And He Feifan originally wanted to participate in this action, at least to see Qin Fang was regarded as seven or eight pieces by the people of Taoism, his resentment in this heart can be released. But as soon as he walked out of the casino, he was immediately taken away by a car sent by the King of Gambling, on the grounds that the King of Gambling wanted to see him. Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 1145 Thunder Counterattack! Strangle. Night, gradually deep. But the night in Macau is already so lively, every casino is still brightly lit, and countless gamblers are sprinkling their money. In the hotel, Tang Feifei has gone to Fanning's room to rest, Xing Jingjing also followed, three women together, it will not be too lonely, not to mention that outside their room there is Song Qingshan secretly protecting, safety Xing is also more secure. [aoye] In Qin Fang's room, he was the only one sitting quietly in the living room, meditating quietly and practicing True Qi. The huge French window had been opened, and the cold breeze outside the window blew in at night, rendering the whole living room a little cold. Time passes slowly, and the clock is gradually approaching twelve o'clock. Ding-dong At that moment, the doorbell sent out a crisp sound, which slowly woke up Qin Fang,industrial racking systems, who was silently running the True Qi. Are you coming now? Qin Fang opened his eyes, a little sarcastic smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and he muttered in a very indifferent tone, but then he got up and went to the door. Who Qin Fang opened the door of the room in one corner, but did not open it completely, looking particularly vigilant. The housekeeping you requested, sir. Outside the door came the voice of a waiter,heavy duty cantilever racks, but in the middle of the rules, Qin Fang even saw him pushing a dining car, it seems that it is really like that. Qin Fang they live in a five-star hotel, although not a presidential suite, but also a luxurious business suite, for the guests of these suites, the hotel will prepare a very rich variety of enjoyment for the guests, such as housekeeping is one of them. Of course, this Qin Fang can refuse! "Come in." But Qin Fang did not refuse, but opened the door of the room, let the waiter pushing the dining car in, and he even took the initiative to throw his back to the waiter, straight to the direction of the living room. At the moment, Qin Fang was wearing a wide nightgown, which wrapped his strong body inside, Automated warehouse systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and could hardly see anything from the outside. Qin Fang is very indifferent to the living room, and the waiter is pushing the dining car to follow in, and then after the unconventional door immediately closed the door of the room. Put your things there and you can go.. As he walked toward the living room, Qin Fang said very indifferently. This kind of performance is the most normal, but people can hardly see any flaws, even the waiter did not feel anything wrong. Yes, sir.. The waiter answered in a formal way and pushed the dining car into the living room, where he seemed to be busy, playing with the dishes. However, if you look closely, you can see that one of his hands is busy with these, while the other hand is deep into one of the plates with a lid. At the moment, Qin Fang turned his back to the waiter and did not seem to see what he was doing at all. If I were you, I would never do it. But when the waiter's hand went deep into the plate and seemed ready to grab something, Qin Fang, who had his back to him, suddenly said something out of the blue. When ~ Qin Fang's words were so sudden that the waiter was startled, and something that had already touched his hand trembled slightly, as if it had hit the metal plate and made such a clear sound. Sir, are you talking to me? I don't seem to understand. The waiter soon calmed down and stretched out his hand, which was empty and empty, with a rather innocent expression on his face and a surprised expression on his face. "Don't understand?" Looking at the face of the waiter, Qin Fang's face is quite strange, giving people a sense of unfathomable, just quietly looking at him. The waiter was so closely stared at by Qin Fang that he looked a little hairy and seemed to be hesitating whether to start immediately, but Qin Fang suddenly opened his mouth again. So you don't understand, then what about this? As he spoke, Qin Fang's hand suddenly clenched in the void, as if he had done a very puzzling and strange action. “ …” However, as soon as Qin Fang moved like this, he found that an illusory figure slowly emerged from Qin Fang's hands, and the man's neck was just pinched by Qin Fang. The man was dressed in a black sè ninja suit, the fabric was quite soft, and the body was almost completely wrapped up, with only two eyes, mouth and nostrils outside. But now even the tongue is also in the outside, that is pinched out by Qin Fang that waiter suddenly froze, really do not know what this is all about, how Qin Fang can find this almost will be the stealth skills to the extreme companion of the Qin Fang strangled the neck of the unfortunate child at the moment by Qin Fang in the hands, his hands are holding a dagger, But at the moment the whole person seems to be completely out of control, in addition to the weak kick with two tui, it seems that any decent counterattack is not "you.." You The waiter was dumbfounded, pointing at Qin Fang with a trembling hand, his eyes became a little dull, and the whole person was completely shocked. What's the matter? Still don't understand? Then I'll let you know a little more. There was a faint smile on Qin Fang's face,pallet rack shelving, and he didn't seem to care about him at all. Even with a slight lift of his arm, he saw the body of the ninja he had caught in his hand turn into a black phantom, and quickly flew in the direction of the huge landing window that had been opened early.