Have to say, people's first sense is very important, if Han Qi is running to intercede for Zuo Yi, then Renzong may feel that the boy really has great talent, even the prime minister to recommend. Yangzhou. Wang Anshi looked at the appointment invitation and hesitated. In history, after he came out to work, he was not in a hurry to go back. Even if he could apply for the opportunity to return to Beijing after working outside for a year, he gave up again and again. He felt that the time was not ripe enough, instead of starting from a small clerk in Bianjing, it was better to benefit the people outside, make a good reputation, accumulate grass-roots experience, and then go to Beijing. If you don't enter, you will become a prime minister. But now Wang Anshi hesitated. He has always had an outline of his career in mind, and he knows what's best for him. But more than a month ago, the so-called youngest county magistrate was put into prison by the emperor in anger, which made Wang Anshi hesitate. The child is too flamboyant and too young, saying that she understands officialdom, but in fact she doesn't. To go or not? Wang Anshi received the invitation, took a look at it, never looked at it again, and put it aside. As usual, I was reading a book, but I didn't turn over a page after all. He took out a brush, spread out a piece of white paper, and began to draw on it carefully. If Zuo Yi were at the scene, he would be ashamed to shoot and say, "Zhai Chang, you are so annoying. Painting people in the middle of the night, first painting the body, then painting the clothes, what's your intention?" And my breasts are so small? Did you see it clearly? Are you sure.. A tree of plum blossoms, under a young man in white, eyebrows and eyes curved. At dawn, Wang Anshi put away his paintings, straightened up his things and went to work in the Yamen. Along the way, everyone turned a blind eye to him as usual. He smiled faintly and said nothing else, but went directly to the officer of the county government. The leader thought he had snubbed Xiao Wang every day, and he was in a bad mood to complain. So he said in all earnestness, "Xiao Wang, young people have to endure loneliness in order to do great things.". You see, if you have a little trifle, you will come to complain in front of the leader. This idea is not acceptable. Wang Anshi stood on one side, waiting for the leader to make a long speech, but he did not refute it until the end, and his attitude was very good. Seeing Wang Anshi's attitude, the leader was satisfied. He took a sip of water, moistened his throat and asked, "What's the matter with Xiao Wang?" Wang Anshi nodded and handed over a letter. The leader opens carelessly, did not care to take a glance, suddenly fell down from the chair, facial recognition thermometer , changed his words and shouted: "Wang, Lord Wang..." Dengfeng County. Zuo Yi is going to find Xiao Shen and talk to him about the design concept of the European royal bedroom in his impression to see if he can get it out. But how to find, can not find people. Finally, Zuo Yi plans to go to the design studio to draw, can come up with a little outline, did not expect to find a sleeping handsome man in a pile of drawing paper. Shen Kuo bent over the table, frowning, restless in his sleep, and the beard on his face seemed to have not been shaved for several days. At first glance, I thought modern artists were wearing here. Zuo Yi originally felt uncomfortable, how to say that something had happened, came back, everyone came to meet themselves, Shen brother unexpectedly did not appear, originally thought that the most important person was the last to appear, but she also looked for a long time did not find anyone else, originally here. Brother Shen, brother Shen. Zuo Yi pushed Shen Kuo, Shen Kuo was shaken awake, confused to see a familiar face to the bone, suddenly like a dream in front of his eyes. He tried to stand up, but he sat too long and his leg cramped. Zuo Yi went to help him, but he couldn't hold him steady. The two men fell on a pile of design drawings. Shen Kuo felt that he was dreaming, but the dream was painful. His back knocked down on the corner of the chair and fell down first. Zuo Yi lay on him and fell down together. Regardless of whether it was a dream or reality and whether his back still hurt, Shen Kuo said hurriedly, "Brother Zuo, you're back. You're really back." Zuo Yi just heard the sound of bone impact and asked anxiously, "Brother Shen, are you all right? Of course I'm back." But this gesture is too ambiguous, Zuo Yi wants to climb up. But he saw Shen Kuo lying on a pile of drawing paper with tears in his eyes. It is pitiful and pitiful for a girl to cry. But the boy cried, but it was painful, Zuo Yi did not know why, Shen Kuo would shed tears, she had never seen Shen Kuo so close, not to mention so close to see him shed tears. It seemed that the tears were not sliding down Shen Kuo's face, but washing down from his own heart, which made Zuo Yi's heart hurt. Brother Shen, I'm back. What's wrong with you? Zuo Yi took a handkerchief to wipe away Shen Kuo's tears, and then he felt that he was not the omnipotent science man in his impression, but more like a melancholy scholar. I have always overlooked that Shen Kuo was born in the Song Dynasty, this era of literati affection, how can not be melancholy. Melancholy is the main theme of the Song Dynasty. Brother Zuo, I'm sorry. I can't help you when you need me. I can't do anything. I don't think I have any value in life. Shen Kuo grabbed Zuo Yi's hand to wipe his tears and said in a hoarse voice. Zuo Yi was stunned by this. Shen Kuo, the great scientist he worshipped, actually said that he was useless and had no value at all. If he felt that he had no value, then who else had value in this society? She felt that she needed to have a good chat with Shen Kuo. Brother Shen, you are wrong. Your value is beyond the reach of all people in the world. I'm sorry. I made you worry. I'll pay attention to it later. Brother Shen, do you know? Your "Dream Creek Notes" will be handed down from generation to generation, no matter hundreds or thousands of years ago, everyone will remember you. Zuo Yi said firmly, this is the truth, she said very smoothly. Shen Kuo thought brother Zuo was comforting him, but seeing that brother Zuo had so much confidence in himself, he was much more cheerful. Originally, Meng Xi Bi Tan was written because brother Zuo began to write it. Brother Zuo meant to let himself finish it well. This is a meaningful thing. Maybe the officialdom can't help brother Left, but if he can really write Meng Xi Bi Tan well, it will be handed down to future generations. Shen Kuo will definitely write, dedicated to Yi Er. hsdtouch.com