Before long, the voice of the mobile phone rang. Jingyue, don't be so businesslike. I really miss you! Wang Kaixiang is moaning over nothing. I made up my mind that I could buy a saber when I had more money recently. Mr. Wang, it's working time now. It's not convenient for me to chat with you. Please get to the point. Beaten cheeks burning, I have to hurry to the bathroom to check the wound, that evil woman, FBI background, ah, such strength does not go to torture is a waste! Jingyue, I am downstairs in your company now! Shall I come up and see you? The bastard who has nothing to do! No, don't push people too far! I'm going crazy. It's too late. I'm already out of the elevator. With my mouth wide open, I watched Wang Kaixiang standing in the doorway with a Pizza Hut takeout bag and a dead smile. Suddenly, the smile on his face froze. He stepped forward and looked at my face carefully. "Who hit me?" His voice was so stiff that it made me shiver. Does it hurt He covered my face with heartache and looked at a loss. I turned my head slightly and bowed my head to do things. It's all right. I hit myself by accident. Is the wound on the face so obvious? Carrie, I remember you. Then I'd like to take a good look at Jiang Zicheng's law firm and see what can hit my Jingyue so that five fingerprints can just appear on my face! Wang Kaixiang put down his lunch box and went out. I was so anxious that I got up and grabbed him. Please, young master, don't make trouble for nothing,Inflatable bouncer, okay? "What's nothing to make trouble for?"! No one can bully my woman! Wang Kaixiang blushed with anger. Who is your woman? It's a law firm. Please, I don't want to lose my promising part-time job. OK? ". I tried my best to hold him back. Lawyer Jiang is already dealing with this matter. I don't want to create any more complications. Jingyue, if work is to be exchanged with self-esteem, do you think it is necessary to do it? It's not like you can't live without this job! Wang Kaixiang narrowed his eyes. Heart a sour, "do not say so serious, the big boss has been dealing with this matter,Inflatable indoor park, please, do not let me embarrassed." Wang Kaixiang looked at my pleading expression quietly, with all kinds of emotions in his eyes. Kaixiang, what are you doing here? Zi Cheng looked at the two of us in astonishment. Just in time. I was just going to ask you. You said, what's going on? Wang Kaixiang put his arms around me and pointed at my face. Zi Cheng looked at my face in surprise, and his face gradually became livid. Jingyue, what's going on? Was it all right just now? Who did it? "Don't pretend, you are the small boss here, Jingyue is introduced by you, she is now being bullied, you have to give me an explanation!" Wang Kaixiang is stiff all over. Zi Cheng looked at him coldly and his face was very ugly. Kaixiang, you are not the guardian of Jingyue. I don't need to explain her problem to you. Jingyue, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable dry slide, come with me. Zicheng turned back to the office. I was about to follow him when Wang Kaixiang pulled me vigorously. Don't go. What if you are bullied again? I sighed, "Mr. Wang, thank you for being so concerned about me, but it seems that this matter really has nothing to do with you. I hope you can control your emotions.". I'll be right back. "Jingyue!"! How can your business have nothing to do with me? Wang Kaixiang's expression told me that he was hurt. Mr. Wang, this is a law firm. Don't worry. Everyone knows the law. No one dares to disregard human life. I smiled, Wang Kaixiang is usually a very calm person, see him so impulsive for me, the heart is still very grateful. Wang Kaixiang lowered his head and pondered for a moment, "Well, you go back quickly, I'll wait for you to have dinner together!" "Zicheng, that's the way it is. It's no big deal." I calmly told Zicheng what had happened. His office is not very spacious, but his upward trend in the firm is obvious that he can struggle to an independent office at such a young age. The expression on Zicheng's face solidified, "Jingyue, I'm sorry, I really didn't know Carrie would be like this!" I shrugged my shoulders. "Maybe what I said stimulated her." Now there is no need to get entangled in the details. In economics, everything I bear has become a "drowning cost". People should look forward and solve the problem is a rational choice. Zi Cheng looked at me with heartache and suddenly held my hand, "Jingyue, I'm sorry, I should take better care of you.". I've been so busy lately that I've neglected you. Embarrassed, I tried to pull my hand out, but he held it tightly. I looked up in surprise, "Elder Martial Brother, I'm really all right!" Jingyue, I have always wanted to take good care of you, you bear too much pressure that girls of this age should not bear. Trust me and let me take care of you! Zi Cheng's voice is very sincere. I stared at the Elder Martial Brother in a daze and felt a little at a loss. I know that he will be a perfect boyfriend and will absolutely devote himself to his lover. However, after so many years of acquaintance, I have never surpassed my brother's feelings for him. I looked at him in embarrassment and felt a little sad. Ho, this should be regarded as sexual harassment, today I have seen the 18 kinds of martial arts of your firm! Wang Kaixiang leaned against the door and looked at Zicheng coldly. I looked nervously at his livid face and felt that he was really confused about the situation. Wang Kaixiang came in quickly, pulled me up and blocked me with his body. I rolled my eyes desperately there. "Boss, is it good to see the occasion when you lose your temper?" "Don't talk!" Wang Kaixiang said angrily. For me, my client has become a person who has no right to speak. Kaixiang, I think you have some misunderstanding. But I will deal with the matter of Jingyue, and I will take good care of her. Zicheng tried to keep a gentle tone. Is it your turn to take care of my woman? Wang Kaixiang has a foul voice. Zicheng's face was livid. "Kaixiang, we have been classmates for many years. I know you very well. I hope you don't cheat Jingyue. She is a good girl." What do you mean? Of course I know she is a good girl. I tell you that I, Wang Kaixiang,inflatable air dancer, like Lin Jingyue. She is mine. From now on, you don't have to take care of her. I will take good care of her. What, I'm afraid I don't have the ability? Wang Kaixiang simply lost his temper. I was so angry that I almost went crazy. These two men are crazy.