The focus of vexanium now :
1. Education , 

New Developer : Everymonth vexanium is going to several universities in several cities to teach university student about blockchain also we actively do a webinar to teach about vexanium smartcontract 
           Blockchan Developer :  we are welcome more developer(DAPP Developer )  to join vexanium ecosystem we give reward for developer to create DAPP on vexanium blockchain called > 

2. Adoption : 

            Now we are focus on several project that running our vexanium mainet like gaming (several gaming is already live in our dapp )  , supply chain , loyalty on ecommerce and identity 

3. Colaboration  

Now we are starting to make more colaboration and partnership with blockchain and cryptocommunity to introduce our chain to get more developers and users  also now we still focusing to make partnership with Indonesian Goverment ( as you now vexanium is the first blockchain company from indonesia and we already have several project ongoing like supply chain (logistic ) , identity and property