Everyone looks like a Rin. He said in a deep voice, "The so-called mandala array is said to have been transformed by the eight sons of Brahma.". Those who enter this array will fall into reincarnation forever. They will live and die in the array, and will be robbed endlessly. The people of the four kingdoms we have seen are all people who have been imprisoned in the array for thousands of years. They have lived in this array for generations. They have forgotten everything in the past. They only follow the hints of the leader of the array and form different faces, personalities and customs. They multiply from generation to generation, completely unaware that they are surrounded by illusions. Xiao Yan frowned and said, "According to Mr. Zhuo, if we can't break the hinge of this battle array, we'll end up like these people." "Exactly," said Zhuo Wangsun. "Where is the pivot of this array?" Asked Xiao Yan. With a smile on his face, Zhuo Wangsun said slowly, "Eight Bitter Truths." As soon as the divine light in Xiao Yan's eyes moved, he said, "Are you saying that everything we have experienced since we joined the battle has come from the eight sufferings of the Buddhists?" "Your Highness is right," said Zhuo Wangsun with a smile. Little Yan Ruo realized something and said with a straight face, "The Buddhists say that birth, old age, illness, death, hatred and hatred, love and separation, inability to seek,Fish measuring board, and the five aggregates are the eight sufferings of life. No mortal can transcend them.". As far as we have seen in the battle, there is no country for life, happy to give up for old age, Xu for illness, mayfly for death, all of which are representative of the great achievements of the world. We've come all the way, just in time to experience it. "Not only that," said Zhuo Wangsun. Every time a new array is triggered,fish measuring tape, it is because of our own feelings that can not be detached. And every time we get rid of it, the greater the disaster we experience. When the eight sufferings are completely experienced, that is the day when our nature is lost and we fall into the mandala forever. And just now, the final plunder has been put into operation! Everyone's expressions changed. Bu Xiaoluan looked at his fingers and shook his head. "No," he said. "Happy to give up," he said. "Mayflies.. "No, we have only experienced four kinds, how can the final array start to work?" "The first four disasters are the sufferings of external forces," said Zhuo Wangsun. "They can also be ended by external forces. So we dabble in it by accident, but we get out of it. The latter four disasters are the demons of the heart. Apart from their own strength, all martial arts, wit, and planning are useless. What is more dangerous is that it starts without warning, and there is no actual person or country attached to it. It suddenly strikes, Surveyors tape measure ,cattle weight tape, and we almost all fall into it. Bu Xiaoluan was puzzled and said, "Are you saying that the four kinds of suffering behind you have already started?"? Why didn't I see it? Xiao Yan nodded and said, "Indeed.". Just after the mandala held the lovesickness girl hostage, he deliberately spoke to provoke each other, respectively, to arouse the bitterness of the meeting of resentment and hatred of Purple Stone Ji, and.. He hesitated for a moment and finally changed his tune: "Mr. Zhuo's love for the pain of separation..." Before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Bu Xiaoluan shaking his head. "I really don't understand. What does Wu Yunsheng mean?" Xiao Yan was not angry either. He replied with a smile, "The so-called suffering of the Five Yun Sheng is the synthesis of the previous seven sufferings.". When the weakness in each of our hearts is aroused and all the sufferings are gathered, the suffering of the Five Yun Sheng will be realized. At the end of the eight hardships, the last plunder followed. Had it not been for Mr. Zhuo's forcible stop, we would have fallen into the plunder. And among us, the purple stone is the shallowest, so the demons are the heaviest. Leader Yang and I had our own secrets in our hearts, so we were touched. But Miss Luan had nothing left in her heart, so she suffered the least. There was a proud smile on Bu Xiaoluan's face, as if he had suddenly remembered something: "But." My sister was captured by Datura. Why don't you save her? "No need," said Zhuo Wangsun with a faint smile. "Why?" Asked Bu Xiaoluan doubtfully. Zhuo Wang Sun patted her on the head and said with a smile, "Because Datura didn't run away at all.". She must be listening to us nearby. "Huh?" Bu Xiaoluan exclaimed. Look around hurriedly. Xiao Yan and Yang Yizhi also moved. Yang Yizhi looked at Zhuo Wang Sun and wanted to say something, but after all, he felt inconvenient to open his mouth and turned his back. "What does Mr. Zhuo mean?" Asked Xiao Yan. Zhuo Wangsun said with a smile, "If she takes a step, she will fall into this array.". ” Bu Xiaoluan tugged at his sleeve and said, "Why?" Zhuo Wang Sun hugged her a little tighter and said slowly, "The mystery of the mandala array lies in the fact that anyone who has feelings in it will be confused by it.". The reason why Datura can come and go freely is that the Lord planted a seal on her in advance, which can isolate all love. This time, however, we took the lead, caught Firefox, and trapped her in the battle. Although she played the trick and took the opportunity to induce the demons in our hearts to escape by light, this last move, after all, was done in a hurry. Although she arouses our two bitter truths of "hatred and hatred" and "love and separation", she lacks the suffering of "not being able to seek". And since we entered the battle, every move has been under the surveillance of the leader of the battle. How could the mandala fail this time? Xiao Yan frowned and said, "As you can see, it was the leader of the formation who caused us to suffer and finally forced us to enter the realm of Wu Yun Sheng." "Yes," said Zhuo Wangsun. But the host of this "unattainable" suffering is not us, but Datura herself. Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment and said, "Are you saying that the leader of the formation would rather give up the mandala in order to start the suffering of Wu Yun Sheng, thus unconsciously unlocking the seal on her body?" Zhuo Wang Sun nodded and said, "Actually, although the leader of the array has unlocked the seal, it would not have been triggered if the mandala had not had the idea that he could not get it.". As soon as we stepped into the mandala, she proposed to treat Xiao Luan in exchange for lovesickness, that is to say, she wanted to take lovesickness away,Walking measuring wheel, which was what she wanted. It seems that the leader of the array has already understood the idea of Datura. "However," said Xiao Yan, "Datura has never had any contact with Miss Lovesickness. Where did this desire for'seeking 'and'not being able to' come from?" 。 tapemeasure.net