But the next moment. They immediately discarded the idea. Because at this moment, originally in their eyes appears to be extremely ordinary youth, the right hand is suddenly flashing a fierce thunder and lightning. And as the young man's right hand jerked across his chest, then. "Lei Dun?"? A thousand birds, a thousand books! "Chirp." With the sound of breaking the air, the needle-shaped hidden weapon, which was composed entirely of thunder and lightning, was shooting in all directions like rain. And then, after a burst of crisp sound of being pierced, followed by a burst of intense screams. Speaking of it, although these thousands of birds are easy to avoid attacks for superpowers, they are deadly killers for these ordinary people. So Mo Xue only made a range attack with Chidori Chiben, but the soldiers were already facing a narrow escape from death. These soldiers may not have any grudges with him, but because they were in front of Mo Xue at an inappropriate time, they could not escape the fate of death. At this time, after Mo Xue had solved all the soldiers, he took a look at the building facing the gate and was just about to go in to have a look, only to find that there was a rush of footsteps in the distance. And because Mo Xue's eyes can see through the flow of energy,push back racking system, he knows very well that these people are the superpowers of the Sun family. But in that group of superpowers, a one-armed woman is particularly bright running in the front, and this woman Mo Xue also knows, impressively is that Sun Zhehao's mother, the first superpower Wu Qian. But when Mo Xue saw the other side, Wu Qian also recognized Mo Xue at a glance, so her hatred soared,shuttle rack system, but she pointed at Mo Xue and said in a harsh voice: "Boy.". You have a lot of nerve. I didn't expect to come here alone. Although you do have a little strength, you are too conceited. So today, because of your shortcomings, your life will remain here. There are probably more than thirty superpowers, and almost all of them are masters above level six. But these people in the eyes of Mo Xue, but also a lot of cannon fodder. Hearing Wu Qian's words, Mo Xue said with an expressionless face: "You are still as wordy as ever, and it's time to be quiet!" "Whoosh.." Voice just fell, Mo Xue's figure has disappeared in place. Almost instantly, his figure appeared behind Wu Qian, who was standing at the front of the crowd, and his right hand turned into a sharp blade in an instant. It flew towards the position of Wu Qian's heart. Sniff.. Without any resistance, as if Wu Qian's body was made of paper, heavy duty cantilever racks ,cantilever racking system, Mo Xue grabbed her heart out of her body in an instant, and it was still beating in the air. I can see that. Wu Qian didn't even have time to launch her superpowers, and she had already lost her fighting power. Maybe someone else can leave a whole body, but your words, even if not surnamed Sun, is also the most damned one! "Bang.." Mo Xue's voice just fell, only to see his right hand suddenly a shock, then a circle of blue chakra energy group is gathered in his hands, followed by a spiral pill is in Mo Xue holding Wu Qian's right hand palm position. In an instant, like a meat grinder, Wu Qian's heart was directly crushed. Bang.. He threw Wu Qian's soft body aside. Mo Xue, however, walked slowly to the superpowers with a fearful look on their faces, but on his right hand there was a fierce thunder and lightning. But as Mo Xue slowly approached them, the young superpowers could not help but slowly retreat. Has been keeping a distance with Mo Xue. And after about ten seconds, maybe I was bored. Mo Xue's eyes suddenly a sharp, then in the feet slightly arched at the same time, thunder and lightning flashing right hand also across the side of the body, is obviously ready to start the attack. Mo Xue, stop it! However, it was at this time that a sudden voice sounded behind Mo Xue. Suddenly. Originally prepared to launch an attack, he stopped and then looked back in the direction of the sound source. Oh, it's Vice Captain Wu Xinghua. Why. Can it be said that the battle between you and Captain Luo Xiu is over? Looking at the middle-aged man who turned into a streamer on the horizon and flashed in front of him, Mo Xue said with an expressionless face. I'll talk about it later. Why are you here? And do you know what you're doing? Wu Xinghua, who has always shown great affinity, has become very serious at this time. But Mo Xue heard the other side's question, but said two words with an expressionless face. Killing Hearing that Mo Xue had said such astonishing words without any emotional change, Wu Xinghua was stunned. Then he sighed and said, "Mo Xue, I know the Sun family has done something wrong, but they are all people who don't know anything about it. They are just subordinates who listen to people's orders. If you want revenge, you can't bring disaster to the fish in the pond." "Really? But unfortunately, I'm not taking revenge. I'm just collecting a debt." In the face of Wu Xinghua vice captain's questioning, Mo Xue said his idea slowly, and then continued to say: "I owe a debt here, then I will not be soft-hearted because the other side'doesn't know '." In a word, Mo Xue continued to walk slowly towards the position of those superpowers. But at this time, looking at Mo Xue with an expressionless face and only the intention of killing in his eyes, after looking at himself, he was ready to continue to attack those superpowers, but Wu Xinghua hurriedly stopped him in front of him,industrial racking systems, grabbed his shoulder, and shouted: "Mo Xue, you can't make mistakes again and again. Look at what you look like now. What's the difference between you and the devil?" 。 jracking.com