"Ah.." What's wrong? Isn't this not dead? The protagonist encounters great changes in the family, both parents die, 104 members of the family are killed, the family wealth is robbed, the ancestral home is burned, the protagonist's character has also changed, from a bear child who can not grow up to a black-hearted and black-handed cultivator who can kill and seize treasures, which is not wrong, right? Anyway, the young master is officially on the road to the protagonist of destiny this time. The puppy stared at his right front paw and analyzed it with a serious face. I mean, the young master didn't have the right eyes just now. Don't you find that the young master's eyes are cold and evil? As she spoke, she rubbed her fingers hard. She's got chicken skin. Are you seeing things? Qing Qing, you'd better not think about it. If we hold on for a while, our ancestors will come to pick him up. When the time comes,ceramic welding tape, our task will be completed. No matter what happens to him, the ancestor is responsible for it. As if to comfort her, he patted Qingqing's hand with his little paw. It seems that this is the only way. Qing Qing herself did not know what she was regretting? Or thinking about something? Some things, she seems to find out at once! At that moment, there was a violent reaction in her heart. But she couldn't tell what it was. At the same time,ceramic bobbin heater, there is no way to tell 5366. She felt that the person she was waiting for seemed to appear at that moment. But it soon disappeared. The young master woke up and regained his fighting spirit. Qing Qing had to go to the street to beg for steamed buns for him. Originally, Qing Qing was very resistant to this matter, and then by chance she thought of a way. Only then can the problem be completely solved. Qing Qing made a small shelf and tied a long handle to the top of the porcelain spoon. As long as the dog stands there and presses his foot on the long handle, he can knock on the porcelain bowl and make a sound. The son of a bitch went crazy when he saw this little tool made by Qing Qing. Are you serious? Qing Qing. Isn't it our task to take care of the young master and ensure that he has food to eat? 536 6, it's time for you to help. You are a regular employee, so you should set an example. “……” The son of a bitch was so angry that he almost vomited blood. As a result, the next day, Qing Qing squatted on the street, and the dog's hair almost exploded in shame. Whoo.. Can't you do that? "Can you not let me beg for food?" Qing Qing asked in a low voice. No way, as a good teammate, 7g Ozone Generator ,cordierite c520, we should share the difficulties and have a meal together. The puppy clenched his teeth, stood beside the shelf, and began to knock on the bowl with his paws. Soon, people in the past were attracted by the magical dog. As a result, it was the first day to throw steamed buns to the big brother in silk and satin. The elder brother was delighted to see the little beggar and his little dog. This little beggar is so awesome. Look at the dog being trained better and better. As he spoke, Brother Satin threw a few coppers into Qing Qing's bowl. This is finally open. With the eldest brother's help, the uncles and aunts who were watching soon began to throw things into the bowl.  , Epilogue03 Cloud Mud As soon as Qing Qing saw that the dog's begging plan was really good. So he held his head and played dead. Puppy's dog's face was burning red, but it couldn't be seen because it was covered with fur. In any case, its work will continue to be performed under the public's attention. By this point, 5366 was finally able to understand what an embarrassing and humiliating task it had issued to Qing Qing. It is not easy to pass this barrier in the heart alone. Is this self-inflicted? The only consolation is that it is not a person! When the young master of Wanjian Villa woke up, he went to the street and saw Qing Qing and the dog squatting on the street begging for food. For a moment, an indescribable feeling kept coming to my mind. When he was a child, he actually disliked Qing Qing very much. All the people in the villa probably know that Qing Qing's brain is not good and her memory is not very good. Some people say that Qing Qing can only be a rough servant girl in her life, and she can't do any delicate work. She probably won't be able to make progress in her life. However, he found that Qing Qing did not care what others said about her. The aunt in the kitchen gave her a snack, and the little girl was very happy. At that time, the young master had everything. However, nothing could make him happy. He doesn't even know what's going on with him. He couldn't help getting angry when he saw Qing Qing's comfortable appearance. He did not understand what a little girl with nothing had to be happy about. Everyone says she is not good, but why isn't she angry? Why not sad? Why not lose your temper? As a result, the young master began to torment Qing Qing and robbed her of the fat puppy. He looked down on her as much as everyone else. However, the next day, Qing Qing will not care to appear in his side. It's like I've forgotten all the unpleasant things. In this way, he tormented Qing Qing and her son for three years. Until Wan Jian Villa was destroyed, it happened that such a rough little servant girl with a bad brain carried him out of the secret passage. He even remembered the sound of her hard breathing on her thin back. It was Qing Qing who tried to take him to the ruined temple to settle down, and then continued to take care of him without complaint. When he gave up on himself, it was such a rough little servant girl who woke him up forcefully. Tell him that he should avenge his parents and the people of the villa. By now, he had finally pulled himself together. Or is it such a servant girl with a bad brain who is begging for food for him and feeding him. He is such a bad guy, how can he have a loyal servant to treat him sincerely? He was always bullying her and tormenting her, but in the end she stayed with him. Perhaps in this life, he was destined to owe her. She was no longer a servant girl, no longer a fool,Alumina Ceramic C795, but a person who lived and died with him. Almost impulsively, the young master in a ragged fur coat plucked up his courage and walked across the street, then squatted beside Qing Qing. He blocked her with his slightly wider shoulders. Let him do such a humiliating thing. This is life. global-ceramics.com