As soon as the three words were over, Duanmu Cui's arrogance was already half gone. "It's not my fault that I don't have magic power now," he stammered. "It's all because the dawn doesn't matter." Zhan Zhao raised his eyebrows. "Oh?" Duanmu Cui was reluctant, but she still talked about her previous suspicions. Finally, she said, "It's all because the dawn doesn't matter. How can I blame my poor magic power?" Zhanzhao couldn't help laughing out loud again. Duanmu Cui immediately knew that she had been teased by him. "You said it again. How did you come out?" When Zhanzhao sighed lightly, he heard a very low singing, and the giant Que came out of its scabbard. Zhanzhao crossed the blade and said to Duanmu Cui, "What do you see?" Duanmu Cui looked at it for a long time without knowing why. "A broken sword," she said slowly. Zhanzhao sighed and said, "There is a fairy girl who is not only weak in magic, but also weak in brain. I have sent the answer to her eyes, but she still doesn't know it." Duanmu Cuihao was aggrieved: "It's just Juque. How can it be the answer?"? It was broken once last time, and if it wasn't for me. At this point, he suddenly thought of something. With a very short cry, he said to Zhanzhao, "Is it.." Zhanzhao nodded, "I'm not so stupid. I'm finally enlightened." Duanmu Cui was not angry either. After thinking about it for a while, she sighed: "Last time I helped you repair Juque, although those intermittent fairy glues were useful, they always left scars on the body of the sword. It's so ugly.". I want to put it back to the furnace to recast, but the sword is a lethal weapon after all, and it needs blood to recast. Although I can't feed the sword with my body like Ou Yezi,mineral flotation, I'm not afraid of a little blood. The barrier needs the blood of the performer to open, and it happens that there is my blood on the giant Que. This is also an act of God, it seems that I should not die. After a pause, I felt afraid again: "If I had been stingy at that time and only used the fairy glue to help you renew your sword, you wouldn't have been able to get out of the barrier and save me today, then I would have died at the hands of Ao Yin.." Thanks to my benevolence. Zhanzhao is neither crying nor laughing: "Duanmu, no matter what others have done for you, you can always take credit for yourself by making up nonsense.". It turns out that you were saved just now only because of your kindness,coltan ore processing, which has nothing to do with me. Duanmu Cui smiled: "Am I not good?"? If I am not good, how can you come to save me desperately? When Zhanzhao saw that she was talking and laughing, there was no haze because of what had just happened. He was happy for her in his heart. He glanced around a little and said lightly, "Of course you are good, but we are very bad now." ———————————————————— Duanmu Cui knew that while she was talking to Zhanzhao just now, a lot of strange things were pouring out of the fork road between the middle head and the right head, and she didn't pay any attention to them at that time. Now, when she looked closely, besides chiseling teeth and chisels, what she could recognize were all the chisels with human faces and leopard bodies, the double-headed seals of pigs, the soul-sucking sacs, and the mountain shame with human faces and monkey bodies. He murmured, "I'm afraid all the monsters from ancient times have gathered together in this underworld. Zhanzhao, you've opened your eyes this time." Without a word, Zhan Zhao handed his sword to his right hand and asked in a low voice, gold cil machine ,sodium cyanide price, "Why aren't they on?" Duanmu Cui smiled contemptuously: "They all want to go up, and all of them are afraid of others, but you can rest assured that there is always the one who comes out." "So what are you going to do?" "What to do?" Duanmu Cui was stunned, paused and whispered, "I don't know.". It seems that it's not a good thing to have a good heart-if you're still locked up, there may be one less person who will die now. Zhan Zhao answered very quickly: "If you don't know what to do, you should talk less. Alarmist talk will shake the morale of the troops. Remember the thirty army sticks first." Duanmu Cui was stunned at first, then pleased. She looked up and said, "Zhan Zhao, do you have a plan?" When Zhan Zhao saw that her eyes were full of hope, he really couldn't bear to brush her. He bowed his head and attached himself to Duanmu Cui's ear. He lowered his voice and said, "Duanmu, I really can't help it, but I don't want to wait for death. You said that one more point of delay, one more point of hope.". There are monsters on the middle and right sides. If you run to the main road, I'm afraid you'll be caught up soon. Only the left fork road is silent. I have the intention to go here, but I'm afraid it's even more dangerous inside, which will harm you. ” Duanmu Cui said, "If you don't try, you won't be reconciled, will you?" Zhanzhao smiled and nodded. Duanmu Cui heaved a sigh of relief and buried his head in front of Zhanzhao's chest. "Then go," he said with a sigh. "You saved my life. Let me control it.". If there is a greater danger, it is not wrong to open your eyes before you die. Zhanzhao closed his eyes and tightened his arms around her waist. "When they move," he whispered, "I'll rush to the left fork. If there is a fight in the middle, there may be no time to take care of you. Aft hesitating for a moment, he stretch out his hand to untie that belt around Duanmu Cui's waist. The other end went around his waist and tied it up at the beginning. "That's safer," he said. "Is it safer?" Asked Duanmu Cui with a smile? I think those monsters are more happy. They caught one and attached one. Without a word, Zhanzhao clasped the knot to death. Suddenly he whispered, "Duanmu, are you really not afraid at all?" Duanmu Cui did not understand: "What?" "I see you just scared so hard, only for a moment, talking and laughing as usual, really not afraid?"? The wound doesn't hurt? Duanmu Cui was silent for a moment. She turned her head and said in a low voice, "When I was in the war, I was very delicate when I was injured. I cried with pain. Later, I was scolded by Shang Fu. He said, 'On the battlefield, it's common to be injured. It's not unusual to lose an arm or a leg. You're crying here. Who are you crying for?'" I was scolded by him and didn't dare to cry again. Later, more battles were fought, and injuries became a common occurrence. The next moment after the wound was bandaged, the golden drum sounded again. How could I have time to think about whether it would hurt or not? Although I have been a little more delicate in Yingzhou for so many years, these habits still remain. Zhanzhao, if you don't mention it, who will ask me if I'm afraid, who will ask me if it hurts? Zhanzhao made her feel sad. After a while, he said, "This is not a battlefield. Don't hold anything in your heart. Just say it." Duanmu Cui thought about it carefully and frowned. "I'm not afraid," she said. "It really hurts." Finally, he added,gold shaking table, "After I regain my magic power, if I bump into this inferior evil animal, I must call it good-looking!" 。