and services to the market, it is advertising that notifies potential customers of their appearance and the benefits of using the advertised product. Advertising marketing (or promotional marketing) is one of the main and effective tools for retailers and brands of any industry. As an advertising, more and more, not only informing is used, but also coupons and vouchers that attract new ones and increase the level of loyalty for existing customers. One study showed that about half of consumers would easily change brands, provided that they were given discounts in the form of a coupon.

The e-commerce market is growing rapidly, its participants are 8 out of 10 online users. According to forecasts, this industry will grow by 18% per year. Despite the rather positive growth dynamics, advertising and marketing tools, unfortunately, have many constraints for both sellers and users.

What is VEXANIUM for?

VEXANIUM positions itself as an ecosystem that will revolutionize the global marketing industry, creating high-quality and mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation between sellers of certain services / goods and customers.

VEXANIUM is not just an advertising infrastructure, it is a decentralized marketing ecosystem for trading and expanding the sales area. By creating rewards in tokens and a VEXANIUM voucher platform, the project achieves the following two goals:

  1. Combines classic retail with blockchain.
  2. Serves users who are already online, with more favorable conditions.

The platform itself consists of four components:

Voucher platform.

Using the VEX token, existing customers will be rewarded and new ones will be attracted. New users can be attracted through companies that will be created by enterprises based on the VEX platform.

Resale of P2P vouchers.

The VEX application contains the VEX Exchange, on which each user, having a certain voucher, can sell it at his own price or exchange it with another user for the voucher he needs.

Access to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Users will be able to directly trade with selected exchanges, thanks to their integration into the VEX application.

Airdrop platform.

Airdrop companies will be able to create blockchain companies to create a new customer base, promote their product, and also to reward existing users. Such processes will be carried out on the basis of the VEX platform and using the VEX token. This will also be facilitated by the web application and the VEX mobile application.


VEX token is issued under the Achain protocol. VEX will be accepted as a unit of account at all sites of the Vexanium ecosystem. The total number of all tokens will be 1,000,000,000 VEX.

Course: 1 ETH = 20,000 VEX and 1 ACT = 10 VEX.
Any company in the VEXANIUM ecosystem will be able to generate its own token. For this, entrepreneurs will pay the equivalent amount with VEX tokens on the VEXANIUM platform. Payment for services to Airdrop campaigns will also be made with a VEX token in amounts that depend on the size of the target audience.

VEXchange crypto exchange platform is a platform for trading tokens, where VEX will be the main pair for all tokens.

Since the VEX token is not an ERC20 token. To create a wallet, I personally used an online wallet

The project team

The VEXANIUM project is led by a highly qualified team of professionals. The creators of the project previously built and sold the largest coupon factory Evoucher Indonesia, in which there were more than 2 million active customers. The VEXANIUM ecosystem is a symbiosis of the achievements of previous experience and new opportunities that blockchain technology opens up. This gives reason to believe that the project is waiting for a good future.


The project clearly has enormous potential. An effective customer reward system is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. The professional project team has successful experience in this field. And all this against the background of growth of retail trade in the region makes VEXANIUM attractive for investors.
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Details of the VEXANIUM project: