After hurriedly explaining to you, he said hello to the other two immortal emperors and rushed directly into the void gate. He must not let the man in purple robe testify first. The stone pier is too important for him. His way and future will be linked with the fifth stone pier. …… At the same time, on the main hall of the Ice Shrine, which is far away from the clear sky, dozens of ice shrines are sitting on both sides. Sitting at the top was Su Lan, the head of the Ice Shrine, the woman in the late period of the immortal emperor who had met him. Qingru, Master has chosen her own path, and we should respect her choice. Now that I have returned to the Ice Shrine, the Ice Shrine will soon not continue to be closed in this world of ice and snow, and this is the time for us to contribute to the ice Shrine. The speaker was a woman in a green dress with a pale face. If you are here, you can definitely recognize that this person is really the third master of the Ice Shrine, but at this time the white gauze on her face has been taken off. Yes, Qingru, we are really happy that you can come back, and I think the Grand Master is even more happy. I only hope that you can assist Shuangshuang in the future, and let Shuangshuang lead me to become the first emperor in the fairy world. This is the wish of several generations of masters of my Ice Shrine, and also the wish of both saints. The new Lord of the Ice Shrine, the Lord of the Sulan Palace,industrial racking systems, also said softly. Qing Ru stood up and bowed and said, "Lord of the Grand Palace, Lord of the Third Palace, Qing Ru has decided to go.". But this is the first time for me to take part in the test of the Everlasting Night Cave Forest in the Ice Shrine, and Qingru will try her best to help both saints. The Lord of the Sulan Palace sighed and did not speak again. Qing Ru also sighed in her heart, knowing that others thought she wanted to leave the Ice Shrine because her position as a saint had been taken away, only she knew it was not. She did not care about the identity of the saint, she wanted to leave because she saw the scene she had seen in the real world again in the Ice Shrine. Countless women in their prime of life were frozen into ice peaks,shuttle rack system, just for the sake of the inheritance of the Saint of the Ice Shrine, and for the sake of a powerful Saint of the Ice Shrine. She was so sad about this practice that she didn't want to look at it at all. Because the Lord of the Grand Palace could not look directly at these, he abdicated directly and even left the Ice Shrine. There is only one true saint in the history of the Ice Shrine, and that is the Double Saint. Every time the two saints could not be reincarnated, they would find someone else to replace them. Moreover, the most powerful person in the Ice Shrine is not the Lord of the Grand Palace, not the Supreme Immortal Emperor, but both saints. The Ice Shrine has been blocking the clan gate and has not participated in any activities in the fairy world. But this time, with a simple sentence, Shuangshuang Saint broke the tradition of the Ice Shrine, which had been passed down for many years, and participated in the test of the Everlasting Night Cave Forest for the first time. She just said, "Hide at home and never want to be the first emperor in the fairy world." The Everlasting Night Grotto Forest is a secret place forbidden to heaven, mobile racking systems ,asrs warehouse, which provides immortals under the Great Immortal to enter the trial. There are also some immortal materials and treasures in it. Of course, the mortality rate in the trial is also very high. Because of this, the Lord of the Ice Shrine and the Lord of the Third Palace repeatedly asked Qing Ru to protect Nie Shuangshuang. Nie Shuangshuang sat on the right side of the head, his face was very calm, and he did not say a word. In that case, let's go now. This time I will go with the inside of the door. Three palace Lord such as book see Su Lan palace Lord sighed, hurriedly take the initiative to say. One by one, the flying light left the ice shrine, and Qing Ru calmly controlled his spaceship magic weapon and followed the crowd away from the ice shrine. She looked back at the receding Ice Shrine and made up her mind that she would not come back when she left the Ice Shrine this time. The Ice Shrine is well prepared and has enough time this time, even allowing those who seldom go out to control their own flying magic weapon. In case it comes to a critical moment, you can't protect yourself. Elder Martial Sister Qingru, can I take your spaceship? Nie Shuangshuang controlled his flying magic weapon to catch up with Qingru's spaceship and asked with a smile. (The update is a little late. Good night, friends.). Ask for a referral ticket by the way!) .. (To be continued.) Chapter 1990 the way of Nie Shuangshuang. "Of course." Qing Ru smiled and said, at the same time slowed down his spaceship and opened the ban on the spaceship. Nie Shuangshuang put away his flying magic weapon and landed on Qingru's spaceship. Elder Martial Sister Qingru, your spaceship is really beautiful, and the design of this spaceship is different from ours. As soon as Nie Shuangshuang arrived at Qingru's spaceship, he felt the difference. The design of the ship was familiar to her, but it was very different from the rest of the flying magic weapons in the fairy world. Well, it's a gift from a friend of mine. Please sit down, Double Saint. Qing Ru had already filled Nie Shuangshuang with a cup of immortal tea on the deck table. Nie Shuangshuang took a sip of the immortal tea and said, "Your friend is really good to you. If I don't guess, this should be a magic weapon that surpasses the nine-grade immortal." Qing Ru smiled, "it should be, I haven't congratulated the two saints on their return to the Ice Shrine.". Qingru is here to offer a toast to the saint with tea instead of wine. Then Qingru had already picked up the teacup. Nie Shuangshuang sighed and said, "Elder Martial Sister Qingru, if you really regard Shuangshuang as a sister, you can call me Younger Martial Sister Shuang Shuang. No matter what I used to be in my previous life, you are always my Elder Martial Sister now.". It's called Double Saint, and it looks like a good division. "Well, Sister Shuangshuang, I'll do it first." Qing Ru finished saying that he had already picked up the cup and drank it down. Nie Shuangshuang also raised his glass and drank it down. Then he looked at Qingru and said, "Elder Martial Sister Qingru, is it because of me that you insist on leaving the Ice Shrine?"? Elder Martial Sister Qingru, your aptitude is no worse than mine. In terms of appearance, although I am confident, I also know that I am not as good as you. Among the women I have seen, none of them can compare with you in appearance. In fact, you are more suitable than me as a saint in the Ice Shrine. Qing Ru was silent for a long time. Then she said slowly, "Younger Martial Sister Shuangshuang, I am not good at expressing my inner thoughts.". If it wasn't for you, I'd be lying. But the real reason is really not what you think, in fact, you can return to the ice shrine, become a saint again,warehousing storage solutions, such as only happy and happy, not half jealous, this is my heart. 。