She raised a girl for sixteen years, not to hand over, but also selflessly say that it doesn't matter, that is not her style of Shen Qiuci. She only knew that Yin Jiang was the girl she raised, and that it had nothing to do with her own, selfish and natural. Seeing that Yin Jiang was uneasy, she handed out the honey water and said coldly, "Drink." Yin Jiang took the honey water, took a sip, closed the lid and handed it back to Shen Qiuci. Shen Qiuci didn't pick it up. "Take it back yourself." Yin Jiang put the honey water back in his schoolbag. Too good to be true. See Yin Jiang received honey water, Shen Qiuci finally satisfied, she is in a good mood, also intend to care about what. The first question was, "Who told you that Yin Nian was the biological daughter of the Yin family?"? And who told you the address of Ming's house? After Yin Jiang left, she investigated all the servants of the Yin family who knew the truth, but no one told Yin Jiang about it. So where did Yin Jiang know? Yin Jiang: ".." This is very embarrassing, she can deceive the father and mother, can deceive Yin Nian,Magnesium Oxide powder, but can not deceive the mother. Said she was born again? But the system said that the reborn person could not reveal his rebirth. She hesitated for a moment and said, "I had a dream. In the dream, I was not the daughter of the Yin family. Yin Nian was." Yin Jiang looked up, Shen Qiuci a face you continue to make up, please casually expressionless. Yin Jiang was very serious. "It's true. I dreamed of it. When I woke up, I remembered that she looked a little similar to my mother. I followed the address in my dream and found her." That's all she can lie about. Father Ming understood that only then did he know that the blood relationship of the physical examination report she had told them at the beginning was not right, and that it was only after investigation that Yin Nian was found. It was all a lie. A Jiang. You Yin Jiang's voice was lower,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "that." It's not mine. I'm sure I'll have to give it back. I can't hold on to it. "Otherwise it would be unfair to Yin Nian." She said it was unfair to Yin Nian, but she was confused in her heart. If the dream is true, then she is the daughter of the Yin family, Yin Nian is the girl of the Ming family, then why is it now that Yin Nian is the daughter of the Yin family, she is the girl of the Ming family? She doesn't think she's smart enough because she can't figure out what the reason is. It is said that the dream is false, but the sense of reality is too strong, as if I had experienced it personally. It is said that the dream is true, and there are many things that can not be understood and explained. Things have happened, no matter how to pursue is not much effect, Shen Qiuci know from Yin Jiang mouth can not get the real answer, they care about another thing. The object of dispute is not Yin Jiang, but Ming Fu Ming Mu. With a cold expression, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, she said that Yin Nian had privately blocked Yin Jiang's invitation letter and asked Ming Fu and Ming Mu what to do. Mother Ming couldn't believe that Yin Nian would do such a thing. "How could Nian Nian do such a thing?"? Although she is a little self-willed, she is essentially kind. Shen Qiuci disdains this sentence. What Yin Nian looks like, she knows very well, willful, selfish, vicious, but there is no such thing as kindness in essence. "I'm just asking you how to deal with it," she wrote lightly, pressing her fingernails. "I'm not asking you to say that she is a good-hearted person who is self-willed." She was tired of listening to such nonsense. If it was useful, what else did she need to ask? Mother Ming was at a loss, not knowing why she asked them, "We have no idea to ask us." She's your daughter. You're her biological mother. We can't control her. She and Mingfu are now just an insignificant outsider to Niannian, how can they interfere in her family affairs, let alone punish such things. On the day when their identities are exchanged, they have already lost the qualification of educating Yin Nian. The author has something to say: I, I can't write it. I've been writing since seven o'clock. The four thousand of the other one is done, and I can't start with this one word by word. I only wrote twelve thousand on the list of twenty-five thousand. And thirteen thousand. [Crying] If I can't finish writing thirteen thousand yuan tomorrow, I will be blacklisted. Send a red envelope for compensation, and I will send you a red envelope tomorrow morning if you leave a message. Let me shut myself up for a while. Chapter 75. Since Ming's father and mother meant that she was in charge of the matter and they could not intervene, Shen Qiuci would not show any mercy. She will not tolerate anyone's deception. Especially what Yin Nian deceives is Yin Jiang's letter. If you hadn't been afraid to contact me on your own initiative, you wouldn't have given Yin Nian a chance. She gave Yin Jiang a sidelong glance. Send a text message to make a phone call can tell things, but to use the letter, so afraid of her? Yin Jiang did not dare to refute your right attitude all the way. Shen Qiuci said: "The Yin family's industry has begun to move abroad. After the college entrance examination next year, I will take you abroad." She had a premonition that Yin Jiang could not stay here, let alone return to the present Yin family. She needed to take Yin Jiang far away so that she could avoid something she didn't want to see. Hearing that he was going abroad, Yin Jiang looked up in amazement. Mother Ming simply refused, "No!"! Kang is our daughter! Why did you take her away?! They have already got along with a Jiang, in any case, will not let a Jiang leave them. Mother Ming could not imagine what life would be like for him and his father if he left Ah Jiang. She absolutely disagreed. Shen Qiuci said coldly, "If you want to accompany Ah Jiang, you can also go abroad together, but Ah Jiang must leave here." There was no room for negotiation in this matter, and it was already her greatest concession to take the Ming couple with her. Mother Ming refused without any hesitation. She said angrily, "We won't go abroad, and we, Ah Jiang, won't go either. Please go back. As Ah Jiang's biological mother, I will never agree." A Jiang went abroad, so can they meet again? They can't speak English, can't even read Chinese, can't even find a job abroad,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and can't live at all. Only staying at home is the best choice. She would not agree, and in any case, would not agree.