"Don't cry any more. If you go on like this, he will be killed by you if he is not dead." I said helplessly that at this time I was also covered with scars, and the wounds on my body were still bleeding out, but fortunately, my body was already very strong and the recovery ability was first-class. At this time, although it did not stop the bleeding, it was much better than when I was injured. I believe that my body can stutter automatically overnight, and it will be better in a week, but the premise is that I can't get hurt again. After listening to my words, Meina, who kept crying there, suddenly turned around and said to me with a hopeful face, "Really?" "Of course." I did not hesitate to say that I was the ancestor of playing with fire and also a master of treating burns. I went to the shadow and emptied the remaining invisible flame elements in his body. Then I carried the shadow, grabbed Meina next to me and left here all the way to Seoul. After arriving at the headquarters of the Seoul Ice Association, I went in in the surprised eyes of many younger brothers. After a simple dressing for myself, I came out with a bandage and came to the shadow's side to treat the shadow. There is no doubt that my treatment of burns is the best and there are many medicines for burns. A lot of this is because the flame was not so free to be controlled by me at the beginning, and then when I burned myself, I used the QISuu. COm "to empty the remaining flame elements in the shadow's body and then bandaged the shadow. An hour later, a brand new one appeared in front of me. Mummy. As a result of extensive burns,hot tub wholesale, the shadow in addition to the mouth and eyes other places all have different sizes of injury, so I was bandaged up, although I do not want to do so exaggerated, but it is true, do not do so, then the shadow is dangerous, but Rao is so I think even if he will leave a lot of scars,outdoor whirlpool, after all, my purple inflammation is not so easy to bear. If I hadn't intentionally released the water, the shadow would have become a pile of charcoal. There is no doubt that this exaggerated shape attracted Meina's tears, crying for a whole night before the shadow leisurely woke up, much better, at least has been able to speak, although still weak. Mina. Don't cry. I have nothing to do, just a little hurt, impermanence did not kill, otherwise I would have died. It was all just a misunderstanding. The shadow said in a weak tone to Mina, who was crying and looking at me with hatred. Really? Shadow? Meina said innocently to the shadow, "Damn, this woman I said all night did not care about me, the shadow just said a word she believed it was too irritating, endless pool factory ,outdoor hot tub, but no way, who let her like the shadow.". But then again, I'm more handsome than the shadow. Why doesn't she like me? "Yes." The shadow gently nodded to the front of the United States and said, and this time I also said with a wry smile: "I thought you were Han Mi-joo, to tell the truth, you should also know a little about Han Mi-joo's father, Han Quanmin, who is running for president. He is afraid of being attacked by others, so he specially invited me to protect Mi-Joo. And you look so similar to her, and you wear the same clothes." And I was stunned by the shadow. How do I know you're not Han Mi-joo? So I fought with the shadow. To be honest, I had a hard time. I almost died at the hands of the shadow. Alas. It was a misunderstanding for a long time. After listening to my words, the shadow opened his mouth and said, "Actually.". I can't blame you. I sneaked in and knocked out a bunch of people. I'd chase them if I were you. I'm already grateful that you didn't kill me in the end. And it's worth everything to see Mina again. Then he looked at Meina with a gentle smile on his face. This guy is all mummified and still has such a lascivious smile, which is really extremely contemptuous. Atrophy. Sure enough, it shrank to the extreme. I thought with infinite contempt. Chapter 265 Ice Soul. "Well.." That one I said shadow, you at least pay attention, I am also here. So, I'm curious what the hell you guys are up to, what kind of hijack? Is it necessary to make yourself like this? I coughed twice and joked to the shadow in front of me. As soon as my words came out of my mouth, the two of them, who were still smiling, collapsed in an instant and looked gloomy one by one. After a while, Meina, who was sitting there, finally opened her mouth and said: "Actually, it's all my fault, because I did it.." No.. You're right You are just for your family. After all, I am selfish. That's why I made myself look like this. After Meina said it, the shadow immediately said, although weak, but the tone was extremely anxious, obviously he cared about Meina's behavior of taking things to himself. I say Can you two guys be normal and find someone to tell me what's going on? Hearing this, I frowned and said lightly. Let me say it. Meina took a gentle look at the shadow lying on the bed like a mummy and said to me lightly. Then Meina began to tell the story of her and the shadow. It turned out that a year ago, Meina was just a little girl who had just stepped out of high school and entered university. Meina's father was the president of a listed company in Seoul, and her mother was an excellent beauty, that is, Han Meizhu's aunt, Han Meizhu's mother's twin sister, so she knew Han Meizu and looked so similar. Meina has been the apple of her family's eye since she was a child. Everything is given and taken. She lives a carefree life and has a group of handsome young people chasing behind her. She has a very comfortable life. And a year ago, the shadow is still a killer feared by people, a legend of the killer world, two people originally lived in different worlds, it is impossible to meet,5 person hot tub, because the world of two people can be said to have no intersection. However, the world is full of chance. By chance, Ying and Meina got to know each other. The way they got to know each other was that the seriously injured Ying was chased all the way around the world and finally hid in Korea. He was chased outside Seoul and had no choice but to use his last strength to hide in a villa. monalisa.com