On his neck, there was a deep ligature mark, bright red, to drip blood in general, Su Xiaoman immediately realized how his nails were broken, just when the two men fell apart, what was on his neck was pulled off by himself? "What are you wearing?" He asked. "A piece of jade." Does it matter? Su Xiaoman asked, already getting up to look for it. No matter from his dress or manner, this man has a lot of background, and the things he wears are worth a lot of money, needless to say. Huang Chengan is still confused: "What are you looking for?" "Your jade." Huang Chengan also got up to look for it and said, "I have a lot of things to look for." "Hm?" Huang Chengan Liang Liang fan, pointing to the waist, as well as the hands of the jade wrench, Su Xiaoman continued to look for: "What kind of things?"? With what string? "A silver chain is a piece of jade." Asked also asked in vain, this fellow can't describe! Su Xiaoman gave up the inquiry and continued to search. But this is a field, the wheat has grown knee-high, want to find a piece of green "jade" from the wheat bushes, do not know what it looks like, it really needs patience. After a while, Huang Chengan became anxious: "I have a lot!" Su Xiaoman looked at him and said, "It may be very valuable. It may be your heirloom or something." Huang Chengan just ignored her: "I am so tired that I want to sleep." He pointed to Su Xiaoman's clothes again: "You are so dirty." Yes,Inflatable mechanical bull, just now I fell to the ground, covered with mud, and turned over the wheat field for a long time. Su Xiaoman looked at himself and then looked at the sky. Also decided to give up: "OK, let's go back to town to find a good place to rest." Huang Chengan was about to cheer. Back in town, Su Xiaoman found the best inn, intending to let himself have a good sleep, and then forget all the unpleasant things, quickly cleaned himself up, changed his clothes,inflatable bounce house with slide, Huang Chengan had begun to cry hungry, she hurriedly opened the door and went to dinner with him. There is a restaurant on the second floor, which is separated by a screen. It is very elegant. Su Xiaoman ordered a dish and listened to Huang Chengan without a word. Suddenly, a familiar voice burst into my ears, "I admire Mr. Hua's capacity for liquor!" Mo, Mo Li?! Is he drinking here, too? Before I could make sure, I had already changed someone to say, "You are convinced, but I may not admire you.". Follow the rules here and get him down in twos and threes. Who said that? What rules? Put me down? "Don't believe it?"? Be careful to suffer losses! "If you want to put me down, you can join in!" What a big breath! Su Xiaoman couldn't help but stand up. In a room separated by a landscape painting screen diagonally opposite, a gentle and handsome young man in white raised a horn cup and said, "What rules?" His long black hair was tied with a silver crown, and a huge pearl was lifted in front of it. Longan big pearl is really rare, but this white childe wearing, Inflatable meltdown ,inflatable amusement park, but only show elegant, not noble, so the table is full of people, only his beautiful clothes and crowns, but everyone can eat wine and laugh with him, let him into the hall. It was a man in purple who was sitting in the south. He did not speak. He raised his glass and asked, "Who's coming with me?" "Follow me," "follow me," "count me in," and "more!" The man in purple threw back his neck. After drinking the wine, he pinched the cup in his hand. Everyone drank it too. Then they handed the cup to the man in purple. Mo Li, who was sitting on the west side, could only look at half of his face, but his expression seemed to be smiling, as if the young man in white was going to suffer a great loss. Sure enough, the man in purple had six cups in one hand and a pot in the other, and as soon as he changed hands, he handed them all to the young man in white. The young man in white was dumbfounded: "No." Let me drink it all? The man in purple nodded. The young man in white looked as if you'd let me die. "No," he cried, "each of you has a cup, but I have to drink six cups?!" The man in purple wanted to smile: "They will come with me and drink to you.". ” The young man in white was angular but thin and handsome, like a person who would only appear in a dream. But when he opened his mouth, there was not a trace of Wen Qi coming out. Su Xiaoman felt sorry for his good appearance. He shouted exaggeratedly: "God, you are shameless!"! Say as you where the rules, there will not be such a whole person's drinking rules, right? Are you working together to deal with me? The man in purple brought the wine straight to his face and laughed, "a word spoken by a gentleman cannot be recalled.." Do you want to be shameless? The young man in white made a "stop" gesture, "Don't, say where the rules are first!" The man in purple smiled and said, "It's local.". Or do you go out and ask and come back for a drink? The young man in white obviously did not believe him and stared at him for a while, but apparently he did not see a flaw in the face of the man in purple, so he had to take it with a bitter face and drink it up helplessly. Mo Li smiled and poured himself a glass of wine. "Who's with me?" He said deliberately. "Wait a minute!" Cried the young man in white. Everyone looked at him, and the young man in white grabbed Mo Li's cup. "If anyone wants to come again, I'll jump down!" As he spoke, he turned over and sat on the window. There was nothing graceful about it, but he was so good-looking that even if he did it, it would not be an eyesore. "All right," said the man in purple, "come down. There are so many rules about drinking that you can't have heard them all. If you really talk big, you will lose your tongue. The young man in white breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that they were no longer pursuing the matter. He came down and deliberately made a gesture of wiping his sweat. He fanned the wind with his sleeve and said, "Well, if I can drink a bucket, I'll be killed by you.." The man in purple began to examine: "So, are you ready to confess?"? Come on, Miss Su, why don't you marry her? Unconvinced, the young man in white turned to Mo Li and said, "Then why don't you marry my good sister?" Su Xiaoman heard a shock here: "Is this the reason?!"! The sister of the man in white? Just look at the face of the man in white, his sister is also a peerless beauty, not to mention her life experience. Slowly and accidentally stuck. Under the sweat.. Plus the busy work,Jumping castle with slide, the bottleneck for a few days. I'm sorry. This time, slowly ensure the speed of recovery updates! One watch every day! If not more, at least let everyone see the leave note and the reason. joyshineinflatables.com