"I think in these two days, that belly is very big." Gui sister-in-law is a little worried, these days get along, she also likes Jiang Ruan. Jiang Ruan has a gentle disposition. He treats people with courtesy and thoughtfulness. People are still born beautiful. There are not so many high family rules here. People's temperament is also very simple. Gui's sister-in-law also loves Jiang Ruan as her daughter. At this moment, she can't help worrying about her: "I don't know whether it's good or not to have such a big belly." "I think Lady Ruan's body is still a little weak." "I'm afraid it won't be so easy this time," said Mrs. Wang. "How can it not be empty?" A young daughter-in-law said, "I have suffered so much in the past, and I was chased by my husband when I was pregnant. I'm afraid my body has long been empty. Oh, it's very pitiful. Naturally, this is to scold Jiang Ruan's husband. All the women present hate such a fickle man in their hearts. The young men present also want to beat up the ungrateful man. How can they be willing to hurt such a kind and beautiful girl. Liu Mengmeng is the daughter of Master Liu in the village. She is only 14 or 15 years old this year. Master Liu is the most learned person in the village. Naturally, Liu Mengmeng is also the most talented girl in this village. She was born with Yuxue lovely. Before Jiang Ruan did not come, she was the most beautiful girl in this village. But after Jiang Ruan came, the young men in the village who had liked to court her turned to Jiang Ruan one after another, and Liu Mengmeng was naturally full of anger. She also came today, following Aunt Liu. At a glance, Liu Mengmeng saw the two Dashan brothers sitting nervously at the door of Mrs. Gui's house. When Dashan saw Jiang Ruan about to give birth to a child today, he was also petrified. Seeing Jiang Ruan's pain was so severe that his heart was so uncomfortable that he wished he could take her place. At first, I thought it would be born at night, but in the end, it was not born, and Dashan's heart was hanging in his stomach. He didn't know what to do,tin beneficiation plant, so he had to sit in the doorway with the young men who loved Jiang Ruan. Dashan, "Liu Mengmeng walked up to him and took out a paper bag from his bosom and handed it to him." I brought the camellia cake from home. You've been sitting here for half the night. Eat something. " All the young men around turned to look at her, and Liu Mengmeng was stared at with a red face. The whole village knew that Liu Mengmeng was very good to Dashan, just because once Liu Mengmeng met a leopard when he was digging herbs with his little sisters in the mountains. It was when Dashan was hunting that he met her and saved her life. The little girl always worships the hero, the mountain is also a handsome son Lang, will naturally win the favor of Liu Mengmeng, but Liu Mengmeng is also shaving a hot burden, the mountain does not seem to care about these. Sure enough,coltan ore processing, this time the mountain did not pay attention, but the result of the paper wrapped camellia cake laughed: "Nothing, I am not hungry.". Xiaoshan, you haven't eaten for half a night. Eat something. The hill was really hungry, so he took it over, took out the camellia cake and ate a big mouthful. He also said to Liu Meng, "It's really delicious. Thank you." The young man around then coaxed a laugh, also do not know is laughing at the mountains do not understand the amorous feelings, or laugh at Liu Meng Meng's good intentions in vain. Liu Mengmeng stamped his feet angrily, turned his head and ran away angrily. Dashan was very puzzled, but was seen in the eyes of one side of the Gui sister-in-law, can not help but sigh. Liu Meng Meng is a good girl, but his son's mind is naturally very clear, the mountain is clearly in love with Jiang Ruan. Indeed, Jiang Ruan such a girl where someone can not love, Portable gold trommel ,magnetic separator machine, even she would like to Jiang Ruan when their own daughter, the mountain likes Jiang Ruan, if you want to marry Jiang Ruan Gui sister-in-law is no opinion, but she is also a woman, see clearly, Chiang Ruan to the mountain but no affection, let alone other. Dashan's tenderness is doomed to go down the drain, but. Gui sister-in-law thought again that Jiang Ruan had been hurt so much that he would naturally become no longer easy to believe in men. A long time to see people's hearts, perhaps a long time, Jiang Ruan may change his mind, in short, take one step at a time. Time passed in the anxious waiting of the whole village, and until the afternoon of the second day, there was no big problem. The people in the village were all separated. When Jiang Ruan woke up, he felt very sorry and made everyone so busy. But Mrs. Gui comforted her and said, "It's important to give birth to a child. It's not a busy time. You've worked hard too.". But the child in this belly is very naughty, so tease mother to play, about a boy. Jiang Ruan also laughed. Said the other side, Xiao Shao with his trusted followers are non-stop to come here, a day and a night, his men are tired to death several horses, but also did not shout a bitter tired, because Xiao Shao is simply determined not to rest. Jiang Xinzhi is also the same, Qi Feng wanted to persuade a few words, but also can understand the mood of two people, and found the news of Jiang Ruan, naturally is good. The owner of the pawnshop where Jiang Ruan's jewelry was circulated recalled that it was a half-grown boy dressed as a mountain hunter who came to pawn things that day, and it was still a live pawn. It can only be said that the owner of the jewelry is still alive, perhaps the young man wants to redeem the owner of the jewelry in the future, perhaps this is the acquiescence or even initiative signal of the owner of jewelry. Along the way, the Royal Guards inquired about the news, and finally learned that there was a place to escape from the world through many inside stories. This place is really hard to find, at the beginning everyone thought Jiang Ruan was no longer alive, only Xiao Shao still insisted on inquiring about Jiang Ruan's news, but now there is a little hope, how can he give up? When they got to the edge of the cliff, there was no way out, but they heard that they were going to get off the cliff. There was only rattan outside. His men followed Xiao Shao to turn over and dismount, leaving a few people here. Xiao Shao and Jiang Xinzhi opened the way. They were highly skilled in martial arts and took the lead in going down. Soon, Qi Feng followed them. Wait for a few people to settle down, but found that from a cluster of mountains, simply can not tell where it is, continuous. Qi Feng sighed, "No wonder others can't find it. If you want to find a village in such a hidden place, I'm afraid there's no one to lead the way. You'll only get lost and die in it." "Even if you're trapped, you have to find it." "Look separately," said Xiao Shao. "Wait a minute,gold CIP machine," Jiang Xinzhi suddenly stretched out his hand and said, "Look, who is that?" 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com