See Ke Bei retreat, Pei Xuejian cold hum, the body of the remaining few light green s sè energy out of the body, a burst of invisible wind appeared at his feet, the body suddenly a light, fast as lightning, deceiving the body. "Rabbits bite when they're in a hurry. Don't force me to go all out." Ke Bei stepped on Lingbo micro-step, laboriously avoiding the blood sword that Pei Blood Sword waved again and again, but without internal force, Ke Bei's speed was much slower than Pei Blood Sword. Although Lingbo micro-step was wonderful, the absolute speed was slow, and he could dodge in a short time. After a long time, Ke Bei immediately could not resist the body and was hit more than a dozen times in a row. Fortunately, Ke Bei practiced 30% of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Skill, and his physique was much stronger than that of ordinary human beings, otherwise he would have fallen under the attack of Pei Blood Sword. If the use of the remaining one third of the internal force in the body, Ke Bei want to escape is not impossible, but he is not willing to escape, do not kill Pei Xuejian difficult to calm the anger in the heart. "You must be patient. Once the internal force of the Nine Yang Divine Skill in your body is restored to two-thirds, it is your time to die." The arm was once again punctured by Pei Blood Sword, Ke Bei gritted his teeth, eyes Ling ran, the soles of his feet collapsed, the body quickly retreated, running around the blood-stained hall, Lingbo microwave to the limit, body askew, irregular flashing move. Ke Bei frantically evaded, followed by Pei Xuejian, who would stab the bloody sè sword in his hand whenever he had the chance. Two people a chase, a hide, as time gradually passed, Ke Bei's speed slowed down, he completely became a bloody man,fake ficus tree, all over the body, at least hundreds of wounds, the injury is getting worse and worse, the loss of a lot of blood, even with Ke Bei's physique also some can not carry, the head slightly dizzy, but Ke Bei did not have a trace of sadness on his cheeks. A faint sneer spread along the corners of his mouth, and his eyes became brighter and brighter. "Almost" Taking a slight breath and feeling that the Dantian had recovered to about two-thirds of the internal force of Jiuyang Shengong, Ke Beimeng stopped. Chasing Lao Tzu just now is very comfortable. Ke Bei touched the drops of blood on his face and looked at Pei Xuejian with a sneer. Hey hey, beast, you still continue to give Lao Tzu rampant ah, come on, grandpa stand here to cut for you. Internal strength recovery, finally can again sh shè out of the knife, Ke Bei heart depressed swept away. The skin of the palm at the waist slipped gently, and a throwing knife appeared in the palm. Ke Bei looked at Pei Xuejian, whose face suddenly turned pale, and grinned. Die. Ke Bei's eyes flashed a strange s sè, artificial grass panels ,large artificial blossom trees, and the throwing knife in the palm of his hand suddenly came out. Whew The sharp sound of the wind sounded, and the flying knife, with a cold light, flew to Pei Blood Sword. Ke Bei's first sh shè's throwing knife almost killed Pei Xuejian. Pei Xuejian didn't dare to take it this time. In a hurry, he stepped on it fiercely and moved sideways. "Something's wrong." Pei Xuejian's face changed, and when he stepped to the left, he suddenly found that the speed of the throwing knife seemed to be much slower, and he easily dodged. Humph to death. With a flash of cold light in Ke Bei's eyes, the second throwing knife came out again. Just now, the first throwing knife didn't use internal force at all. With the internal force of Jiuyang Shengong, he could only use one knife in a short time. Ke Bei's body has reached its limit, and he can't hold on until Jiuyang Shengong recovers next time. So be sure to kill with one hit this time. Therefore, Ke Bei's previous throwing knife without internal force was just to confuse Pei Blood Sword. This is the winner. Whew Pei Xuejian had just dodged Ke Bei's first flying knife, and before his body stood firm, the second flying knife, which had a speed of more than three times the speed of sound and contained two-thirds of the internal force of Yang Shengong, came roaring. "No" Pei Blood Sword roared, the only remaining light green s sè energy in the body overflowed crazily, the wind suddenly rose, trying to block Ke Bei's killing knife, but it was a pity that he was slow after all. Puff Throwing knife sh shè into the head of Pei Xuejian, a moment of hot Jiuyang Shengong internal force burst out, Pei Xuejian screams did not have time to send out, then fell to the ground, completely dead. "It's finally over." Looking at the fallen Pei Blood Sword, Ke Bei slowly exhaled, because of excessive blood loss and weak to the limit of the body, uncontrolled shaking twice, at the foot of a stagger, suddenly squatted on the ground. Sister Qianqian, I'm sorry. Crazy killed nearly a hundred blood sword alliance people, even the culprit blood sword alliance, the leader also killed, but Ke Bei heart is not happy. So what if you get revenge? So what if you kill the leader of the Blood Sword Alliance? Their own strength is strong enough to kill the peak of the world, so what? Sister Qianqian, only one. If you don't have it, you'll never have it. Ke Bei knelt down in a pool of blood, and two lines of tears silently trickled down his cheeks. Rules? Bullshit. It's all bullshit. Ke Bei was silent for a long time, suddenly roared, Ke Bei did not notice Li Qianqian's safety problems, in fact, since he killed the young man in white, all the time in the jjng. Even joining the guard team is largely due to the existence of Li Qianqian. It is a rule that killing is forbidden in the base city. Ke Bei thought that as long as he joined the guard team, he would be able to live in the community of Beicheng. In that case, Li Qianqian would not be in danger, because the base city has regulations forbidding humans to kill each other in the city. But he was wrong. He was so wrong. At this moment, he suddenly realized that the so-called rules are just tools made by the strong to restrain the weak. Haha, there will be no rules in my Ke Bei's eyes in the future. "Any force that dares to threaten, and may even threaten me, my brothers, relatives and friends.." "Kill without mercy" Ke Bei's eyes were unprecedentedly sharp, his voice was hoarse, and the cold words between his teeth made people shudder. Chapter 52 no more rules in the eyes. Chapter 52 no more rules in the eyes, go to the website. Chapter 53 Night Rain Chapter 53 Night Rain Dark night, there is no bright stars,faux ficus tree, there is only thick ink s sè sad clouds, endless rain, like playing a sad nocturne in the empty rainy night.