"Pei also knows that there are countless capable people in the Avatar Gang. Naturally, he is not afraid of the chaotic evil spirit, but the newly built city may not be able to resist the erosion of the chaotic evil spirit. If the city is invaded, the ordinary people in the city will easily be invaded by the evil spirit, and then it will only be a dead city." Pei Ju said slowly. Meng Shentong and Takeshi Yuecheng were frightened by this, but they didn't know it. Meng Shentong asked anxiously, "What's the best plan for Pei?" Pei Ju still smiled to himself: "To build a city on Pangaea, you must first find the position of sealing the demons, suppress the position of sealing the demons, and use it as the eye of the city to resist the erosion of the chaotic demons." The two of them looked at each other and suddenly realized that there was such a fastidious way to build a city on Pangaea. Thank you, Master Pei, for your advice. Takeshi has learned it! Meng Shentong over there also gave him a salute: "Thank you, Lord Pei!" "Ha ha ha ha, no need to be polite, now that I have told you two, Pei Mou will leave first!" Say, Pei moment body a long, also don't see how to move, at the foot of the light get up early,interactive touch screens education, people have already flown into the air. Far away, Pei Ju dropped a sentence: "The biggest place to seal the devil here is the cave around you two. Remember to remember!" The voice is fading away, and the others have disappeared. Watching Dun Guang disappear, Takeshi Yuecheng looked at Meng Shentong again: "Sect Leader, I don't know if this man's words are credible or not!" Meng Shentong gave a wry smile and said, "I think it should be good. This man is the best. He shouldn't tease you and me for nothing. Let's believe it.". It's just that the position of the devil should be carefully surveyed. In any case, the two of them had to wait for the arrival of Ezra Pound,interactive panels for education, Master Kuzhi and Mr. Tiejing, so they simply surveyed around. With the guidance of the news of sealing the position of the devil, they did not spend too much effort, and soon they were sure. The place where the twelve ancient copper knives were originally used to suppress the Chaos Warcraft is the best place to seal the demons. It seems that what this middle-aged scribe named Pei Ju said is true. It's the two of us who measure the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain. Meng Shentong looked at Takeshi with a wry smile and said. Yuecheng Takeshi turned to other thoughts in his heart and heard Meng Shentong say so. He had no choice but to echo, "I have just ascended Pangaea, and it is important for me to be careful about everything. I can't say that I am a mean person, and I haven't been deeply involved.". It's a reluctant move to be cautious. Since this place is indeed the position of sealing the demon, we should think of a way to see how to hold the position of sealing the demon so as to keep the city intact. Meng Shentong touched the beard on his chin and said with his head down, "If you want to hold down the position of sealing the demons, it should be like holding down the river demons and ghosts.". It's nothing but array prohibition or treasure suppression, but we don't have any array that can be used. The only way today is to put down the treasure and suppress it. Takeshi Yuecheng nodded and said, "What the Sect Leader said is true." Then he shut himself up and never mentioned what treasures he wanted to use to suppress things. Seeing Takeshi Yuecheng like this, Meng Shentong also knew that he would never take out any treasure, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive panel board, but Meng Shentong was not willing to give up, this Shentong city was built to give Takeshi Yuecheng a small half, he could not do anything, right? But in Takeshi's opinion. He could have come up and found a place to build his own eight circles of cities. Just because he didn't want to fall out with the Avatar Gang immediately, he gave up his favorite territory to Meng Shentong: Lao Meng doesn't even understand this, does he? This is the Shentong City built here. Why should I come out to suppress the treasure of the position of the devil? The two of them had their own ideas, but Meng Shentong still said, "Mr. Yue is responsible for suppressing the treasure of sealing the position of the demon.". Do you have any suggestions? The implication is that you don't know what treasure I have, and I don't know what treasure you have, but we all know that each other has six bronze giant knives in their hands, so why don't we take out two of them and see if it's enough to suppress them. Yuecheng Takeshi didn't know Meng Shentong's mind, but he didn't want to contribute the bronze knife at all. He always felt that he had unlocked part of the secret of the bronze knife, and the bronze knife, as an artifact refined by the ancient gods, could never be used only to seal the warriors of the headless punishment clan. At that time, there was no such thing as the headless punishment clan. There must be a bigger secret waiting to be discovered in this bronze giant knife. He wished he could bring the six mouths in Meng Shentong's hand. How could he contribute his own? And, from his hand that sealed the six headless punishment clan warriors on the bronze knife, Takeshi also estimated a little bit about the secret of the bronze knife, the twelve bronze knife may not be complete to become a more powerful weapon, can certainly be divided and used, but also must be the greater the number of power is also greater, so he is absolutely impossible to give any. So he could only pretend to be confused: "Chengwu knows very little about this way. It depends on how the Sect Leader decides." Meng Shentong heard this, secretly scolded in the heart, but also helpless, indeed, after all, this is the Shentong city, nominally is absolutely the territory of the Shentong gang, he this Shentong gang leader, if not contribute, what other people can be expected to contribute? Moreover, although Takeshi Yuecheng has a high status in the Avatar Gang, in fact, he has never been helpful to the Avatar Gang. His eight circles are almost completely out of the control of the Avatar Gang, which makes Meng Shentong very afraid. It's not good to force Takeshi Yuecheng to do anything. If he falls out at this time, will the Avatar City be built or not? There is no other way, Meng Shentong can only sadly accept the result, but once again the heart of the mind, the avatar city must be completely controlled in their own hands, must not let Takeshi continue to expand his influence, and also as much as possible to help his confidant to upgrade to the immortal level of strength, otherwise sit and wait for eight circles of young increasingly powerful, I'm afraid the Avatar Gang will change its name to Chengwu Gang! "I have the right to try to see if the bronze sword I got from here can hold the position of sealing the devil. However,classroom interactive whiteboard, at the beginning, there were twelve bronze swords in the array. I don't know if the six in my hand can hold it.". If not, I'm afraid Mr. Yue will have to give generously! 。 hsdsmartboard.com