"Don't be nervous. I'm just going to park the car that was randomly parked in front of the door downstairs." Kwee smiled faintly, looked at her relieved appearance, and couldn't help but make fun of her. He bent down closer to her and asked in a low voice, "So you want me to sleep here?" "No, no, I'm not!" As soon as Maisin was in a hurry, he began to stammer. "I'm afraid it's not safe for you to go back in such a heavy rain!" "Well, thank you for taking me in." He chuckled and teased her no more. Mai Xin gloomily stared at him and went out laughing. Just then, her cell phone shook. She took it out and saw that it was actually sent by Ye Qin. Kiss one: Hello, Mai Xiaoxin! You have brought a man into the hall! Maisin:.. How do you know that? Slowly told me, ah, she said in the group that in order not to disturb the good things of the boss, she had to move places and so on. Maxine:? Do you have a group? Qinyi: Yes. Maxine: I'm going in. First kiss: No. Don't be crooked. What's going on with you and Kwee? Confused by the question, Maisin replied, "What went well?"? Kiss one: Nonsense ah you, of course, is your boyfriend good to use, cough,outdoor whirlpool tub, that, how is the skill in bed? Staying power or something, does that satisfy you? Maisin:.. Ye Qin, when she was shy, continued to send a message asking: "Tell me, alas, my Mai Xiaoxin has grown up unconsciously. Let's share our experiences!"! Maxine didn't know how to explain to her that he didn't know,China spa factory, and that day at his house, he really saw his endurance. Her hands are still sore in the back. But how can she say that? She won't say it anyway. The scene came to her mind involuntarily, and her whole temperature began to rise again. Just then Kwee came back from the outside and saw her sitting on the sofa with a red face and biting her lip angrily. She couldn't help asking doubtfully, "What's wrong?" "Nothing!" I blame this man for letting her do such a shameful thing. Maxine jumped up, glared at him and said, "I'm going to take a shower. Do whatever you want!" Kwee, who was left standing in the same place, was a little confused. It was fine just now, and I was angry when I said I was angry. His little friend is still a woman. Well, a woman's mind is hard to fathom. Maxine went in to take a shower, and as a result, she left her cell phone on the sofa, and news kept coming in. Kwee didn't mean to look at her phone, endless swimming pool ,hot tub spa manufacturers, but the message that popped up on the lit screen was so obvious that he could see what was on it at a glance. Dear one: Is your Kwee's work good or not? Kiss one: Ah! Come on, I'm worried to death. Dear one: As I said last time, professional players are all fast shooters. I'm afraid it's not true, is it? My sister Mai, I am worried about your future life. ……” I don't know how good his temper is, but he actually finished it. The veins on Kwee's forehead jumped. He pulled the corners of his mouth and laughed instead of being angry. Kiss one, Ye Qinyi, right? The last account hasn't been settled yet, and it's not over yet? Maxine came out of the bathroom with a hot shower and saw Kwee leaning against the wall outside the bathroom, looking at her with dark eyes. With an inexplicable shiver, she asked, "What's wrong?" Kwee didn't answer her. Between the breath, is her body unbridled body fragrance and the smell of shower gel, mixed with the clean smell of water, all-pervasive in all his perceptions. Her taste, rather than exaggerating that it was like an orchid and a musk deer, had long been an addiction to him. An addiction that, once touched, will last a lifetime. Mai Mai, "he smiled and looked at her seriously.". "Hm?" "Your friend seems to doubt my personal ability?" "Do I have to prove myself so that you have enough courage to tell her that your boyfriend is doing a good job?" Kwee continued, squinting at her natural, unresponsive expression. The author has something to say: trapped to death.. I'll go to bed first. If you have any comments, I'll see it tomorrow. Thank you in advance for catching worms. Chapter 89 discusses the problem. Fingers painted with crimson nail polish hooked the slender handle of the coffee cup, and their owner put the cup to his mouth and took a sip, but his elegant light vermilion lips drew a cold smile. Tian Xiali looked at the ex-husband sitting opposite him and laughed sarcastically: "I think we have nothing to say, right?" Her indifferent reaction made it difficult for Mazur to open his mouth. He sighed deeply and said guiltily, "I really didn't know when Mom and Dad forced you so much." They're sorry now, too. Can we have a meal together if we can? It makes sense. Mom and Dad should apologize to you. After the quarrel in the afternoon, he immediately called his home in Hong Kong to verify with the two elders, who frankly admitted the matter. Maizhe was angry and heartache for a while, and there was still some regret in his heart. If he had paid more attention to Tian Xiali's mood, would he have found her strange? Tian Xiali almost couldn't help laughing out loud, "Oh, apologize?"? I can't afford it. This man, after ten years, has not made any progress at all. Is he naive or cowardly? It's really sad to say. Ali.. Mazur frowned and said helplessly, "You have really changed a lot.". Don't be angry. It was my fault that I didn't adjust the contradiction between you. Now let's take it easy and sit down and have a meal together. I don't want Mai Mai to be embarrassed in the future. "She doesn't need to be embarrassed about this when she goes back to the United States with me!"! Mazur, you are so naive! She was so angry that she laughed back and said mercilessly, "I don't care whether I break my face or maintain a superficial friendship with you. As for your parents apologizing to me, I don't care!"! Why do you think I got divorced? "Mom and Dad didn't force you." "Before that, I've had enough!" In his stunned eyes, think of the past,outdoor spa manufacturers, even if already feel do not care, Tian Xiali's fundus, or flash a trace of pain. monalisa.com