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Basic Tutorial - Bahasa
Basic Tutorial - Bahasa

VEX Wallet FAQ - Bahasa

Apa itu VexWallet?

VexWallet merupakan wallet digital yang berjalan di blockchain Vexanium. Anda dapat melakukan beberapa hal di VexWallet seperti menyimpan VEX, transfer VEX dan membeli atau menjual resources (RAM, CPU, dan NET) untuk melakukan transaksi di blockchain Vexanium. VexWallet... (More)

Indian Astrology Guru

Today, problems are everywhere. Our lives are filled with a variety of concerns, such as marital, romantic, and familial troubles. People want to address these problems, and they want a certain somebody who can do it quickly. Therefore, if you... (More)

Dasar CLI Command Vexanium Blockchain (1) Import Vex Account di console

Hallo apakah sudah punya akun vexwallet gratis ? , jika sudah anda bisa mencoba mengimport vex.account dengan Cli command di console

jika belum , buat dulu vex.account di vexwallet mobile gratis , lalu simpan private key nya

baca disini :... (More)

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