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Basic Tutorial - English
Basic Tutorial - English

Vex Wallet FAQ

What’s VEX Wallet

VEX Wallet is a digital wallet that runs on Vexanium blockchain. You can do several things in VEX Wallet, such as store VEX, transfer VEX, and buy or sell Resources (RAM, CPU, and NET) to do transactions... (More)

How to make a decentralized applications

This tutorial will show you how to login along with an example Dapp login HTML file can be tested in the PC version> (please download and extract on PC then open the HTML file, click login, and activate Vex... (More)

How to Buy VEX at Indodax

  • To buy VEX, you need to have Rupiah balance in your account. (Here is the guide to depositing Rupiah to your Indodax account: Deposit Rupiah to Indodax)
  • Click [Marketplace] menu to buy VEX.
  • Click [VEX/IDR] or [Vexanium].... (More)

Can I view movies on a convenient video streaming service?

I have started my summer break, and I want to spend it watching some great movies. watch ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3’ in UK was suggested to me by a friend, but I don't have any... (More)