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Basic Tutorial - English
Basic Tutorial - English

Basic Resource Tutorial (Memory NET, and CPU) on Vexanium Blockchain

There are three basic things that related to resources that need to be considered when using Vexanium blokchain which is RAM, CPU, and NET.

RAM is used to store data on blockchain. Users will need RAM to create a new... (More)

Vex Wallet FAQ

What’s VEX Wallet

VEX Wallet is a digital wallet that runs on Vexanium blockchain. You can do several things in VEX Wallet, such as store VEX, transfer VEX, and buy or sell Resources (RAM, CPU, and NET) to do transactions... (More)

Java Assignments

If you want to stay in the game, you need to learn a lot. It is true that you need to study a lot and have to understand lots of subjects. But every student has some potential towards a particular... (More)

How to make a decentralized applications

This tutorial will show you how to login along with an example Dapp login HTML file can be tested in the PC version> (please download and extract on PC then open the HTML file, click login, and activate Vex... (More)