People do not want to see ads, they want to understand what they are buying. They want to be involved in the process and stand out in our time templates. Content marketing in 2020 will be very different from what it was before. The main reason is the fact that real traffic due to falling demand will become less, and the client will become even more demanding when choosing a product (service).


It is for this reason that we are confident that working with the site’s content will be the decisive factor that will affect the decision to commit the final action (sending an application or a call). Content will cease to be necessary only for website promotion and will cause trust and convince a potential client.


Content should perform the following functions:





be trustworthy;


Brands like in 2021 will increasingly entertain the audience and sell less and less. The first sale, especially in e-commerce, may be at a loss, but will pay off in the future by returning the client through push notifications and e-mail newsletters.

We bring to your attention 7 trends of content marketing for 2021:

There will be more content. Lawyers, doctors and those who previously ignored it will begin to write content. There will be decent more videos. Stream (live broadcasts will capture the information space).

Content variability will increase: video, text, graphics. Previously, everyone said that creating video is expensive, now there is no doubt that without a video, a business can grow and develop. Growth will become a way of survival, not just development.

Personalization Large costs for different target groups will lead to higher returns in the conversion of incoming traffic. Personal brand courses will break all sales records.

Creating content for social networks. Today, even brands use non-unique and often uninformative content on social networks, the trend will be an increase in the budget for its creation and a deeper study of the audience.

Video content. The share of video will increase significantly both on customer sites and on external sites. In the western segment, now companies publish reviews on Facebook in a video format, where the content differs in quality and delivery, which affects different groups of potential customers.

Adaptation of content for mobile devices. Today it is clear that the trend is a steady increase in traffic from tablets and smartphones, which forces marketers to work on content for these devices.

Niche content as a means of increasing sales. For example, in creating sites, the client is important experience with contractors in a particular area. Fragment the service into several smaller ones and select your services by segment or industry - this will attract you more loyal customers than a hodgepodge from a huge number of projects. Speeches at industry conferences will produce sales with the correct packaging and structure of the report.