What’s VEX Wallet

VEX Wallet is a digital wallet that runs on Vexanium blockchain. You can do several things in VEX Wallet, such as store VEX, transfer VEX, and buy or sell Resources (RAM, CPU, and NET) to do transactions in Vexanium Blockchain. VEX Wallet allows users to manage their VEX and use all of the Vexanium decentralized applications using one platform.


What’s VEX Dapp

VEX DApp is a decentralized application that runs using Vexanium smart contract on top of Vexanium blockchain. Users can use and create their own decentralized application using Vexanium blockchain. Vexanium plans to launch more than 100 DApps this year.


What’s Vexanium

Vexanium is the next generation blockchain for mass adoption, it is born to support decentralized applications (DApps), Decentralized Finance (Defi) usability, and retail penetration. Users can create their own DApps or DeFi with Vexanium blockchain.


What’s VEX (coin)

VEX coin is the cryptocurrency that is used to support its ecosystem (users create a decentralized application and smart contract with VEX coin). Blockchain developers in Vexanium need to use VEX coin to generate tokens to launch their own smart contracts or decentralized applications in the Vexanium platform.


What’s Resources

An account on Vexanium blockchain has three resources to be maintained: RAM, CPU, and NET (Network). RAM is a persistent resource (a user purchases it and controls it completely until they clean it out and sell it back to the blockchain), while CPU and Network are transient resources (an account may use it, and then it will regenerate as it is constantly rolling over).


What’s VEX Account

VEX account is an individual record account that is used for VEX Wallet, However, an account on VEX Wallet is a little bit different compared to BTC or ETH because users can customize their own user name using alphabet and numbers. On BTC or ETH users are given with a long string of public key addresses, while on VEX Wallet users can choose their own unique name consisting of 1-5 and az 12 bits.

For example:

BTC: 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2

VEX: Vexaniumtest1

In other words, users can easily remember and use their own account user name to send and receive coins, without the need to enter a long string of character addresses.


How to Register an Account

Step 1: Input your username and password

Step 2: Create VEX Wallet Account or import VEX Address if you already have one

Step 3: To create VEX Address you need 12 characters (alphabets and numbers)

Step 4: Input the phone number verification code

Step 5: Choose “Next” and it’s done.

For more details:



How to Withdraw and Deposit Coins from Exchange

Exchange to Wallet

If you want to withdraw VEX from the exchange to VEX Wallet, you just need to fill in your account name on the exchange. You can also add memo or notes if you want.

Wallet to Exchange

If you want to transfer VEX from VEX Wallet to exchange you just need to fill out a memo (remarks) because all exchange users can share an address and only the memo can distinguish user’s assets.

If you fill in the wrong memo, please contact the exchange's customer service immediately for assistance.


How to Import VEX Account

Step 1: Go to [Account] and select [Account]

Step 2: Choose [add new wallet]

Step 3: Choose [Import wallet from private key]

Step 4: Input the private key and choose [CONFIRM TO CONTINUE]


How to Get Resources

How to Stake CPU or NET

Step 1: Go to [Resources]

Step 2: Choose [CHANGE AMOUNT] on CPU or NET

Step 3: Change how much VEX that want to be staked


How to Buy or Sell RAM

Step 1: Go to [Resources]

Step 2: Choose [RAM]

Step 3: Choose [Buy RAM] or [Sell RAM]

Step 4: Change how much you want to buy or sell

Step 5: Choose [Confirm]


How to Transfer Coins

Step 1: Go to [Send]

Step 2: Input the recipient account or scan QR code

Step 3: Input the amount of VEX and enter the memo (optional)

Step 4: Choose [Send]


How to Receive Coins

Step 1: Go to [Receive]

Step 2: Input the amount of VEX



How to Use Dapps

Step 1: Go to [Dapps]

Step 2: Choose the Dapps

Step 3: Choose an account and [I understand what is Dapp]