After he reminded him, Rong Hua realized that he was not safe either. If the gangster is like Zhao yuanren, she is clear about her interaction with the emperor, know that her position is like the emperor's arm, if you go to this arm first, it is equal to less people to help Zhu Qiliang advice, after eliminating the trouble in front of him, it will be easier to kill him. But she always felt that there was something in Zhu Yi's words. It's like testing something. The enemy is in the dark and I am in the open. If someone really wants to kill me, I can't prevent it. Imprisoned in the magnificent cage of the palace, the feeling is not much better than death. Rong Hua is not afraid of death, but even if he wants to die, he has to die worthily. Is that so? Zhu Yi's black eyes are like a pool of water, deep and bottomless, and the smile in the corner of his eyes is vague and empty, which makes people confused about his thoughts. Hua'er, don't forget me. Rong Hua's mood was stirred up by his words layer upon layer of ripples, only with a sense of spirit. She was surprised that her mood had risen and fallen so much that she had never felt this way after serving Zhu Qiliang all these years. She tried to find the answer in his eyes, but almost fell into the pool of water. What does he mean by saying these words? What kind of peace of mind does he have? The result of the imperial expedition was beyond the expectation of Zhao yuanren. Strictly speaking, Rong Hua did not go against his expectations, at least she also cut off the opportunity of Zhu Yi, but this time his cloth was all messed up, who should be blamed for this? "It seems that I really look down on Rong Hua." The sneer on his lips was chilling. My Lord, what shall we do now? Lin Kai, who was urgently summoned to Shangshu Mansion, looked tall and thin, with a white face and thin eyes, and looked at Zhao yuanren's strange look and dared not say much. He was so submissive and ingratiating that he didn't look like a military officer if he didn't wear a knife on his body at ordinary times. Hum, hum.. Zhao yuanren Yin Yin to laugh out loud, "the imperial personal expedition on the imperial personal expedition, without Zhu Qiliang, I must be the agent of the government, then Zhu Yi had better be careful, what happened but no one to protect him!"! Hum,wire mesh decking, don't forget how Duke Wen of Jin forced his courtier Rick to die. "If you want to punish him, why do you have no excuse?" Lin Kaifu to the soul, learn him to laugh twice, "but adults, Zhu Yi is not easy to deal with the characters ah!" "So Rong Hua still has some use value on this point." "Will she listen to adults?" Lin Kai recalled the appearance of Ning Fei's indifference and alienation to her subordinates, and although she always had a smile on her face, she refused to say a word more than the people around her. Her only backer is Zhu Qiliang. When Zhu Qiliang leaves the palace, she will have to listen to me! In Zhao yuanren's eyes, she seems to be easy to catch at any time, just. But we still have to watch out for her. It's not for nothing that she can stand out from the three thousand beauties in the harem. Hearing this, there was one thing that Lin Kai could not understand all the time. "My Lord, why don't you start with the empress directly?" "Zhiyu is self-willed, scheming but not smart enough, not to mention Zhu Qiliang does not favor her, she can not afford this matter.". Rong Hua is not the same, she is like a two-edged knife, make good can double the enemy, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,warehouse storage racks, make bad will kill themselves. Between the words, Zhao yuanren's eyes were shining, "I had tried my best to put the jade arch on the queen's position, there are other reasons, to a certain time, the jade will produce her use." As he spoke, his mouth became more and more curved and his voice became deeper and deeper. "In fact, this use has begun to ferment slowly.." Lin Kai looked at Zhao yuanren's unusual expression and suddenly became afraid. After the death of the late emperor and the vacancy of the head of the cabinet, Zhuang Zhongchun, Minister of Personnel, was once the most popular. Lin Kai always thought that Zhao yuanren had pushed Zhao Zhiyu to be the queen, just to get the qualification of the head of the cabinet by virtue of his status as Guozhang. Today, after he said so, on behalf of Zhao Zhiyu there are other "uses", even his own daughter can be used so thoroughly, Lin Kai dare not imagine if he betrayed him, will be what kind of treatment. Zhao yuanren is now secretly getting rid of the equally powerful ministers one by one. In the end, he is the only one in the court. In addition, Zhu Qiliang is fatuous and incompetent. It is not difficult to speculate what will happen in the end. "No matter what the adults want to do, Lin Kai will follow them to the death!" He was defeated by fear in his heart and knelt down on one knee with a "thump" to show his loyalty to Zhao yuanren. Very good Zhao yuanren narrowed his eyes and smiled, the wrinkles on his face twitched, the whole person's breath was extremely cold, "failed to go to the Juyongguan, how can it be a blessing to stay in the palace?"? Lin Kai, you will soon be able to render meritorious service! Approaching the day when Zhu Qiliang left the palace day by day, he visited Yuxuan more frequently at night. It was a matter of course to leave love, and few people would criticize it. Even Chuang Zhongchun, who shouted all day long that the emperor should be diligent in politics, kept silent. However, the resentment accumulated in the harem at ordinary times has gradually condensed during this period of time and has become another storm. By midsummer, some of the servants in the palace had changed into short quilts, and this year the city of Beijing was unusually hot, almost to the point of scorching gold and flowing stones. In a situation like this, it's better to find a cool and ventilated place to enjoy the cool than to sweat in the room. So, accompanied by the breeze, Rong Hua sat in the Qianqiu Pavilion of the Imperial Garden, reading intently with a book in one hand and Dahongpao tea in the other, sipping a few mouthfuls from time to time. This is a rare stolen moment of leisure, Zhu Qiliang is busy with the whole army personal expedition, there is no Zhao yuanren, Zhu Yi that kind of troublesome people to harass her, such a beautiful day, even if the ears listen to the small green wordy, also tolerable. "Empress, why do you only read books about managing the country and various schools of thought?" Every time Rong Hua reads a book, she reads it for a whole afternoon. Little Green deeply disagrees. "It's not like she wants to be the champion in the exam. Like the empresses and beauties in other palaces, she flutters butterflies, plays the piano, dances and picks flowers in her spare time. Isn't it good?" In front of the Qianqiu Pavilion, there are rockeries and strange stones everywhere, some of which are cut like pearls, and some of which are as sharp as swords and halberds. Today, under the cover of the fierce sun, it is fortunate that there are trees such as Huai and Yu to shade them,Teardrop Pallet Racking, otherwise I am afraid that even these stones will burn up. As soon as the little green words stopped, there was only the rustling sound of the wind blowing the treetops around, and sometimes there was a small conversation in the distance.