Looking at the blue dragon that quickly disappeared in the sky, the smile on Fu Shizhen's face gradually disappeared, replaced by a trace of coldness and dignity. He said slowly, "yuan yuan.". I hope you can really give me a surprise, otherwise our empire will be beyond redemption. yuan yuan calculated the time, with Qinglong's fastest flight, it took nearly an hour to reach the Fire Legion, which was enough time for him to make a little trouble. Fu Qingshuang and Shang Ruoruo, who were standing on the dragon head, ordered a few words, and yuanyuan's eyebrows and forehead jade light flashed and immediately dived into the star field. Into the star greasy, small source extension temple refers to, green green boiled mellow square and depression, seat hexagonal star shape stunned a few points appear. Quietly suspended in the air. Sitting cross-legged in the center of the jade platform, yuanyuan waved his hand to release the "Six Spirits Jade Bi"; the six pieces of jade Bi with grotesque shapes were scattered with six colors of light, and swelled into a ten-meter-wide space covering hundreds of meters around, which imprisoned the jade platform and yuanyuan. See the "Chaotic Cave Sky Star Array" manipulated by "Liuling Yubi". Running, yuanyuan's face was awestruck, and the jade light between his eyebrows flashed again, and the jade tripod came out. With a wave of his hand, the seal on the jade tripod fell, and then the lid of the tripod rose automatically, and a group of colorful rays gushed out from the tripod. yuanyuan palm star power huff and puff, a seal into the tripod, the jade tripod a long and heavy trembling sound sounded, two groups of colorful rays wrapped in two black,stainless tile trim, dull triangular tokens, a spit out, these two triangular tokens are naturally yuanyuan destroyed the two animal soul temple. The spoils of war. Looking at the quiet suspension in the "six spirits jade". Two pieces of tokens that do not move in the boundary formed. yuan yuan's face showed a trace of dignity, and with a shout of love, six seal characters flew out at the same time and entered six pieces of jade. Six pieces of Lingbi trembled at the same time, six semi-substantial lightsabers of different colors, blue, yellow, green,stainless steel edge trim, red, white and black, with sharp swords shooting all around. It fell straight down and hit two tokens. Boom, boom, boom. A series of explosions sounded, colorful light group flying, two tokens in the light of the sword under the split, unexpectedly motionless, still swarthy, heavy, no change. yuan yuan frowned and his eyes flashed. Both hands once again pinched a complex and abstruse seal formula. "Liuling Jade Bi" began to rotate slowly, absorbing the vitality of the surrounding stars crazily, and gradually the thunder and lightning elements gathered. The huge purple thunder and lightning giant ball showed that six "nine-day thunder" with supreme power broke away from the Jade Bi, cut through the void, and fell again against the two tokens. Aware of "nine days of thunder.". Contained in the vast, enough to easily kill any ghost monster thunder and lightning energy, two tokens finally continue to play dead, a group of dark yellow light radiation, aluminum tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile trim, two extremely angry, violent, instinctive fear of the call, roar sounded, a colorful noble peacock, and a whole body covered with dragon scales of Ba Zhu, jumped out in the radiation of golden light. The eyes of the peacock and the prismatic pillow stared at yuan yuan sitting on the jade platform, and the ferocious and angry light radiated. The six "nine days of thunder" falling from the air were ignored, and "the sun is the essence of fire." "Hades Yin flame" accumulation, to the source will be spewed out a bird, beast actually intended to drag the source to die together. yuan yuanfang smiled heavily: "a mere animal.". But if you live a little longer, how dare you be so presumptuous? His eyes are shining with silver light. The brilliant spiritual silk screen was released and condensed into two hundred-meter-long ropes with numerous silver spells flashing and flowing, which were inadvertently rolled up and tied the peacock and the pillow firmly. The peacock and the pillow suddenly showed that they had been tied up into rice dumplings, and the flames gathered in their mouths were scattered, shocked, shaking their bodies and struggling violently. However, the light of the six-spirit jade flickers, and the power of imprisonment of the "Chaotic Cave Star Array" makes them like flies and insects sealed in amber, dead and unable to move in midair. The next Xuan, six nine days of Xuan thunder, hit two tokens. With a loud bang, a violent thunderstorm exploded, and two tokens were smashed by six scorched thunder, turning into two dark yellow pure energy clusters, suspended in the star array. Immediately, in the "Six Spirit Jade Bi", two pieces of Lingbi, Cangbi in the sky and Huangzong in the ground, were rolled out by two rays of light, and two groups of dark yellow pure energy were absorbed into them. Originally bound by the rope of the primordial spirit condensed by the spiritual power of the primordial spirit, the peacock and the ridge pillow, which were still full of vigor and vitality, were blown to pieces. The spirit was depressed, the shining eyes became very dim, and the feathers drooped. The scales are loose like a beaten cock. yuanyuan saw that Lingbi had absorbed and devoured the two tokens, completely assimilated them, and merged them into one. He smiled with satisfaction. Then he broke his middle finger, and two drops of blood spilled out. Two groups of green lotus-shaped Samadhi fire gently held them up, and inadvertently fell on the spiritual rope that bound the two birds and beasts. Two spiritual ropes split into two groups of silvery and dazzling spiritual power, which merged into two groups of Samadhi True Fire, wrapped in two drops of blood and quickly penetrated into the foreheads of two birds and beasts. The two birds and beasts suddenly twisted their faces and looked painful, although their bodies were imprisoned and could not move. Plumes and the muscles and blood vessels under the scales. But he trembled uncontrollably, as if he were suffering from the torture of scraping the bone and removing the marrow. Finally, on the foreheads of two birds and beasts. Two groups of green lotus-shaped Samadhi fire wrapped in two groups of dark red drops of blood suddenly surfaced, and then the flames burned and turned them into wisps of blue smoke. These two drops of blood are the blood that was originally dropped into the foreheads of the two birds and beasts when they died in the hands of yuan yuan. And the two drops of blood of yuan yuan, which are wrapped in the spiritual power of the thorn, have been replaced and integrated into the spiritual knowledge of the two birds and beasts. As soon as yuan yuan's mind moved, the spiritual rope loosened, and the power of the six spirits and jade pieces dissipated. Indeed, the two birds and beasts were suspended in the air, bowing their heads submissively to him, as if they had completely accepted their fate. yuan yuan "ha ha" a smile, stretched out a wave of his hand, Cang Bi, Huang Zong light radiation, will be "Daming Peacock" hell edge pillow. It was inhaled. Ah, ah,tile trim factory, ah, the last few days, crazy for a monthly ticket ah! Zero-long-text-learning-net w-w-.-0-9-w-X-w-.-C-o-m end1.html [Chapter Four Hundred and Sixteen of the Main Text]. jecatrims.com