Smart contract is the software that runs on the VEXANIUM nodes, whose persistent data is stored on the node’s RAM and events of actions are stored and synced on the blockchain. An VEXANIUM smart contract exposes executable ‘Actions’, which are functions that perform some contract specific operations, subject to constraints and authorities of the account calling that action. Considering this, we can visualize contract as a combination of 3 facets working together.

First, we have functions definitions that specify the logic of the action. Second, we have multi-index tables, which provide us with interface to connect with persistent storage (RAM). Third, we have the ‘dispatcher’, which acts as the action handler, and maps the incoming request to the contract to the action that is being requested. These three components are the basic ‘bare bones’ that every contract possess.

the basic needs that you must now before creating contract is 

1st : you Must Install Cleos or CLI Command in your server / CPU

( ubuntu 18 , RAM minimum 8GB  )

2nd : Import or create vex account  

3rd : You Must Running a Node , if you node running a node you can use API 

4th : If you cannot running a Node you can use API POint of another NODE The `url` parameter specifies to witch node you connect. You can checkout more API endpoints on of API Point is

5th : Don't Forget to Buy RAM in your VEX Account ( account contracts )

6th : Install CDT

7th : prepare

* VEX account — the account to publish a contract for.
* contract-dir — contract directory ( where you Put Wasm or abi files ) 
* wast-file — the file containing the contract WAST
* abi-file — the ABI of the contract.

you can download many files of smartcontract , you can use many eosio.contracts files also in vexanium blockchain

8th : Compile Contracts

9th : Push contract (done )