"What about me?" He was silent, his face dejected. I comforted him, and then my eyes fell on a part of his body maliciously: "I heard that there is a plastic surgery hospital that can cut off that thing and put another one on it." Why don't I sign up for you? "Shit!"! I'll cut you first! ` He really changed. He said goodbye to all the girls who had an affair with him, waved his hand without taking away a cloud, and then ran to the great love in his mind piously. To tell you the truth, people of our generation have seen all kinds of love stories since they were young, and movies and TV are also full of all kinds of love fairy tales: from the early Taiwan Chiung Yao's romantic drama in which the sea runs dry and the rocks crumble until death, to the later Titanic Ocean Heart you jump I jump. What kind of earth-shaking love have we never seen? Now the love that can move us has disappeared. But I have to say that I was really moved and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of seven. Or scared. From a mature man to an innocent middle school student, this phenomenon fully illustrates that "love can make people's IQ decline." The truth of this truth. ` ` `www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 70 [I come for love!] I'm sorry to tell you that the essence of this week is gone. I can't send you the essence of your messages in the book review area. I can only wait until after 12 o'clock tonight.. In addition, Dance sincerely asks for book reviews, both long and short. If you can't write a book review, you can send it to the forum. For a good book review, whether it's patting me or praising me, as long as it's a really good book review, Dance will give the author a copy of my physical book as a thank you (limited quantity). You can understand that I'm hyping. Whatever. I won't explain. Hehe, thanks.] ` Autumn is coming, and the Guangzhou Fair has kicked off in a lively way. Lao Wang's company paid a lot of money to set up a booth there and sent the most beautiful female assistant in the company, led by Lao Wang himself, to Guangzhou. To be honest,smart boards for conference rooms, nowadays, the Canton Fair has become a huge decoration piled up with RMB. Every year, its scale claims to exceed that of previous years, creating a new historical height, but the real commercial effect is becoming more and more unsatisfactory. Many years ago, when the country was not yet fully open, such an international trade fair was very useful. Many foreign businessmen do not understand the mainland market of China and can only find channels for cooperation at the fair. At that time, the trade fair was a bridge between domestic businessmen and foreign customers. But now the taste of the Canton Fair has changed. Real foreign businessmen seldom go to such flashy exhibitions. They have various other channels to get in touch with the domestic market. Therefore,touch screen board classroom, this kind of trade fair has become a kind of chicken rib for them. It is tasteless to eat and a pity to discard. Now to attend the fair, most of them are Chinese, are domestic suppliers and manufacturers, often chatting with each other boring, if suddenly come a foreigner, on the buzz of the whole past, desperately handed up business cards, stuffed samples. But this kind of fair, you do not go or not, after all, it is the largest scale, the number of exhibitors is large, moreover, digital touch screen board ,touch screen whiteboard, although fewer and fewer foreign businessmen come to participate every year, but after all, it is not extinct. What's more, for me, I need to go to this kind of fair to understand the current domestic market situation. What's more, the booth was paid for by Lao Wang anyway, and I didn't pay for it anyway, so I didn't go for nothing. So I took Sun Yan ran and joined Lao Wang's business group, ready to leave for Guangzhou. When we were sent to the airport, seven looked at Sun Yan ran's eyes, which was called a parting of life and death. He blushed and muttered to Sun Yan ran for a long time. The more seven said, the more red his face was and the more nervous his expression was. Instead, Sun Yan ran was calm and calm, a general. Seeing that I had changed my boarding pass and was going to go in, I was still there endlessly. I went up and cursed: "I said you are endless!" "Shut up!"! I'm telling Yan Ran to take good care of herself. "All right, all right, I'll take care of her for you, all right!" "Alas." "That's what I'm most worried about," he sighed. Yan ran ah, you and this hooligan live in the same hotel, sleep at night must lock the door! “#¥◎#¥! ◎¥” ` Thirty thousand feet, on a plane. Yan ran, just now seven gave you a lot of things, what is it? "Oh, I don't care. Look, it's all here." "Well, let me see." Women's Self-Defense “……” "Eighteen Ruthless Measures to Prevent Wolves" “……” Miniature electric rods.. …… Shit! How did you get this thing past the security check?! ` "Yan Ran, I really seem to be very attentive to you. Don't you consider giving me a chance?" Sun Yanran smiled: "General Manager Chen, I don't like.." All right, all right! As soon as you said you didn't like it, I was afraid, and my whole person changed because of your words. Thought a little while, I say suddenly: "You, you won't be to know me to inquire information for seven before, say some of false words to deceive us on purpose?" "Oh, what do you think?" Sun Yan ran smiled very treacherously. Alas, "I sighed." In fact, seven is really good. He is handsome, smart, considerate to girls, and very rich. His bar in Nanjing is connected to several branches, and his assets are at least several million. " Sun Yanran suddenly said coldly, "You know, what I don't like most is that he is too considerate to girls. Do you want me to remind you what kind of person he used to be?" I am silent,smartboards in classrooms, I have to admit that seven used to be too "considerate" to girls, the key is that it doesn't matter if you are considerate to a girl, but seven is to see a "considerate" one. hsdsmartboard.com