The advertising and marketing segment is developing rapidly, there is a need to introduce revolutionary technologies to achieve incredible results. The VEXANIUM decentralized marketing ecosystem is the perfect solution to all existing problems. Inside the platform, there will be certain rewards for active users, as well as a system for using vouchers to complete the necessary transactions. Retail is a segment that is ideal for integrating blockchain technology. The VEXANIUM platform creates unique, high-quality conditions for cooperation between sellers and buyers of certain services. The VEXANIUM project is a real revolution for the advertising industry, it allows us to solve the problem of low activity of the domestic economy, as well as low liquidity. Consumers will be able to access high-quality products and services, and suppliers will be able to take advantage of the blockchain to create the most efficient business on the decentralized VEXANIUM platform.

Components of the VEXANIUM Project

  1. A platform for working with vouchers - modern enterprises will be able to use the capabilities of the VEXANIUM platform to form a new customer base, promote their product, as well as reward the most active current customers. The presence of special applications for mobile devices will allow customers to purchase vouchers for large corporations using the internal currency of the VEXANIUM platform for this.
  2. P2P voucher exchange - the VEXANIUM application will give users the opportunity to trade their vouchers. Each VEXANIUM client independently solves the issue of the price of the product.
  3. Crypto-exchanges inside VEXANIUM is a great opportunity for traders to earn income by working with cryptocurrency on exchanges integrated into the project.
  4. Airdrop - blockchain companies will be able to use the VEXANIUM functionality to create advertising products that allow them to find customers.

What problems of the marketing segment can VEXANIUM solve

Inflated prices - given the orientation of the VEXANIUM platform on the Asian market, it should be considered as an example. Today, most sellers use the services of intermediaries, centralized projects that allow you to advertise products. But in this case, one has to face high commissions - in order to get a normal profit, sellers have to significantly overstate the original price. VEXANIUM will save you from this problem - here customers will be able to directly contact sellers, this allows you to get rid of a commission of 10-20%.

The ability to use vouchers - in most situations, centralized organizations go to the trick, all advertising coupons are substandard, a person cannot receive the promised. Inside the VEXANIUM platform, smart contracts guarantee the fulfillment of all the initial conditions of cooperation.

Liquidity - most consumers annually receive a huge number of vouchers that are not of interest to them. But selling paper coupons is not very easy and profitable. The digital format of vouchers inside VEXANIUM is an ideal choice - everyone can profitably implement irrelevant vouchers.

Problems with advertising - even in the case of projects that are based on the blockchain, there are certain troubles. Today, most of the large sites that were previously used for advertising have banned the popularization of ICO promising projects. The best solution is to use Airdrop - in this way each developer will be able to popularize his brainchild, using innovative technologies for this. VEXANIUM opens up new opportunities for sellers and consumers.

A complete rejection of centralized organizations - if the data is stored on the server, they can be changed and adjusted, and ads removed. The VEXANIUM decentralized platform runs on the blockchain; smart contracts are used to promote certain services and sell vouchers. This approach allows you to get rid of the problem with high commissions.

The security of transactions - it is the blockchain that allows users to guarantee unique opportunities to protect their data. No fraudulent schemes, ads of dubious products - VEXANIUM developers made sure that the platform worked extremely honestly and transparently.

Today, many investors are interested in the VEXANIUM project developing rapidly and delighting its customers.

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