"I know." Tang Wanyi took the check. Thank him for me. Also, remember to take control of your own life and love. "Well, thank you. Goodbye." Tang Wanyi finally smiled. Goodbye Looking at the back of Tang Wanyi's departure, Guan Zhenfeng can finally understand when love comes. Anyone can not resist the marriage, Tang Wanyi is no longer lingering in the Guan family. Although she and he were happy and satisfied together, and they were so compatible during their cooperation, their relationship was only a comrade-in-arms. It was she who did not abide by the rules of the game, and unintentionally pretended to be really proud, so that she fell into a dead end. Now that the task has been accomplished, if she refuses to leave and waits for him to drive people away, won't her position be awkward? Chen Jie, who was waiting outside the door, had already made several phone calls to urge her. Gu Weifen, carrying her luggage, gently left his bedroom. Her luggage was extremely light, but her mood was extremely stuffy and her footsteps were heavy. After the courtyard, a red car has been waiting outside the gate for a long time. Your sister-in-law secretly helped her open the door of Guan Jiasu's house and comforted her with a sad expression. Miss Weifen, do you really not wait for the young master to come back? "No." She pulled up a strong smile and did not want to add to the sadness of parting. But how can I explain to the old lady tomorrow? And the first lady,rapid sand filters, the second lady. "It's all right. Just tell them I'm going abroad." This fake girlfriend's play has come to a successful conclusion, however, Guan Zhenfeng is an indelible true lover in her heart. She couldn't fool herself. What about the young master? He won't let you go. Your sister-in-law is always worried that she can't explain to the Guan family. After all, her appearance, it is not easy to let the Guan family restore harmony. Young master found the treasure of the town, how can she easily leave? "It is my mission to serve the insured, and I will keep in touch with him." The cell phone rang again. It must be Sister Chen urging her again. Sister-in-law,Mechanical fine screen, I have to go! "Who allowed you to go?" It's his voice? Nope! It can't be him! She must be missing him so much that she's hearing voices. Under the dim light, she approached the car and bowed down to apologize to the person in the driver's seat: "Sister Chen, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." "Sister Chen has been waiting for you for so long that I asked the driver to take her home first." The person who answered her was not Sister Chen, but the man she was thinking about day and night. You Didn't you go to Taipei on business? "After I received a tip-off from your sister-in-law, I came back by cargo plane overnight in order to intercept you." In the darkness, his expression was hard to distinguish, but his voice was no longer cold, only overbearing tenderness. Your sister-in-law? Gu Weifen looked at your sister-in-law with a puzzled expression. I'm sorry, Miss Weifen, since you told me in the evening that your partnership with the young master was over, you asked me to cover your escape. I've been so nervous, so. I'll talk to the young master. I see. After all, fine bubble diffuser ,disc air diffuser, your sister-in-law is his wet nurse. If she wants to run away, of course she has to ask the young master for instructions before she can feel at ease. Don't blame her. "I don't blame her, but I don't understand why you want to intercept me." He got out of the car and ordered your sister-in-law, "Sister-in-law, take her luggage back to her room first." Your sister-in-law nodded obediently, quickly took Gu Weifen's luggage, and returned to the house. But Gu Weifen was confused. Do I need to alert the whole family and ask them to come forward to keep you? In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, except for your sister-in-law, she did not let the woman of the Guan family know that she was a fake girlfriend he had found. Our partnership is over, isn't it? "Yes, your mission is accomplished, you are no longer my fake girlfriend, and our partnership is over." "Is it wrong for me to go now?" Did he have to embarrass her so much? Gu Weifen's nose and eyes are sour and hot, and her armed strength is about to collapse. Guan Zhenfeng came forward and hugged her tightly. For a long time, he whispered in her ear: "I want to make an appointment for the rest of your life, continue to recruit your professional and wisdom, and maintain a close comrade-in-arms relationship with you all my life." Make an appointment for the rest of my life? As long as I sign up with the insured, it is my responsibility to serve them for life. "Why are you acting so stupid now that you just said you were wise?" He embarrassed her. In front of him, she always felt that she was out of order. "I'm really stupid. In your mind, I'm like a spare battery, always waiting for you to use it when you need it." Gu Weifen analyzed his desire to retain her. He cupped her face lovingly and kissed her. In my heart, you are not just a fake lover, your every move pulls my every nerve. Let me fall in love without knowing it. Gu Weifen was stunned and her tears could not stop sliding down. When did I attract an outstanding entrepreneur. How could I not know myself? Guan Zhenfeng wiped the tears from her cheeks, hugged her into Guan's house, locked the door, set up security, tightened her slender waist with iron arms, and led her step by step into the room. When did you begin to fall in love with her. When I first saw you. It's your sense of justice and your unyielding personality that attracts me. "Anything else?" She wanted to know her weight in his heart. The second time I saw you, your action and ambition attracted my attention. "Gu Wei-fen sniffed, and she clanged her mouth unconvinced, giving him a nod." Why do all your compliments sound like insults? Opening the door, he smiled. I appreciate a woman with ideas, wisdom, charm and action. Entering the room, he locked the door. She was locked in his arms, her heart leaping with joy and her heart overflowing with happiness. Why don't I think I have the advantages you said? She decided to punish him for his delay in saying anything. Fake girlfriend's execution is beyond my imagination. Stubborn grandma, won over by your concern; money-minded aunt, won over by your professional financial management ability; gentle and graceful Tang Wanyi, inspired by your fighting spirit, finally decided to concede.. "Wait a minute!" Gu Weifen rushed to say, "the first two elders,Belt Filter Press, I reluctantly accept your praise, but the latter Miss Tang, I did not let her arouse fighting spirit ah!"! How do you know she has given in when she is only temporarily out of action? 。 khnwatertreatment.com