Without the slightest hesitation, Qiao Lan clicked on the word "blessing" and entered the wedding hall. In the wedding hall, other people were invisible, and there were only some dynamic cartoon characters, gesturing and shouting back and forth. Among them, Tenglong and Feng Qiqi stood in the middle of the hall. As soon as Qiao Lan's characters entered it, they began to see that the small screen in the lower left corner was like crazy, refreshing crazily. The speed of refreshing was not clear at all. They only felt that it was a piece of eye "flower" and "chaos". On the big screen, the smoke "flower" was released one after another, which was simply brilliant to an extreme. Looking at such a situation, Qiao Lan smiled bitterly, and immediately clicked on the way to consume the spirit coins, but the way to consume the spirit coins also made him very depressed, because in the way of consuming the spirit coins, there are three kinds, one is to consume twenty spirit coins, the other is to consume fifty spirit coins. That's only 10 yuan. According to the 150,000 yuan that Ye Tao gave her, that is to say, she should click 15,000 times. Moreover, there is a five-second interval between each "flower" blessing. That is to say, she can only consume 120 yuan a minute. If she wants to consume 150,000 yuan completely, it is really a long journey. But when Qiao Lan began to click on the release of smoke "flower" sign, it was even more depressed, because the previous blessing had not been completed, it was not her turn at all. In fact, not only was she depressed, but even Liu Jian and others who were with Ye Tao were also very depressed. Among them, Liu Jian shouted discontentedly in the lobby of the Internet bar,x60 line pipe, "You all brush slowly and let my whole gift'flower 'come out. This loudspeaker brushes a lot, and a gift'flower' can't come out." "Shit, I want to make one. It must be someone else in the guild who is also brushing." One of them is also discontented to shout, although the horn is easy to brush, but according to the speed of the current surge simply can not see, what is written on it. Ye Tao did not know whether to laugh or cry. "As for you, do you feel unhappy if you don't go out if you have money to spend?" "It's not that I'm unhappy, but that the eldest brother takes care of us a lot. If I don't express it at this time, I'm really a little sorry for my conscience." Liu Jian laughed. That is, this can "spend" a few money, compared to the equipment the boss gave us, it is not worth mentioning. What's more, this'spending 'money is also a contribution to charity, and it should be more or less meaningful. The other man answered. That's up to you. Ye Tao smiled and said that it was undoubtedly his "bridegroom" who was the most relaxed, because he only needed to buy a wedding bag and throw it into the wedding box of the system, and there was nothing to do, x52 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, and the limit number of the wedding bag was 99999999. Ye Tao had nothing to do and wandered to the other side of the "girl" area, looking at the busy crowd laughing, "how to harvest people, how to grab it?" "I'm four." Yang Yuxue said with a little pride. Two of me. Ning Nana smiled. I don't have one. It's too bad luck. Song Jia said dejectedly, not for anything, but for fun. And Tang Qi said with a smile. I used the trumpet to grab three. When Ye Tao heard this, he laughed and said, "Why do you have the nerve to rob it?" "What's wrong with that? I'm old." Why can't I rob my husband's money? When Tang Qi talked about her husband, her little face turned red and her voice dropped. Ye Tao laughed and said nothing. At this time, Yang Yuxue asked curiously, "Ye Tao, how many red envelopes did you get? I watched the speed of brushing the ground without stopping at all." "It's enough for you to brush for a while." Ye Tao smiled slightly. Jade Snow Sweat, according to the blessing on the screen of more than 10 million figures, she knew that the staff is definitely not less than 200,000 or so, and these people have also brushed more than 50 times. At the same time, Liu Jian, who was sitting not far from Ye Tao, felt a pain in his hands and did not brush out a smoke "flower". He stood up very calmly and walked towards the computer made by Ye Tao. He was a little curious about how many red envelopes the president would put in today. When he came to Ye Tao's computer and looked at the long string of numbers displayed in the bag, his eyes were wide open and he wondered if he was wrong. Moments later, he came to his senses, counted it carefully, and was completely shocked. He shouted, "I'm X, boss, is your Xibao number wrong? How can it show more than 29.4 million?" Hearing this, the others were startled, and then they stood up from their chairs, ran to Ye Tao's computer desk, took a look, and all of them were stunned. Although I know that the president will invest a lot this time, but I never thought it would be this number, and everyone does not believe that the above number will show errors, after all, the technology of Tenglong Group Company is there. As for Yang Yuxue and other girls, they also looked at Ye Tao foolishly and were shocked. Yang Yuxue immediately asked in disbelief, "President, you really put so many wedding bags in it." "En," Ye Tao nodded and smiled. "In fact, it's nothing. My parents said before that as long as they do charity, they will strongly support it. Although this is a game, it can make everyone happy and contribute to charity. Why don't I do it?" "Oh," everyone nodded clearly, for Ye Tao's family in the end how rich, they do not know, but at least is a billionaire, this is what they can be sure of. Immediately Yang Yuxue asked in surprise, "Aren't you afraid to stand on the top of the limelight this time?" "I don't think it's a big problem as long as you don't say it." As Ye Tao spoke, he took a faint look at the crowd. As soon as they looked at Ye Tao's eyes, they all understood and promised,347 stainless steel, "President, you can rest assured that I will never tell your true identity." "I'm the president, too." "And me." ……。 lksteelpipe.com