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Vex Wallet FAQ

What’s VEX Wallet

VEX Wallet is a digital wallet that runs on Vexanium blockchain. You can do several things in VEX Wallet, such as store VEX, transfer VEX, and buy or sell Resources (RAM, CPU, and NET) to do transactions... (More)

CyclopsGlobal replied 4 months ago

Free Club Token ($CLUB)

Free Club Token , post your vex.account ID in comment we will sent 1000 Club token , to your account


how to get vex.account ? click here

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Quick Post
Steve replied 2 months ago


1.Go to settings

2. select app & featurs

3. select programs and settings

4. turn windows features on or off

5. check list windows subsystem for linux

6. click ok, wait until prompted to restart computer

7. after restarting computer,... (More)