"Sir." I walked up to him timidly and crouched down timidly in front of the chair. "What's the matter with you?" Why don't you joke with me, why don't you try to punish me, why don't you laugh and quarrel with me, how. Will you show such a look that people can't help worrying about you? He did not speak, but looked at me with hazy eyes, vulnerable and helpless like a child who could not find his home. Mingming is still playing with me for fun during the day, why now from words to expressions, the whole child has become another person? What day is it today? A little fear came over me for no reason. "Sir," I put my hand on his arm and shook it gently. "What's wrong with you?" Slightly moved, his line of sight slowly fell to my hand, after a moment of stupefaction and dumbfounded: "Yeah, what's wrong with me." But somehow, I always felt that his smile was full of loneliness. Flowers will not always open without failure, people can not gather for a long time. I was a little too greedy. He laughed at himself and leaned back in his chair and stared at me. "I think I drank too much and my head was not very clear." Did it scare you? I pursed my lips and shook my head vigorously. At that moment, I think I have understood why Bai Jing asked me like that. "Sir,electronic board for classroom," he said, pressing his hands harder on his arms, "I won't go. If you need it, Chu Xian will always stay with you. Eyes immediately a convergence, Yan Chen stared at me, his face surprised,4k smart board, and I do not hide not afraid to look up to meet his line of sight. Suddenly the air seemed to freeze, and the room was so quiet that even each other's breathing could be heard clearly. It took him a long time to whisper. Chu Xian Xiao Niu. "Sir?" "You're pinching me." Withdraw your hand immediately. I'm sorry, sir. I pushed too hard. Looking up, his face was no longer as indifferent and silent as before, and his blurred eyes, which were covered with a layer of fog, began to Pure Brightness. A moment later, the white face like the moon slowly floated up the charming smile of the past, no, it should be a fake smile. Your hands are really strong. If I get up early tomorrow, my arms will be blue and purple. “……” It's so fast. The change of face is so fast. Is it really him who was so melancholy just now? "Well, smartboards for business ,smart interactive whiteboard, how can I punish you for taking the liberty of touching your master and deliberately hurting him?" “……” There seems to be something wrong. "Why don't you speak and be scared silly?" "No." Not exactly Then you will be punished to play the piano for me. "Yeah?!" Why should I be punished to play the piano? "Play until I fall asleep." “……” Damn it, am I playing a lullaby? # # # # # # # "Sir, won't you tell Yu Niang about them?" Just after dawn, I asked Yan Chen on the way down the mountain. It doesn't matter, they know the way. A white eye rolled over. Is that what I mean? "I mean we'll go without saying hello and not wait for them to join us. Is that all right?" "Well, this." He slowed thoughtfully and looked at me. "Do you mean to let them find out that we spent the night alone?" "Ah.." Ahem. I Damn, how did I forget that! "And you're sleeping in my bed." "Cough, cough, cough." I was choked by saliva again, "but, but." You didn't sleep in the bed! "You mean I should sleep in bed?" He curled the corners of his mouth. I didn't mean that! It was so annoying that I wanted to slap him in the face. Oh, then you're sorry you didn't share a recliner with me, aren't you? “……” It's better to kick him away. Why don't you talk? “……” The hell wants to talk to you. This road is not easy to walk. Do you want me to help you? “……” The devil wants your help. Down the hill is a small town. Don't you want to stroll around? “……” The ghost wants to go shopping. “…… Alas, if you are always so silent, how can you stay with me forever? The devil wants.. Uh, no, I'm not a ghost.. Wait, he.. what did he just say?! "Why, is someone going to tell me that she was talking in her sleep last night?" Stopping, Yan Chen looked at me with a half-smile. Uh. Of course It's not talking in your sleep. But Forever Is that the word I said? "That's good." He nodded with a smile and turned to take a step. I froze in the same place. Why Suddenly I have a feeling of being trapped in a cocoon. # # # # # # # Coming out of the teahouse, I burped contentedly and turned to Yan Chen and said, "Sir, we are really lucky. Have you found that the waiter will give us a discount every time he comes?" "Well, yes," Yan Chen answered solemnly, "because he saw a ghost." "Damn it?" He smiled with a bright smile. "You." "Me?" Why? "Moneybags." “……” Did you take the opportunity to hurt me for a long time? I said, sir, I also have self-respect, okay? And allow me to correct, this is called frugality, not miser, in other words, the meaning is different. "Oh.." How about the miser? “…… I'm not related to a ghost. You're so angry that you want to punish me again! Ye. "" "This young lady looks very dewy. How about playing with your uncle when you are free?" A lewd tone of words came to my ears, and I looked back in astonishment and found that three wretched men were surrounding a pretty woman. What, flirting with a good woman in broad daylight? But also such a beautiful as a fairy,smart board for conference room, gorgeous as peaches and plums, so beautiful that people lose their souls, admire and drool!. hsdsmartboard.com