The popularity of emotional support animals is undeniable. People these days are using pets as their personal therapists; cats seem their most favorite pet. Cats are adored by everyone as they are fluffy and squishy. They look to their owners with affection and make sure that they are never alone. They help people who are suffering emotionally and mentally. Thus, it is necessary to keep them close and near to patients for their better health.

At realesaletter, we understand that cats can be just as beneficial as emotional support animals as dogs. That's why we offer ESA certification for cats, as well as dogs. Our licensed mental health professionals can evaluate your condition and determine whether or not you qualify for an ESA cat. If you do, we can help you obtain an ESA letter, allowing you to travel and live with your feline companion. We understand that every individual is unique, and some people may have a stronger emotional connection with their cats than dogs.

That's why we offer certification for both types of animals, giving individuals the flexibility to choose the right emotional support animal for their needs. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone who needs an ESA letter to get one quickly and efficiently, so they can start living their best life with their beloved pet. Let be your trusted partner in certifying your cat as an ESA pet."

It is not as easy to keep an emotional support animal at home as a pet. There are many legal bindings that one needs to keep in mind. Or else they can not keep that animal with them. There are many animals that one can keep as an ESA. These include cats, dogs, horses, and other animals that a person can keep close and feel safe with. These animals are necessary for people who are socially introverted as they keep them company and never let them bored.

Many problems can be treated by these animals. These problems can be both psychological and physical. Here we will see a few ailments that can be treated with the help of an ESA cat. This will build towards the notion that it is necessary to get an emotional support animal letter.

  1. An ESA will help animals treat aerophobia; it means that a person is scared of traveling on airplanes. These people freak out as soon as they sit on board. However, if they have their favorite pet with them, they will remain calm and composed just by seeing it. Thus, if you suffer from this phobia ask your medical officer to give you certification for an ESA.
  2. ESA helps humans overcome all their phobias like height and water phobia. This phobia can be lessened or tranquilized without any external heavy supplements. But with the help of an animal that stays by your side and keeps you busy. These animals are like your friends and companions that never leave you alone, even if your relatives or family do.
  3. Another benefit of these animals is that they treat anxiety and depression by accelerating the levels of dopamine. Researchers have proved that dopamine is released when a person is happy and comfortable. Humans are most comfortable when they are with their pets. They are happy with them and enjoy their free time with them. This proves that ESA is a reason for alleviating the moods of such patients.
  4. If a person suffers from any other mental health issue. Then that can also be catered by an ESA. An ESA will stabilize their mind and balance out their hormones by looking out for them. For instance, if an autistic patient is having a panic attack; they can get calmed by their pet. That pet will look at them and try to soothe them by playing with them.
  5. Another benefit of keeping an ESA cat with you is that if a person is disabled and uses a wheelchair. Then an ESA cat can help them get out from a hurdle by pushing the wheelchair slightly.

These are the benefits that an ESA cat can provide you. So, if you suffer from any of these disorders, contact your doctor, and they will get you this animal.

         To certify your cat to keep it at your home, you must have the permission of your healthcare dealer that is your doctor. They will prescribe you a cat that will suit your issue and refer you to an agency that sells emotional support animals. You will go to that agency, show your doctor's prescription, and get an ESA letter issued. This letter is a formality that is there to certify your cat as your therapist, and it allows you to tag along with your cat anywhere. This certification is necessary as you will need to have a cat anywhere you go, and most public places do not allow animals. So, if you keep this letter with you, then no one is going to stop you from entering any public place.

         This is not the only certification that you need to get issued. There is another document that is issued by these authorities, and it is the ESA Letter for housing. This document allows you to even keep your animal at your house without any bounds. Even if you rent a place, you only have to show this document to your landlord, and they will allow you to stay in their house with an animal. This certification is necessary, or else you will have to face legal action against keeping an unregistered animal.

         In a nutshell, these two certifications are required for your ESA cat to stay with you at your home and you every time. You can get your cat certified with these two documents anytime by consulting your doctor. So, don’t think that your cat is not eligible for certification. You surely can certify your cat and let it stay with you according to the legal protocol. 

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