Then Chen Fala, rubbing his thumbs together, apologized and said, "This,, gives me back my life. My sister is young and ignorant."! , How offensive, ah, "" "All right!"! All right! You don't have to say anymore! He who takes a thief as his father never repents, and he who is greedy for glory has no ambition. "Give me back my life," he said impatiently, shaking his hands. Who takes the thief as his father! Make it clear to me! Hu Xinger shouted angrily again. I was a little impatient in this life, and when I saw Hu Xinger tossing about like this, I simply put down my business and pulled the two of them to the alley. Eh! What are you, what are you doing? You,, you let go of me, let go of me! Fierce Farah and Myolie Wu struggled with their hands, but they ignored me in this life. They didn't let go of their hands until they reached the depths of the alley. Before Chen and Hu could speak, they stretched out their hands and pointed at them and said angrily, "You!"! You! Shut up! Listen to me! Chen and Hu were obedient and did not open their mouths. Their eyes only stared at me in this life, just waiting for him to speak. Then I walked back and forth in the alley. I took out my tobacco pouch uneasily and took a few puffs. Then I came to Myolie Wu, waving my hands, as if I were washing my face, and shouting, "You!"! ,, you, big sister! Do you really, really,ultrasonic dispersion machine, really not remember? Me, me, me! "What are you going to say?"! Inexplicable! Originally, at first glance in my life, I would have been a handsome young man, but it was that broken mouth,, that seemed to be very vicious. So Chen, Hu, and two people had to raise their noses and hum when they said this. You Hear here, that returns me this life, both hands suddenly clap, "Hey!"! , ten years ago, ten years ago in Tianhe Town! I,, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I am Gong Zai! You,, you really don't remember me? "Ah!"! 、、、、、、! You! You! Are you really brother Gong Zai? Me, me, me! Of course I remember you! I! I've been looking for you! Hu Xinger finally rang at this time. You! You! What are you talking about! I! Why can't I understand? Chen Fala asked with a pout. Hu Xinger at this time where there is leisure to pay attention to her this question ah, is very excited to run forward, without scruple to pull my hands in this life happily jumped up. I was so happy in this life that I didn't know what to say for a while. I slapped Myolie on the shoulder and said, "Go!"! Go drink! Good! Go! Go drink! Hu Xinger also changed before the face, is very bold and unconstrained way. The three of them walked quickly to a pub and sat down! Brother Gong Zai! You! How do you,,? Aren't you surnamed Zhang? Why did you give me your last name again? Hu Xinger drank a whole bowl of wine in one breath, sighed, and then said. I also rubbed my hands and said, "Hey!"! It's a long story! Eh! Do you remember? Ten years ago! In Tianhe Town, you and I are all orphans! Make a living by begging all day long. At this point, the excitement on their faces disappeared, but their tone was particularly low, as if they were both lost in meditation. Hey! Ok! Let's talk about your experience in the past ten years first, and then I'll tell you my experience. Give me the way to clap my hands and ease the atmosphere in this life. Hey! Me! Only after I was separated from you in Tianhe Town, I was adopted by my father. "Hu Xinger said her experience of ten years in one breath.". Return my life, while drinking, while constantly nodding. After Myolie finished speaking, she picked up her chopsticks and put a drumstick in the bowl of my life. Then she clapped her hands and said, "All right!"! I'm done! It's your turn! Two people you a word, I a word, completely forgot the existence of Chen Fala. In my life, I reached out and grabbed the drumstick in the bowl. First I smelled it, then I put the drumstick in front of Hu Xinger. I shook it and said, "Ah!"! Big sister! The old rules! You first Myolie laughed with her mouth covered. Then she didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth wide and took a bite on the chicken leg. She chewed it with satisfaction and said, Ha ha! Brother Gong Zai! You remember! In this life, I took back the drumstick and took a bite of it. My mouth was full of oil and water. Then I said, "Of course I remember!"! I remember ten years ago in Tianhe town! As long as a few of us find the money! I will buy a chicken leg! Every time you eat first, then to the eldest, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth brothers, and finally to me! At this point, both of them were moved and laughed until they burst into tears, and then stopped. At this time, Myolie Wu also put her chopsticks aside, grabbed half of the chicken on the table with both hands, tore off another chicken leg from the top, fed it to my mouth in this life, and said solemnly: "Ah!"! Brother Gong Zai! At that time! You're the biggest! It's all up to you! I and the five lucky stars can get through to this day! What about today! It's time to make up for your selfless big brother! Then I was stunned. After hearing Hu Xinger's words, her cheeky expression immediately became serious, and only two lines of tears flowed down. I said brother Gong Zai! It's just a chicken leg! Do you need to be so moved? Of course, Hu Xinger knew that I was moved by the reunion of my childhood companions in this life, but she still comforted me so lightly. Eh! I said, what about the five brothers of the boss? Did you see them later? I smiled again in this life and grabbed the drumstick and asked. "I thought they were with you,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine," said Myolie, beating the table rhythmically with her chopsticks. Then he asked, "Brother Gong Zai!"! You haven't told me how you spent the last ten years. 。