With a smile, the captain said, "I can see that you have a good relationship.". In fact, a person's life is very short, and it is even more difficult to have one or two intimate friends, especially in today's impetuous society, people are mostly cheating, even friends want to stab you in the back. Seeing Mr. Ye and Mr. Xie like this, I am really happy for you and envious of you. After a pause, the captain went on to say: "According to the scheduled route, if there is no accident, it will arrive in Somali waters this afternoon. At that time, it is very likely to encounter Somali pirates. So, you should be careful. According to what I told you yesterday, don't be impulsive, do you know?"? I have lived most of my life, and I can see that you two are not simple people. However, Somali pirates are not ordinary people, so they should endure or endure. "Isn't there a saying in China that a gentleman can endure what others can't endure?" "Thank the captain for reminding me." Ye Qian said, "We know how to do it, and the captain can rest assured.". However, the captain seems to know a lot about our China,Small Dc Gear Motor, hehe. "When I was young, I went to Huaxia several times and dealt with many Chinese sailors.". Forgive me for saying something I shouldn't say. What do you Chinese have? You are so tolerant that you can hold back even if someone hits you in the face. It's a bit like raising a tiger. Said the captain. With a slight nod, Ye Qian said, "Sometimes it's true, but I believe it will change slowly.". Just like before, the island countries clamored to occupy the fish island, but now? So, Huaxia will become stronger and stronger. Ye Qian naturally would not say that today's island country is no longer the island country of the past, but the world of his wolf teeth. If you say it,brushless gear motor, the captain won't believe it. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter 1573 the arrival of pirates. Every nation has its deep-rooted bad habits. As a Chinese, Ye Qian naturally has a good understanding of some bad qualities of the Chinese nation. Life, can not blindly arrogant, and do not know their own shortcomings. Only when we face up to our own shortcomings, can we truly strive for self-improvement. Today's Huaxia is no longer the former Huaxia, both economic and military have made great progress, but to which step, in fact, there are not many people who really understand it. Ye Qian is slightly aware of some of these people, especially the military power of China, but Ye Qian has done a very deep investigation and research. The ship will arrive in Somali waters today. The captain and crew are obviously nervous. They have worked so hard for so long. If all the cargo is robbed by Somali pirates, it will be a big blow to them. More importantly, they are likely to be responsible for their own lives. As a law-abiding ordinary people, what can they do when they meet the heinous pirates? I can only take one step at a time, Gear Reduction Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, and I hope God will bless me. The four major groups of Somali pirates all have their own ships patrolling back and forth at sea, and once they find a ship, they will certainly go to loot it. Of course, sometimes if you are in a good mood, you may not kill them all and only grab half of the goods. Because they also know very well, put a long line to catch a big fish, if every time is exterminated, no ship can be spared, it is undoubtedly tantamount to cutting off their own way of making money, when the time comes, even if those people are starving to death, they will not risk running the boat. It is because of giving others a trace of luck, so that some people will continue to take risks to run the boat, can continue to provide them with wealth. These pirates are not just some heinous outlaws. As a result of dealing with Angola, Somali pirates have recently settled down a lot in Somali waters. Now, the matter on the Angolan side has been put on hold for the time being, and they have to return to Somali waters. In fact, even without Ye Qian's phone, they were patrolling here early, and the ship could not escape their sight. All morning the captain and crew were on tenterhooks. About to enter Somali waters, they are obviously silent a lot, not as relaxed as before, because they are very clear that once discovered by Somali pirates, it may be a narrow escape from death, they have to be careful ah. At lunch, the captain and the crew did not eat much, and they naturally could not eat because they had too many things on their minds. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon when the ship was about to enter Somali waters. The captain shouted: "Full speed ahead. There must be no stopping along the way." The expression is very grim, as if facing the critical moment of life and death. Indeed, if you meet Somali pirates, it's really a matter of life and death. They just hoped to speed up the passage and maybe avoid the pirates, after all, not every ship would be robbed by them over the years, and occasionally they would get away with it. Ye Qian and Xie Fei shook their heads helplessly. They knew that they would inevitably meet Somali pirates today, but it was not convenient to say it. If Ye Qian told them that he had called the Somali pirates and asked them to come and pick him up, I wonder if the crew would eat themselves alive. Things have developed to this point, Ye Qian also has no other way, when the time comes to keep them as much as possible. Along the way, the captain stayed in the bridge, staring at the front and radar, secretly praying that he would not meet the pirates. Time, minute by minute, unconsciously has been more than three hours, watching after a period of time out of the Somali waters, still no trace of the pirates, the captain of a stone in the heart also gradually put down some. However, until the last moment, he never dared to slack off. Ye Qian was slightly stupefied, a little confused, he had already told Teddy Imbry about his arrival time, he should have sent someone to pick him up? However,micro gear motor, up to now, there is no shadow, is it difficult to have an accident? Or did Teddy Imbrie change his mind. ichgearmotor.com