At the moment there is no other way, Su Qing had to go up single combat, a full brush for six or seven minutes to get it done, Erlang God was still empty. Su Qing is going to be irritable, but fortunately she burst out again in a short time. [Team] Peach cake: 4, which hole has not been played? Just now, Lu Yu also brushed one. [Team] Twelve Gankun: Have you got two?! [Team] Peach cake: Well, come on. [Team] Twelve paths: 10 holes [Team] Shemale: Hole 7 [Team] Peach cake: Well, I'm on the 7th hole. [Team] Twelve Qiankun: Why don't you go through my hole? It's too partial! [Team] Peach Cake: Because it's close. [Team] Lu Yu: Idiot Su Qing scurried directly from the 8th hole to the 7th hole. As soon as she was ready to start, she saw that Qian Kun and the shemale had brushed out two keys almost at the same time. At this point, all six keys were collected, which took 12 minutes. Lu Yu to hand in the task, Su Qing found that he got a lot of experience, the heart secretly said: the original key and experience to take, I do not know if the shorter the time, the more experience? [Team] Thermos Cap: Sweat,Marble Granite Price, I didn't get so much experience for nothing. [Team] Twelve Ways of Heaven and Earth: Dragging Oil Bottle [Team] Lu Yu: Are you very proud that you finally have a chance to say this? [Team] Shemale: How much experience do you have? [Team] Thermos cap: 10 W or so [Team] Lu Yu: Same. [Team] Dead Shemale: Looks like it's all. [Team] Peach cake: 12W, maybe I found two keys. [Team] Thermos Cap: No, I haven't found one, and I have as much experience as they do. [Team] Peach Cake: Maybe I hit Erlang God. [Team] Lu Yu:.. [Team] Clumsy Clumsy: You are so awesome that you can meet everything. [Team] Twelve Ways of Heaven and Earth: I finally understand what it means to be half bright and half sad.. [Team] Peach cake: Hehe 24 Not knowing what kind of test lies ahead, Su Qing took the lead. Soon he met a white-haired old man at the corner, and after Lu Yu talked to him,Pietra Gray Marble, a group of people were transported to another map. In front of us is a delicate arch that combines Chinese and Western elements. There is a long corridor inside the door, and there is no end in sight. [Team] Lu Yu: Inside is Kun Tian. Get ready. [Team] Peach cake: Oh [Team] Twelve Gankun: It's finally here! Several people sat down one by one, meditating and being in a daze. They had been nervous all the way before, but when they arrived at their destination, they should have a good rest. I wonder if we are the first team to see Kun Tian? Su Qing muttered. What are you talking to yourself? Su Qing looked back at the swallow who had just entered the door and shook her head listlessly. You know, I just heard from Elder Martial Sister that Elder Martial Brother Lu signed to go to JC subway. It seems to be the operation department or the construction department. The swallow was gossiping while stacking the books on the shelf. Lu Quzhou? Su Qing looked back in surprise. Why did the swallow suddenly mention this? In fact, she knew that Lu Quzhou would stay in the city after graduation. Su Qing has an aunt who is a school teacher and occasionally lives in a faculty dormitory. Once Su Qing went to look for her and met Lu Quzhou at the entrance of the corridor to talk to his head teacher, more or less heard some. However, it was not until today that I heard what the swallow said that I was relieved. Why are you telling me? Perhaps it is guilty, Su Qing must ask to understand. She didn't want anyone to know what she was thinking, and she couldn't let anyone know. The swallow gave her a strange look. "Just saying, Agate Stone Price ,pietra gray marble, why doesn't he go home?" How could Su Qing know, so she shook her head at a loss. In fact, Lu Quzhou's hometown is in X city, the family conditions are good, the way should be quite wide, how to think it is better than staying in J city unfamiliar with people and places. I heard that his father was from the provincial Party committee of S province. "In fact, X city is so close to J city that it's very convenient to go home. Maybe you like freedom?" "Maybe." The swallow suddenly patted Su Qing heavily on the shoulder: "Do you think it's because of Yan Yan?" "Who knows?" Su Qing suddenly lost the interest of chatting and put on her headphones to continue the game. 18. Train After resting for a while, everyone felt that their energy had recovered, and they stood up to each other and were ready to go to Kuntian. No one has seen what Kun Tian is like, and everything can only be done according to circumstances. [Team] Lu Yu: Anyway, Qian Kun and Benben will carry it for a while. [Team] Lu Yu: Other people always play by the rules. When Lu Yu finished, several people stepped into the carved arch at the same time. Walking through the corridor, it was not long before we entered the hall. A stone statue stood in the middle of the hall, with broad shoulders and broad face, sitting upright. The stone statue has eight arms, and depending on the situation, it should be the legendary Kun Tian. Kun Tian: There is no one to depend on in the long years. Kun Tianshu Spirit, which exists only in the void, absorbs human desires and gradually possesses entities. And then gain the power to transcend human beings.. [Team] Lu Yu: Go! Twelve Qian Kun and Benben rushed up for the first time, aiming at the main body of Kun Tian and began to put skills, unfortunately. All MISS. But Kun Tian was even more bitchy. He was killed by a thunderbolt. The shemale almost died. Had it not been for Nuannuan's timely reaction, he would have died before he got out of the army. [Team] Dead Shemale: Grass! I didn't do it! [Team] Lu Yu: First hit the arm, peach 12 left, my shemale Benben right, Nuannuan as you see fit. Su Qing hurriedly moved to the left, because everyone was inexperienced in the first round, she was really in a hurry at the beginning. Kun Tian's attack is very high, and the skill is very rich, the most terrible is a move of the Holy Light of Death, can randomly select a team member HP, MP instant unity. Su Qing is not afraid of anything else, but she is afraid that this move will fall on the thermos cap. I wonder if she can save herself? Fortunately, all the worries did not happen, and everyone gradually mastered the rules of hitting the arm. One, two.. With Su Qing's blood curse, the last arm of Kun Tian was destroyed, and the main body of Kun Tian officially showed its true face. [Team] Twelve Kinds of Heaven and Earth: Three Subjects? Without waiting for Su Qing to reply,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, the map was instantly surrounded by the little monsters summoned by Kun Tian, and she looked at the familiar monsters and suddenly felt a little jumpy. By the side of a ghost-like Xiaoguai a touch, rely on! Half a tube of blood is gone..