Most likely in the modern world you will not be able to spend a single day, so that you will not catch the eye of an advertisement of some new brand made by a new company. In fact, all sites and social networks in this way generate their income, leaving advertising companies to engage in marketing on their platform. The marketing industry is huge and constantly improving and competing with each other.

So why not apply the latest innovative technologies in this field of activity? That is what Vexanium is doing.

Vexanium is creating a unique marketing ecosystem that offers companies more tools and marketing opportunities that have never been seen in any other advertising agency. On the platform

Vexanium advertisers have the ability to run ad campaigns, offering the use of a VEX token to buy and sell their products. Consumers who already know about this system can easily find good deals and discounts, and companies accordingly attract new customers. Using blockchain technology allows transactions to be transparent and reliable, as the code controls everything. Shops or enterprises can create vouchers for new or existing customers directly through the voucher exchange, which gives advertisers advantages and new customers for their business, a win-win situation for everyone.

The Vexanium team clearly demonstrates how the whole system works using the blockchain, you can verify this right now

Vexanium Airdrop is a solution for companies engaged in attracting new customers, naturally with reward for loyal customers.

Voucher Exchange — A P2P voucher provides coupon trading among consumers, the Vexanium platform also allows advertisers to create a marketing campaign using a token to create vouchers, simplified on Vexanium web sites or mobile applications.

Potentially Good Points for Using Vexanium

Using a decentralized version of marketing has many benefits for stakeholders.

Vexanium video representing the vision and design idea.

Key benefits of the Vexanium project include:

- Improving customer focus on brands.

- The marketing company will have a small number of — not effective ads.

- No risk of violation of confidentiality or trust to advertisers.

- No commission.

- Distributed structure eliminates unnecessary intermediaries

- The advertising process is becoming transparent

- The Vexanium project has a very active community that organizes many meetings around the world.

- Photos and data on these events can be found on the official Vexanium website

Vexanium Token Sale

Vexanium is currently conducting an ICO selling its VEX tokens to be used in the system

Vexanium after the completion of the ICO. More than 261 million VEX has already been sold out of a total of 400 million VEX.

You can buy VEX tokens for 1 ETH for 18,000 VEX. If you are interested in buying their tokens or

If you want to participate in this, just visit their official website at

To summarize for Vexanium.

The Vexanium project has many positive achievements and results, such as the unique airdrop option plus an experienced development team, these are just some of the outstanding features of this project.

Learn more about Vexanium

If you find this project interesting and want to learn more about it or about the sale of their tokens, you can use the links below to be always up to date with the affairs of the project.

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