When Xu Tianyin went abroad to carry out his mission, Lao Gao was his predecessor. Because he offended too many people in those years, Lao Gao's parents and fiancee were kidnapped by a group of foreigners five years ago. Finally, although he was rescued with all his strength, his mother and fiancee died in the kidnapping. Lao Gao's father witnessed the death of his wife and future daughter-in-law. He was greatly stimulated and died within two years after he came back. His parents and relatives suffered great changes, and Gao Guangyi was unable to recover. He retired from the army and drank all day long. The former comrade-in-arms brothers could not see past it, so they opened this bar for him to make a living. But he was too lazy to manage and let the guests drink whatever they wanted, and over time, the bar became this unrestrained atmosphere. Unexpectedly, it was very popular and business was booming. Gao Guangyi laughed and reeked of alcohol. "What's the trouble? I thought I could watch a good fight, but I didn't. I'm not happy!" "If there was a fight, the bar wouldn't be able to do business today." Xia Shao shook his head with a smile, doing business has always been kind to make money, hoping that the guests in their own shop to play a good show of the boss, this is absolutely the first person Xia Shao saw. In this bar, most of the guests who come here regard it as a place to vent their emotions. They drink a lot of wine and eat meat, forgetting the hardships and worries of the outside world, even for a moment. Therefore, the guests in the bar are more forthright, and fights are common. Such bars should have been included in the public security blacklist, ordered to close down for rectification, or closed directly. But the military background, so that this bar has been open to this day,endless swim pool, as long as no one is killed, generally no one in charge of fighting in the shop. But I like your sister's character! If the fight doesn't start, you'll still have a good time! Gao Guangyi smiled, turned his head and patted Zhang Ruman on the shoulder, "just now, this meal is my treat!"! Xiao Liu, give me as much as they can eat! "Yes, boss!" Xiao Liu,indoor endless pool, a girl with an enchanting figure and a crisp voice, stepped on the catwalk and came over, carrying a plate full of beer, followed by two bar girls, carrying a large plate of barbecue, with an attractive aroma. Gao Guangyi grabbed the rum and walked away drunk. He didn't even look at the six cadets from the military Academy in the capital. He only said to a few male waiters in the bar, "Throw these cowards out and don't come back!" "Yes, boss!" Several male waiters took orders to come over, forked several people and drove them out. When the six students went out, their faces were already indescribable. Some of them are resentful. Why! It was Zhang Ruman who splashed them. Why were they kicked out? Even if they first run Zhang Ruman, they said that is also true, she is through the back door to come in, this society is unfair! But listen to Gao Guangyi walk into the bar and mumble, "Is this a student of the military Academy?"? I didn't go to the military Academy. I went straight to the army. It's not so bad. The men were stunned, but they had already been driven out. In the bar, Xia Shao and his friends had already sat down, whirlpool hot tub ,endless pool swim spa, and the food in front of them was rich, but Zhang Ruman laughed, "Sister.." Xia Shao raised his eyes and looked at her smiling face. Somehow, he felt a little like Qin Hanlin. He looked at her helplessly. "What are you laughing at?"? Wasn't he quite capable just now? "How did you promise me before you came to the military Academy?" Zhang Ruman Wen Yan smiled, the smiling look on his face faded, looking at some serious, "sister, you can rest assured, I know.". If I were in a hurry to find punishment, I wouldn't have just splashed a glass of wine. Those who are looking for a beating are already bleeding by now. Just pour a glass of wine, self-criticism is not a matter of importance, but also let these people lose face in front of the whole school, why not? She is not stupid, with these few people, it is not worth letting her lose her mind, beat them to the hospital, what good is she? "Have you learned to be narrow-minded?" Xia Shao smiled, obviously not angry. In the past three or four months, she knew that it was impossible for Zhang Ruman not to be affected by the admission. But life can not be smooth sailing, instead of helping her deal with these things, she has a better chance to grow up by her own ideas. Therefore, although Xia Shao witnessed the conflict just now, he did not intervene. And Zhang Ruman's disposal really made her feel her growth. I don't want to see whose sister it is. Liu Xianxian then opened his mouth, drinking beer, shaking his head and sighing, laughing and joking, "I thought I could see a fight just now, but I didn't expect it to be solved so gently.". After four months in military school, where is your courage in high school? "My courage is not for beating alumni, but I can beat you. Would you like to try?" Zhang Ruman chewed a mouthful of barbecue as if he were going to bite someone's meat. Oh, your courage is not used to beat up alumni, but to beat up friends? If even you are a friend, well, friends can be beaten. And you can beat him to death. The two men, one clutching a beer and the other forking a barbecue, looked at each other and the flames crackled. These two people were like this when they were in Qingshi No.1 Middle School. Even Miao Yan, who was the most timid and shy, was not surprised. A group of people raised their glasses and drank, and no one paid any attention to them. At noon today, Xia Shao brought Yi Ni and Wen Ye. Wen Ye is now in junior high school in Beijing. This boy is very annoyed with going to school. He dislikes the noise in school and is always regarded as a new student. Had it not been for the teacher's training, he would have fought at school until he was expelled from school. Xia Shao saw Wen Ye take a glass of beer and stopped him, "Children are not allowed to drink." "I am not a child!" The boy's hair exploded and his face turned black. He will be fifteen years old after the New Year! Xia Shao smiled and put the chopsticks into the young man's bowl. "Eat more meat and grow tall." "Poof!" Zhou Mingxu spurted beer and coughed badly. yuan Ze and Miao Yan could not help laughing, when laughing, Miao Yan saw Zhou Mingxu coughing badly, then handed him a tissue, Zhou Mingxu took it, his face turned red, do not know is choking, or excited. Yi Ni is expressionless, looks the most honest,jacuzzi swim spa, but also reached for a chopstick barbecue, stacked into the bowl of Wen Ye, and finally took the chopsticks to press. monalisa.com