Bhutan has the highest happiness index in the world. With a population of 810,000, the Bhutanese account for about 50% of the total population, and the Nepalese account for about 35%. The capital Thimphu is the political and religious center of the country. In Sanskrit, the Kingdom of Bhutan means "the border of Tibet". Bhutan is also known as The Kingdom of the Dragon.Bhutan is a mountain country located at the southern foot of the Himalayas between India and Tibet. The average altitude is over 3000 meters. 

Bhutan map shows it borders Tibet in the northwest and north, India in the west, Bangladesh in the south, and Tibet's Lhoka in the east, with a total area of 38,394 square kilometers.  For this unique and mysterious country, since it has little contact with the world, tourists know less about Bhutan. To help you make the most of your Bhutan travel and better understand your expected Shangri-La, we have collected and sorted out various kinds of Bhutan maps including where is Bhutan, political map, tourist map, terrain map, trekking map, etc.