He turned and disappeared into the crowd, and Qinglian followed him. Ji Xincao trembled with anger. He did it on purpose! He knew her people were coming. Deliberately show intimacy with her, let them see! Fear was greater than anger, and she did not have the courage to look at her adoptive mother again. She moved to the side of Nangong Jing, hoping to avoid the sight of her clansmen. At a quick glance just now, she vaguely saw the serious expression of her adoptive mother, but the aunts looked angry. Why are they here? Nangong Jing saw her doubts and explained, "The status of your Ji clan is higher than that of the Nine Jade Guild. Of course, you will be invited to attend. Usually the female envoys and several important people in charge of the clan will attend, but not necessarily every year.". When you become a maid in the future, you will also receive an invitation. She doesn't want to be a maid, she just wants to disappear from the meeting immediately! She suddenly remembered what Emil had said earlier. "He.." Emil said, "We have an agreement with vampires not to invade each other. Why does my adoptive mother want me to kill him?" Nangong Jing's face was a little strange in an instant. "This agreement was signed a hundred years ago. At that time, the female envoy insisted on not letting him go, so the others gave in and agreed that as long as the Ji clan caught him, his life and death would be at your disposal." He looked at the Ji family, the four women angrily arguing about something, looking at them from time to time, and Ji Shuixiang looked dignified, but not as resentful as they were. They seem to be coming over. Are you going to stay here? Ji Xincao shook his head hurriedly. Come with me Nangong Jing turned and walked along the wall for some distance,warehouse pallet racks, pushed open a hidden door on the wall, dodged in, and she followed. Inside the doors are crisscrossed white walkways, with doors on both sides of the walkways and more rooms than you can count. Nangong Jing led the way, followed by Ji Xincao, the more he thought about it, the more wrong he was. "But this agreement should also be agreed by the vampire, right?"? Are they just going to let him be hunted down? ?” "It was a peace treaty between humans and vampires,drive in racking system, not him." Ji Xincao stunned, "why has nothing to do with him?"? He clearly- " "He's half of the same blood, but relatively speaking, he's not a man, and he's not a vampire.". You should also know that vampire-human hybrids have no place on either side. She was speechless. But, on the other hand, he's both a human being and a vampire, and if you can't really accept him, any peaceful coexistence is just a good word, isn't it? When Nangong Jing heard her doubts, she just pursed her lips and did not answer. When he walked around the corner, Qinglian, who was standing in front of a door, saw them with a look of surprise on her face. Without asking much, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty metal racks, she opened the door and let them in. Inside the door was a small square room, with a double-sided mirror on one wall. Through the mirror, we could see that there were many people in experimental white robes busy in the big room next door. There was a door beside the mirror to connect the two rooms. Here, they won't come after us. Nangong Jing closed the door. This is.. Ji Xincao stared at the two-way mirror in astonishment. Emil was in the room behind the mirror. He took off his shirt and sat on a metal chair, surrounded by several white-robed men, putting patches on his forehead and chest with wires connected to the huge machine next to him. A man was injecting medicine for him, while several people looked at the flashing lines and numbers on the screen of the machine and discussed them. She asked Nangong Jing, "What are they doing?" They are doctors and scientists, and Emil is doing research for them. In the negotiated terms, the vampire must provide one person for human research, and he volunteers to be an experiment. "What kind of research?" She thought of the pills he took every day. Vampires are similar to humans in many ways, but their physical abilities are far superior to humans, and they are immortal. Research is divided into two directions, one is to study the constitution of vampires, to find out why they can avoid aging and death. Human life is getting longer and longer, not only because of the development of medicine and the abundance of food, but also partly because of the contribution of this research. ” "What about the second study?" When a white-robed man opened Emil's wrist with a scalpel, she saw that his heart was beating fiercely, but he did not even move his eyebrows, but raised his arm so that he could draw a tube hidden in the flesh from the incision in his wrist. The second is drug experimentation. Vampires recover quickly, even if the dosage is too heavy, it will not be fatal. In addition, there are spells to help distinguish, so that the efficacy will not be confused, and dozens of drugs can be tested at the same time. As soon as the medical community develops a new drug, they immediately try it out on him, and only after the trial is successful will human trials be carried out. The tube implanted in his arm is also made of incantation, which can record the results of drug effects and has to be replaced once a month. “…… In other words, "Ji Xincao curled his hands into fists and stiffened his voice." This peace agreement, which had nothing to do with him, not only did not benefit him, but also made him a white mouse for a hundred years. " Nangong Jing looked at her side face with suppressed anger, and her tone was always pale. "That's right." Ji Xincao suddenly turned to stare at him and asked angrily, "And you just sit back and do nothing?"? He lives next door to you. At least you're friends. She suddenly stopped talking. I'm afraid Nangong Jing has his own difficulties, otherwise with her understanding of him, he is not such a cold person. But Nangong Jing's cold tone shattered her over-kind conjecture. "He and I are not friends.". I am his watcher and protector. In order to prevent him from escaping or being captured by your family, I let him live in Nongsong Road so that I can keep track of his every move at any time. This work was entrusted to my master by the government, and after his death, I took it over. Ji Xincao was stunned and could not speak at all for a moment. After a while, she let out a sigh that seemed to hum. In the past, many people called you a cold-blooded snob, but Xiu always worshipped you. He was a kind child. I don't think you, whom he worshipped so much, would be as harsh and ruthless as the rumor. But now- "her bright eyes were full of disappointment." It seems that there is no smoke without fire. Rumors may not be false. " Though she spoke straight, she never spoke ill,mobile racking systems, and this short sentence contained her greatest dislike. Nangong Jing pursed her lips and did not get angry. At this point, there was a sudden commotion at the other end of the two-way mirror. Hey, he's still bleeding. jracking.com