As soon as the Japanese airport guard troops saw the Chinese troops coming to attack in a big way, they asked the 101st Division in the city for help while resisting desperately. Battle sirens were also sounded at the airport, and the pilots rushed to the tarmac. Soon the airport was full of motors, and the Japanese plane was ready for an emergency take-off. As soon as Wang Kejun saw that the Japanese plane was about to slip away, he was in a hurry and ordered the charge bugle to be sounded. The entire brigade, from brigade commander to brigade commander, rushed into the airport and blew up the enemy plane. After all, the guard troops of the little devils were limited in number, and their forces were scattered in the positions around the airport. The firepower of each position was thin, and they were suddenly attacked without warning, and they were caught off guard. What's more, the 101st Division of the Japanese Army itself is a fourth-rate unit. The soldiers are all reservists in their thirties. They are the first to spoil the common people. However, there is a gap between the will to fight and the garrison divisions, and there is no way to compare with the permanent divisions. Seeing that the Chinese troops were about to break through the position, they had to retreat while fighting, and the position was broken through by the 78th Brigade. When the 78th Brigade rushed into the airport, most of the Japanese planes had already taken off, leaving only three Japanese planes that had no time to take off. The brothers pounced on them, brandishing rifle butts and grenades. When Wang Kejun saw the capture of the Japanese airport, he immediately sent the 155th regiment to capture the bus station, and the rest of the troops rushed to build fortifications to prepare for the Japanese counterattack. The 78th Brigade really caught the Japanese off guard, because during the day Zeng Jiachu led the 5th Division to attack fiercely for a while, pressing all the small devils outside the city into the city,facial recognization camera, and was finally repelled by the small devils. The Japanese thought that the Chinese troops were going to fight due east of the city, but the 78th Brigade turned to the airport and the station and opened fire. When the 78th Brigade captured the bus terminal, it was already dawn. Lieutenant General Saito Yaheita, commander of the 101st Division, was furious after receiving the report that the airport and the bus terminal were lost. He immediately ordered Chief of Staff Guowu Sanqianxiong Daisuke to command the main force of the division, the 101st Brigade, the 101st Regiment of Field Artillery, and the reinforced Marines to meet the Chinese troops and to wipe out all the Chinese troops attacking the city. The Japanese army not only had a regiment of field artillery, but also regiments and battalions of infantry artillery and rapid-fire artillery,outdoor digital signage displays, and squadrons and squads had grenade launchers, which were much more powerful than the 78th Brigade. With the arrival of Japanese bomber squadrons to reinforce, for a time, the airport, the bus terminal, and even the positions of the Fifth Division in the direction of the East Gate were frantically shelled and bombed. Then, under the guidance of tanks and armored vehicles, the Japanese infantry began a large-scale counterattack, focusing on the airport and railway station captured by the 78th Brigade. Wang Kejun's task was to attack the city of Nanchang, so he sent a message to Liu Yuqing, commander of the 26th Division, requesting emergency reinforcements, while commanding the troops to fight to the death and resist the Japanese counterattack with flesh and blood. Led by Chen Anbao and Liu Yuqing, the Wang Regiment of the 79th Division, that is, the 237th Regiment, digital signage kiosk ,smart interactive whiteboard, and the 76th Brigade of Zhou Zhiqun of the 26th Division did not arrive at the tributary west of the Fu River until midnight on 4 May. Because there was too little ferry boat and enemy planes were evading reconnaissance and bombing, they did not complete the crossing until 11:00 a.m. on 5 May. When Wang Kejun asked for reinforcements, Chen Anguo was still a long way from the battlefield. Japanese aircraft in the crazy strafing, artillery in the crazy shelling, the only reassuring thing is that the wind direction is not right, the little devils can not release poison gas. However, the 76th Brigade could not bear it any more. If it did not retreat, not to mention occupying the city of Nanchang, I was afraid that all the brothers would die here. Wang Kejun had to order his troops to retreat and move to Liantang. After the retreat of the 78th Brigade, the Japanese turned to Zeng Jiachu's 5th Division. Zeng Jiachu led the 5th Division in a fierce battle with the enemy from May 4 to the present, and his eyes were almost blind for reinforcements. When the 78th Brigade was launched, Zeng Jiachu commanded his troops to attack the Japanese city fortifications again, hoping to break through the Japanese defense line and rush into Nanchang City. The main reason why the Japanese army did not follow up the victory after repelling the 5th Division yesterday was that the 5th Division was a native of Nanchang. It was too familiar with the rivers, lakes, ditches, forks, hills and hills here, and was very good at using the terrain to conceal itself. By the time the small Japanese reinforcements came up, the pre-five divisions had disappeared. Now the pre-five divisions are making a comeback, and the little devils are not polite, relying on the city fortifications to fight against the pre-five divisions, and the Japanese planes are circling back and forth, bombing and strafing crazily. Ceng Jiachu hated me so much! The battle was a ***ing wimp, and there was no good coordination and cohesion between the various units from beginning to end. When the 79th Division attacked Nanchang Station and Airport, its plainclothes regiment opened fire in the city. How passive the little devils were. As a result, the 79th Division had no reinforcements behind it and was driven out by the little devils. It was still like this. After a day's fighting, the 78th Brigade arrived, and the reinforcements behind the 78th Brigade were still dozens of miles away. I'm afraid they won't arrive until night. The angriest troops west of the Ganjiang River, the First Group Army, the 19th Group Army, and the 74th Army, were unable to attack the Ganjiang River! Such a big campaign action, hundreds of thousands of troops, unexpectedly cattle pull donkey not pull! In the end, Duan Langru, who was the first to attack the city of Nanchang, was shot, and a ghost was sent to the Nanyue Martyrs' Shrine, which had not yet been completed. Damn it! Tseng had no time to think any more, because the gunfire from the airport and the bus terminal had moved southward. Needless to say, the 78th Brigade had to retreat after throwing the bodies of its brothers on the ground. Not long after, the Japanese field artillery regiment turned to the 5th Division, and when the shells fell, Zeng Jiachu knew that the Japanese army had begun to counterattack him. The troops were strictly ordered to shrink, establish a defense line, and resolutely beat back the counterattack of the small devils. From May 4 to now, the fifth division has suffered a lot of casualties. But Ceng Yichu was confident that although his brothers were from the security corps, they had all undergone strict training and were fighting to defend their hometown, so it was no problem to beat back the attack of the little devils. Zeng Jiachu underestimated the determination of the Japanese army. The hot-air balloon had already risen high, on which the Japanese artillery observers were sitting, constantly reporting data and guiding the artillery to carry out precision strikes against the Fifth Division. Shells fell one by one,information kiosk price, and Zeng Jiachu clearly saw in his telescope that a brother had just picked up a machine gun and hit a shuttle, his head was cut off by Japanese shrapnel, and he was rolling in the position.