The voice of "Pross" resounded through heaven and earth, and its mountain-like body passed through the front of the disciples of the three factions of Tai yuan, Dou Shi and Tai a, and chased after the two sage-kings. At the time of passing, the seven big mouths sprayed and breathed, and the sky was full of poisonous demon power. A large number of immortal disciples screamed, and their whole bodies were green. Both their bodies and True Qi were poisoned, and they rained down from the air. Whew! Pross sprayed a few more mouthfuls, and the front of the three factions, Tai yuan, Dou Shi, and Tai a, was torn to pieces like paper in an instant. A large number of Xiandao disciples died of poisoning. Whether it is the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, or the eighth and the ninth Qi refiners, they all died of poisoning in front of the "ancient Xiangliu" incarnated by "Pross". Even Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang could not stop them, let alone them. Boom! "Pross" in the spray thin poison at the same time, the body a shock, a large number of Xiandao disciples were immediately torn to pieces by it. In a short period of time, "Pross" killed more disciples of the three factions than Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang had killed before. Most of them were poisoned. That's awesome! Ancient Xiangliu is so horrible! Camilla's voice suddenly sounded in her ears. As soon as the wind blows, the blood-sucking queen appeared beside Lin Xi. Just that white and beautiful face, looking at the huge willow in the void, can not help but a pale. All the demon clans have stopped killing, not only human beings, but also the demon clans dare not approach the poisonous zone created by "Pross". Jie Jie, no matter how fierce Xiangliu is, he is not as fierce as his master. Had it not been for the master's collision, this Pross would have been killed by the people of the Taiyuan Palace before he had completed his transformation. The hell dragon lost no time in flattering. It crossed an arc in the void and appeared on the other side of Lin Xi. Heh! Flatterer, you're telling the truth this time. Camilla laughed when she heard this. The transformation of "Pross" into "Ancient Xiangliu" is really powerful, but the transformation time is too long. This is a fatal weakness on the battlefield. Had it not been for Lin Xi's wonderful grasp of the timing, just after several "demon lords", the body of "Pross" was knocked out, I'm afraid by this time, "Pross" was already a dead man, not to mention killing all sides now. Hearing the voices of Motu and Camilla, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Lin Xi just smiled indifferently and shook his head, not taking it seriously. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 395 the identity of Li Gantian. Lin Xi knew in his heart that he could save the transformation stage of "Pross" from Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang, not how powerful he was! In fact, Lin Xi's strength, even several "demon clan lords" can not compare, let alone Yang Xuanhuang this top strong. Under normal circumstances, this level of combat, he is not even qualified to intervene. However, everyone's actions are always influenced by their own cognition and environment. To solve the "Pross" crisis, we do not need to have stronger strength than Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang. What we need is only wisdom and calmness. "Pross" is in the transformation stage, and his body can't move. What Lin Xi needed was just a slight bump to knock him away. Any "demon Lord" can do this. It's just that they are limited by circumstances and situations. Think that only block Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang, did not look at the overall situation, a clear understanding of this point. They are all our own people. There is no need to say these words. We are now on the side of the plane demon clan here, one is prosperous and all are prosperous, one is damaged and all are prosperous. However, the strength of Pross is really surprising. It seems that we don't have to go. Lin Xi said through the soul seal. Lin Xi's original plan was to create chaos and escape at the right time. But the power of "Pross" is simply a mess. Unexpectedly with one person, defeated Yang Xuanhuang, Li Honghuang, plus all the immortal disciples, almost with one person's strength, defeated the immortal army in the whole plane! "Withdraw!"! Get out of here! Everybody out! Get out of here! ——” Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang are two powerful sage-kings. Heartbreak, resounding through the sky. After a battle, although it was not immediately defeated, it was also suppressed by "Pross" without any backhand power. Both of them had a green poisoning color all over their bodies, and even the fairy gas that came out had a highly toxic taste, and their strength was severely weakened. Damn it, damn it! I can't. Untouchable! What a wimp! "The poison is so strong that the immortal spirit can't be suppressed. We have to leave quickly!" ………… Yang Xuanhuang and Li Honghuang were angry. There was a deep unwillingness on his face. This damn demon clan! My Dao Guo is poisoned. Get back! "Everybody go!"! Don't look back, retreat at full speed! Two people are afraid again. Anger again. Even the top of the head "Dao Guo" is showing the color of poisoning, "Pross" poisonous evil spirit, has been horrible to the point of incredible, both feel that they can not hold out too long. Whoa! All the disciples of the Tai yuan Palace collapsed completely and retreated. Disciples of the three factions were constantly attacked by poison gas, poisoned to death, and fell from the air. Swish! Li Honghuang suddenly swept down the sky, and soon picked up a figure from the mountains below. Run away quickly. It's Li Gantian! Lin Xi has been concerned about the battlefield, see Li Honghuang action, immediately identified the body of Li Gantian. He used a trick to "lure the enemy deep", gathered the help of other strong demons, and cheated "Li Gantian". However. At that time, the situation was urgent, in order to save "Pross", Lin Xi did not care to check whether "Li Gantian" was dead. " He should be dead. The scene of the last act passed through Lin Xi's mind,Agate Slabs Countertops, and he could insert it through the eyes of "Li Gantian" with his "sword". The brain is a deadly place, and Li Gantian has no reason to be alive. Kill! ——” He saw that the disciples of Tai yuan, Dou Shi and Tai a were defeated. The demon clan army around immediately reacted and rushed over to kill the defeated disciples of Xiandao. Stop chasing! 。